I am tired of the blame game.
I am weary of "Your started this, so therefore I have to respond.."
I am exhausted and my eyes blur and my stomach knots itself when I see bias, lies, exaggeration, trick photography and all the other weapons of Satan which cause this never ending river of blood to gush through our lives.
Man needs to evolve and evolve fast! People need to be educated not in "WHO IS RIGHT" but in "WHY WE HAVE RIGHTS"

What world are we leaving for our children for God's sake?

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1) Children have the right to live in peace, in freedom and to have an education, their health seen to, the freedom to go and play outside and enjoy the sunshine
2) The children of Gaza do not have those rights - the terrorists shoot rockets at Israel from the homes of these children, thus causing the Israelis to respond, and this in turn kills the children.
3) The children of Israel cannot play outside, which is their right, because a qassam or grad missile may hit them.
4) Palestinian education and TV for children teaches them to hate. Teaches them that "Jews are vermin and need to be killed" They are taught to sacrifice themselves 'for Allah" This is a clear abuse of children's rights
5) Israel has a right to exist. This is being denied by HAMAS who is the terror group elected to govt. by Palestinians. They have in their charter "Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth"
Let's hope that someone lights a torch soon and leads the blind who refuse to see - into the light.

For the sake of the children


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