The Vaticans Newspaper has finally Forgiven John Lennon for Declaring that the Beatles were more Famous than Jesus Christ,calling the remark a "Boast"by a Young Man grappling with sudden Fame. The comment by Lennon to a London Newspaper in 1966 infuriated Christians,particularaly in the United States,some of Whom burned Beatles Albums in huge pyres,thus Poisoning the Air that they were Breathing by the way. But Time Heals all Wounds. The Article,marking the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles "The White Album"went on to Praise the Pop Band. "The fact remains that 38 Years after breaking up,the songs of the Lennon-McCartney Band have shown an extrodinary resistance to the Passage of Time ,becoming a source of Insparation for more than one Generation of Pop Musicians" it said.

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I would much rather see the Pope publicly apologize for all the pedophile priests that have damaged so many small children all over the years and then been transfered to other parishes....and to the world in general..on behalf of the Catholic Church for countless atrocities throughout time...especially all Indigenous people that were harmed for basically one reason...because they were different...and the Sun they worshiped kept all things alive..and could be seen by all....and they could not understand worshiping an invisible Son...we would live in a Heaven like atmosphere today if people would have listened and not feared.....and John said "the way you all treat us makes it seem as though we are more important".....Golden Ruler...Johnnie Hargrave
That was fast. It took them hundreds of years to admit that Galileo was right...
I entirely agree with Johnnie! The Vatican has so much to apologize for! It knows how to cast quickly anathema but is not readily forgiving!
I visited the Vatican three years ago, and I was appalled to see the wealth around me, then I could understand why there was such a difference between the "head" of the Catholic church and Jesus Christ who, during all his life, preached simplicity and sharing, if he would come back He would not recognize what he said, and I am not sure that all Catholics would recognize him!!!
The only real follower of Christ was a man called Francis of Assisi!
There is no supremacy of one church over other ones, "religion" is personal, and too much dogma kills what had been a good thing once! The same goes for "races"! Every living being is one but all as well!
Man is incorrigibly proud and figures he knows always best!
May your day be a peaceful one filled with love and compassion! Your friend in the Dharma
Elisabeth S
Live more simply so other can simply live. Gandhi
Saint Patrick,the Patron Saint of Ireland also Teached that there is no Supremacy of one Church over another.He also Preached Loving Kindness. Saint Patrick Converted the Irish People to Christianity through Kindness and Conpassion.And after He escaped Slavery(He was Sold as a Slave when He was 16) He even Forgave His Captors! If Saint Patrick came back,He would be Bitterly Dissapointed by the sometimes Violent Conflict between Catholics and Prodistants in Ireland!
Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to. - Mark Twain
....God would be Good with just one more O......Johnnie Hargrave
But, who will forgive the Vatican for thinking John needed forgiveness for speaking the Truth?


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