This proposal is not asking you for money or donation. This is a real opportunity for you to become a real “HERO” by saving a life or changing it forever.

These are very special times and “YOU” and I are called upon to make the difference. It is also getting close to winter and this year, more than ever before “PRACTICAL” and long-term solutions are needed. I think God is calling you to be an instrument and a real hero to help your own neighbor and city. You can give a man a fish or teach him “HOW” to fish. The lives you touch are mere reflection of your own because in reality, we are all connected and there is only one of us :o).

I like to share an idea with you and let God take care of the details. Each city has many transit centers that are usually used during the week for commuters to park their cars or catch a bus. These places however are often vacant and not used much in weekends. How about doing some networking between your local community leaders and authorities and start a Transit market in weekends. People can drop their useful goodies on these locations. A team of supervisors and helpers will set up tables or canopies and organize the stuffs in Garage Sale manner and at reasonable prices. All the revenues will be used to help homeless and needy with housing, clothing, food etc. At the end of the Sunday, let's say 6 PM, all left behind will be free for taking (homeless will have first choice).

There will be an employment table where those who need workers come and pick up workers right on the spot. They can also arrange for training and long-term employments. There will be an Outreach Ministry, talking to the needy and find out what it can be done for them. Service will include legal, medical, psychological, spiritual etc.

General Concept.
I believe with teamwork we can create a “Victory for All” situation to help majority of these people get off the street and become self-sufficient.
Transit Market is an innovative, “GREEN” and practical solution that can be implemented by utilizing local resources, donated items and organizational skills to create income, food, shelter, job and dignity to the needy and Transients with followings advantages;
A- To Transients and the Needy.
B- To Community,
C- To State, country and Humanity.
(T-M) needs the followings;
a- Team- You, other potential volunteers and Transients.
b- Organizers;
1-Mayor’s office
2- Police Department
3- Churches, religious and spiritual centers
4- Salvation Army
5- Good Will Industry
6- DSHS (Health and Human Services)
7- US Army, Navy, Air Force, V-A, VFW, etc. (since many of homeless are Vets)
8- Local and national newspapers and magazines
9- Local and national Radio & TV Stations
10- Department of Transportation (or whomever is in charge of Transit centers)
11- Governor's Office
12- United Way agencies, Salvation Army, Red Cross etc. etc.
c- Contributors- Media (paper, radio & TV), all major or local companies, charities etc.
Detailed Descriptions- (T-M) utilizes transit centers and other large spaces like stadiums, city and Community Centers, YMCA or School Yards in weekends. Local social or government organizations can make arrangements and oversee the activities.
These locations will be used to drop off donated items (same as seen in garage sales). Participating staffs (like Transients) can help with unloading, loading and moving the donations to tables or to buyer’s vehicles. Each item will be tagged with ID number and price list. Weekend shoppers can browse through these item and pick up what they like and pay at the cash register.
Revenues will be used to help Transients with food, shelter, clothing and career.
Additional Benefits;
A- Jobs- Transients can be picked up for different works such as yard work, painting or other jobs offered.
B- Career- Transients can make connections to receive training to get jobs and income.
C- Contract work - Transients will have opportunity of doing piece-work.
D- Housing- Temporarily or long-term shelters offered (or low rents / subsidized rent) offered by community, local residence or businesses.
E- Food, Clothing & personal hygiene donated.
F- Medical- Transients can receive medical attention from on site doctors and nurses.
G- Spiritual- local churches and spiritual organizations or professional volunteers can help Transients on site or by appointment (in person or by phone)
H- Travel, prepaid cards- Local companies can offer pre paid phone cards or tickets.
I- Cell-phone & Computer- A Cell Phone is a potential umbilical cord to Transient. A used laptop means connecting the potential jobs and unlimited opportunities.
Harmonious Cooperation- (T-M) will be organized and operated by coordinated team;

(T-M) will be supervised and patrolled by police and other qualified volunteers. Activities will be professionally orchestrated for creating a comfortable and friendly environment for all participants. People can bring ready-to-eat food for all participants. All transactions will be properly handled by authorized staff. Book keeping will keep track of all transitions.
Participating Transients will share the financial rewards based on the time spent or revenues generated.
Transients or other volunteers will clean up the place and send the left over to Good Will or dumpsters.

Overall, (T-M) project is very practical and is workable. We need to pass along the idea to the movers and shakers and get feedback then start orchestrating it into action in a pilot plan.

Qualified individuals that will fill in the blanks will turn this proposal to a more detailed project plan. A simple evaluation will show the economical and humanitarian impacts of (T-M) project in any city.
Thanks you for passing this proposal to right people. A simple news release to media including homeless publication, local radio and TV stations, and potential participants etc. will also get much needed publicity and bring in the right people and resources.

Ball is in you hands now. This is your chance to really make a long-term difference.
"Work with what you have... and Expect a Miracle".

Love & Blessings;

Abby Charden Mobasher
Beaverton, OR usa

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