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Just to remind u my dear friends to help



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As she said so well this is not Islamophobia but genocide.

Those who know my history will know why I caused a major upset when I spoke out in my local press against what I saw as the attacks and abuse of my Islamic neighbours in Carlisle (UK) following the 7/7 London Bombings...where I lost a relative, my step daughter. Had Blair not taken us into an unwarranted war in Iraq my step daughter would be alive today...as would countless thousands of innocent victims of of an illegal war.

i am proud to stand with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters who stand for peace.
I am proud to serve my Muslim Brothers and Sisters who believe violence is wrong.
I am proud to stand with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters who seek a better world where toleration, respect and acceptance rule.
I am proud to work with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters who seek dialogue to open up understanding and love between people.
I am proud to stand with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters who have taught me so much about love, forgiveness and the Way to God.

I will continue to strive with every fibre of me being to promote all seekers after peace and justice. I will oppose any camp like Long Lartin or Guantanamo where Muslims are tortured and locked away from all help for years.
I will fight for the rights of Muslim people to be heard and treated decently whether that is in the USA, UK, Gaza, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan...or where ever.

We will have a fairer world.
We will see God's blessings poured out on earth.
We will see His commandments obeyed
We will show His love that conquers all.

We have been through the bleakest, darkest era of human history ever known and the plight continues.

This is what drives me as a Multicultural worker, what drives me as an Interfaith worker as I believe it is God's work

Thank u David,

I am proud to be your friend and Brother and ask God guidance for all of us in this dark periods where I always cry when I see what happen in the world; Injustice, killing, Blood shed, raping, child and women abuse. I ask God the Guidance to his way.

Islam is a blight on this planet. It is not a religion of peace but rather a organized mafia like religion based on

murder and superiority of conquest as well as subjugation.


your challenge is to disprove what I and a lot of others are starting to realize.


Come down to earth please.

I hate the way Muslims are being treated in their own lands and in Europe. Apparently Islam is the second biggest religion in Ireland, and to be honest I don't see it as much here as in Britain or other parts of Europe. I don't know if it's the actions of people who have blown themselves up in the name of Islam that has Europe this way, but rationality seems lost on many people. There are billions of Muslims in the world, if there was something we "non Muslims" should be worried about, I think we would have seen it by now.


On the other hand, I've seen Tony Blair, George Bush claim their religion during the run up to the war. Briefing documents with biblical titles. Soldiers in Afghanistan carrying bibles to convert the locals. Bush rang the French president before the Iraq war claiming Magog was working in the Middle East and had to be removed....


This "Islamophobia" is has been manufactured by people who want us to believe in a boogeyman and sell their wars. And when bombs go off in London, New York, or now Stockholm we are meant to believe it's because of what Islam stands for, which isn't true.


In one of our national newspapers (which is one of the worst written pieces of rubbish you could ever read)  A lady by the name of Sinead Ryan wrote an article about 2How we now deal with international terror" and she went on to say that France banned the Muslim head dress because of terrorism, and that Switzerland banned minnorets because of terrorism..... where do these people get this shit from ?


A qiote from Robert Fisk


Terror, terror terror terror terror terror, We are in love with this word, seduced and raped by it.


Everyone calls everyone a terrorist. I got messages on another site from British soldiers telling me that the SAS were coming for me because I didn't agree with what they were saying about Islam and the wars they are in. Obviously the SAS were busy or got lost along the way as they never came.  If we see another man, he is either our brother in religion or humanity. Don't slight people for their ways, it always comes back.

Thank u Fintan,


I hope the leaders of the world have a mind like u but unfortunately they have no mind at all. I do not know why those types of leaders always reach to reign and not the kind ones.

Thank u Jussara,


Your prophecy is correct and will be achieved according to our scriptures and hope to be one of them with God will.


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