It is said that the most profound truths are the simplest to explain.

With that in mind, what one or two sentence idea do you have that you believe is the core to accomplishing peace?

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If there is the intent for peace. it would be here on holyland
The song, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror." Peace comes from within to make the change.
The short version:

If peace means to have no conflict we will never have peace.
Only when we can have peaceful conflict is true peace possible.

The long version:

Many envisage that peace will come about when everyone grows up and calms down and relates to the world in a peaceful gentle way. They say we will have peace when everyone has a certain spiritual realisation or stops being greedy etc. It is a wonderful vision.

But the problem here is "everyone" I am not sure that "everyone" will ever be so gentle and peaceful. There are always younger souls who haven't yet learnt the lessons of peace, in the same way that there are always children who have not yet learnt how to communicate without crying and screaming. Each individual child will one day grow up and learn better ways to communicate, and each individual soul will one day grow up and learn that greed does not pay. But there will always be others to fill their place.

We need a vision of peace that can include in it people who are not so perfectly realised peaceful beings themselves. The best one i have come across comes from the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido. He taught how to defend yourself with peace and love, and without hurting the attacker. He showed that with training one can learn to be at peace with even people who do not want peace. That it is possible to live peacefully and lovingly even when surrounded by enemies trying to hurt you. This is a peace that does not require everyone to join in. One person can achieve it by themselves. So it does not require waiting for everyone else all it requires is a bit of practice.

My vision is to extend this principle and show how it is possible for a country to defend itself gently, peacefully, nonviolently. I imagine an army of peaceful warriors who could defend the land without resorting to violence. (it sounds a bit like something out of star wars - jedi knights or something - don't you think)

To this end i am studying and teaching martial arts. I want to get a small group of well trained martial artists together and demonstrate how it is possible to apply the peaceful principles of Aikido to modern warfare, and end the need for violent war.


On the other hand - a truly harmonious world would need a lot more than just peaceful warriors. Working on the political system, on personal spirituality, on artistic expressions of peace, peaceful relationships - i am sure that all this is necessary and more...
Hi Dr. Joe,

Just started to look into your work and must say I'm still learning... I'm a victim of 44 years of mind control so its hard to break free of some deep rooted thoughts...

Accomplishing Peace !!! I do love this thought...

My goal
Peace within oneself and inner circle
Peace externally to all

The last one is tough... I still struggle with complete global peace when I find so many things wrong. For example I'm working towards how to forgive someone who would strap a bomb to a child to kill people as part of some idealistic viewpoint and hatred.... I can't seam to find a way to forgive that person who is so evil and misguided and I find myself wanting that person removed from this earth permanently..

Yes .. I have lots of work to do before I'm as peaceful as most of the people on this forum but that's why I'm here :-)

Best Regards
Know Who & What You Are

Always keep in Mind that regardless of what happens next in the
world or in your Life, you have the infinite power within as an
"Expression of the Divine", through Mind Principle to experience
anything and everything you wish,regardless of what happens in
the dramas, trials and tribulations of outer "World" of matter.
Practice it by learning to live more peacefully with yourself and your neighbors, every day.

Eliana Gilad
Founder, Voices of Eden
Be Love -- sit down, shut up and follow your breath.

-- Victor
My family and myself , fed and safe .
No one attacking us .

Other things are just fine , what about the food on the table ?
Robert , started with two sentences , and a plan .
I'll stick with him , peace to last , more than , peace at last .
at heart everybody wants peace ,we are compassionate ,caring beings .look at the number of people who gave to live aid,natural disasters that people who are greedy and full of hate .if so many people can work together to help others when disasters strike are we really that far from world peace
All evil in this world is a ramification of the attitude of persons.

If we can bring about a global change in philosophical attitude, the way every person views life, only then world peace will become a possibility.

Peace and Love
Live simply. That others may simply live?
If I take care of my own power using wind and sun,
if I grow my own food, what need for greed if I have all I need?
A child lives off its parents, and adult is self reliant and self responsible.
If feeling like children, powerless, the "authority" figures in control but we have none....
Is this why for all these generations since we have bet our lives on money,
that 1% of the population has been in control over 99%?
And why there is not CHANGE?

What if it is "us" who needs to change instead of "them"?
To grow up and take care of ourselves means you dont have to depend on someone else.
Or on money, or the fear of death if you run out of money (greed? or plain and simple survival???).
If we NATURALLY got into this mess, we can NATURALLY get out of it.
Humans, need to simply adapt more mature ways of existing.

I seek to live in peace with this earth and take care of myself with what she FREELY gives.
I change how I live, and I prosper as a direct result.
I walk the path of peace, I dont need to seek after it,
it finds me.
Copyright © 2009 Tree
Desire Peace; Choose Peace; Speak Peace; Clear your self from all programs of violent causes from now back to the beginning of time, within you, your relatives, your Ancestors, that impinge on the successful outcome of Peace in all Lands, and do this frequently, daily, hourly, moment by moment; Teach Peace; Love Peace; and finally Practice Peace.


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