Please could you help my project and life purpose by filling out my survey about people's vision of a disutopian and utopian society.

My aim is to inspire people to contemplate and creatively visualise their idea of an utopian society and what it would look like. From my project research so far it seems that it's easy for people to describe a disutopian society but not so easy to describe an utopian one or they are very pessimistic that it is even possible at all.
I think this need to be able to visualise a goal and have something to aim for is essential if we are to break old habits and follow the path of light and love.
Also, my aim is to create media output which is thought provoking and inspiring for people to generate their own creative visualisations of what their utopia would entail.

The final output for my project is an illustrated book, animation and poster campaign.

Thank you for your time.


light and peace xxxxxx

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I so agree with you Mike. When it came to the part in the survey that asked if we could envision a utopian society in our lifetime, I sadly had to check off that I did not see it, for exactly the same reason you mentioned above. Everyone would think their idea and methods are the best and would never get beyond the debate.

But so true if people everywhere would change their mindsets to loving and accepting one another without greed and control, that it just might be do-able.
This is a wonderful idea that you have, and I just filled out the survey. I look eagerly forward to reading the book and I wish you success in your endeavor. It is wonderful to open the dialog to what people would like to see for humanity instead of just dwelling on how the societies of today are NOT working. That is easy to do, much more difficult to sort through what would be better and work through how this can be achieved. Thank you so much for this and for giving me the opportunity to share my visions through the survey.


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