i'm so glad that i got the gift that was given to me
in this life, at that dojo that has packed up and gone
on its way (i guess?!) when i was four years old...
we call them "past lives".  samsara is another, Buddhist term
for that. i have noticed that the Nazis of Germany grabbed onto 
Sanskrit terms for perverted reasons...they really don't understand
Buddhism, these Nazis...but they don't care.  their reasons for
grabbing onto Sanskrit terms and ancient Vedic ideology were
simply to justify their atrocity, to justify, in some insane way,
their perverted addiction to crimes against humanity.
Buddha appeared at a certain point in the history of India and the
history of the world.  As i write this, President Obama is meeting with the
head of the Roman Catholic spiritual empire...i understand that tyrants must 
justify themselves, and make themselves look appropriate in the eyes of those
who fear and kowtow to them, but OBVIOUSLY there is more to spirituality
than the money and fear that such "leaders" represent, and fear.
there's much more to spiritualism...
they call them "past lives" because they are not THIS life...they are past lives,
we are different entities.  
i think it has to do with the eternal and living nature of the universe, sort of in the way that the universe is still expanding.  
no one living has any proof that the universe is giving way to void, no one on this planet, even though i discern that they might attempt to impose their fear of their own mortality onto everything...
fear and money, warmongers and hypocrisy.
i am much more excited about other things than these Nazis meeting to celebrate themselves as righteous advocates of killing and enslavement...righteous advocates of not-knowledge and war.
there's more to life and existance...
a few sources talk about samsara, about life, death and rebirth and the eternality of Soul with depth aside from Buddhism.
 these Nazis want to include the Bhagavad Gita, but i know what that's about...the Nazis are all of the problem with their closed-minded view...
all their reference to the Gita just reinforces their bigotry and their false, brutarian self-righteousness.  
which is exactly why Buddha, and Buddhism came to be...
three huge sources of insight about the existance of the soul: there are others, but i list these three first because they are so core and insightful...
Godchannel dot com has been a human effort to "channel" the voice of creation and origin, and to question that voice, and to find answers to human behavioural difficulties, misunderstandings...
i've been digging into it for a few years.  a few people know about it online,
the information it conveys, i have found, strives to be LOVING. even while it is very deep.
right use of will...this image shows the first in a series of books about the soul's journey, books that i have read through.  the goal stated on the cover of book one, above, "Healing And Evolving The Emotional Body," is no joke.  it's for real. it's deep and meaningful...and everything that i had learned in my life -- in THIS life -- about religion and the spiritual journey was compounded, fleshed out and clarified by what is channeled by the author of these books...
there is an idea about Gnostics today: that Gnostics are people from the ancient past, people from ancient history and that was all that Gnosis was.  
perhaps it has to do with the draconian closed minded torture of all dissenters of the Roman Empire -- as well as other closed minded religious dominators -- that the Gnostic was forced into the shadows, into the background, into hiding. But they have existed all through this time...their writings kept the ideas alive.
the third most excellent source of insight that i have encountered thanks to teachers is this:
we face dominators, fossil fuel planet rapers, cruel, closed minded militarists who seek to remain in power INDEFINITELY.  we who love the earth and seek PEACE need insight and guidance like we have never had it before, and like we have not gotten from the religions that exist as of this early post 2012 period.
Amorah Quan Yin was ready for that in the 1990s...and thus, this book that she has put together tells amazing stories.  yes, there is insight for the future for people who are seeking to deal once and for all with the Draconian, Luciferian power structures that afflict our world.  (The people who rule the planet now, who are currently trying to trick Earth humans into going to Mars to become slaves.)
i know that this "Earth: Final Conflict" situation that is like a losing stalemate for the forces of Good will be won by the forces of Good...and it will be because our spiritual amnesia ends.
Christ Consciousness, spiritual ascension, Awakening; these are happening; and Amorah has such an uncanny insight on the meaning of those things in the context of our long-discorporate ancestors...the missing pieces are here on this planet with as many names as there are Nations: Mother, Urantia, Gaia, Earth-shan...the missing keys to understanding who we have been -- so that enslavement can end forever -- are here, and teachers, cosmic world teachers are already here...
i feel it as a vast quietude in the psionic plane where there aren't any attacks happening: one may almost feel the universe expanding.

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