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That is true.......... the good Captains would land and you did not know you had touched the ground, but when they used auto pilot it felt like the last 2 feet you dropped out of the sky.

Airport are so big now, in the 70's they were small and did not have that many gates, and we would disembark passenger down the steps to busses, not something that would be done today because of terrorists, though I had my fair share of those because I was flying in the hight of the hijacking season!
Well I'm so glad you survived it all!
It did not worry me one bit..... when you are young things like that don't so much, well they did not me.

Do you remember all the bombings in London around Christmas.

There is a pub in a local town that was bombed by the IRA in the hight of the troubles, many were killed and injured. There was an army barracks in the town at the time, it's now gone and is a housing estate, full of executive, mega expensive houses and flats.

A Philippines jeepney

... and the 'tricycle'

Lovely bus...... so colourful.

I take it that it's you in the sidecar...... great picture.
Yes, that's me, folded up and stuffed into the tin can!
Are they very hot inside, or is that a stupid question?

Have you always had a beard? Ross in growing one now, and also letting his hair grow back to long again. It used to be very long and I loved it that way, but he had a rush of madness one day and had it all cut off, he kept it shortish for a couple of years and much to my delight it's heading very rapidly to his shoulders again.
Not a stupid question at all, it's a very hot country! However, as the sidecar is open to the elements, it's no hotter than he surrounding air.

Ah, the beard. Yes, I've had one since I was about 18. I did shave it off once, very early on, but I immediately grew it again. I also had long hair when I was younger but that's a thing of the past! Chance would be a fine thing now!
Francis Rossi has only just cut off his ponytail, so if it ok for him to have one!

I was thinking about men with long hair the other day....... now that does not sound good does it, but it was purely for historical reasons. It has only been a very few years that men have had short hair as the norm compared with the length on mankind. It's has been far more years that it was fashionable for men to wear their hair long, I think I am right is saying this.
Mmmm... ok, I'll believe you!

I'm sure you're right about the place of long hair on men in history. I'm no historian but I get that impression. Maybe I should have a nice wig?
No..... wigs aren't a good idea.

Here are some more images from my Philippines travels. More disturbing ones this time.

These boys were being held in an adult jail although since the passing of the new law in 2006 they should not have been there. We were allowed to interview them out of their cell. Like most of the other young people and children we saw, they were more victims than criminals.


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