I want practical ways from you that can help to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis.
I do not want to limit ourselves to words but want action.
So what can we do for peace between Palestinians and Israelians?
Do you have activities in this area?
Remember : (NO PROPOSALS) ...

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Dear friends, i just saw the presentation of Landrum Bolling, the whole 28 minutes, and there where two organisations who felt verry peacefully and verry Courageous, :"Rabbis for yuman rights" and "Bereaved families for peace"
I believe the path they are walking is verry difficult but it has the most chance to bring a peaceful solution to either Palestinians and Isrlaeli!
And yes i shure want to sign a petition!
Another question, is there any posibility in your area to start up a "bloodgift" for either Palestinians and Israeli?
Giving your blood knowing it can go to someone of the other religion, is an act of peace and brotherhood!
Warm blessings

The Alliance for Middle East Peace
- This is one of the most comprehensive list of local Arab, Jewish, Israeli, and Palestinian organizations working on the spectrum of reconciliation, peacebuilding, and justice related activities in the region.

Here is another one:

The Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum
They have offices in Ramallah and Tel Aviv.
Here is their contact information:


For people that live in another countries,you can design your own petitions for Peace ,here you have website to help you:
petition site
Barak to MKs: Obama said he would do all to prevent rocket fire on his own home
By Haaretz Service

Facing catcalls from Arab lawmakers, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told a stormy Knesset session on Monday that the operation in Gaza will be "widened and deepened as is necessary."

Barak also cited a comment made by President-elect Barack Obama, who visited Sderot during his election campaign earlier this year.

"Obama said that if rockets were being fired at his home while his two daughters were sleeping, he would do everything he could to prevent it," Barack told the plenum.

Israel's defense minister says the country is engaged in a "war to the bitter end" against Hamas in Gaza.

Barak said the massive air assault Israel launched beginning Saturday is aimed not at Gaza's residents but at the territory's Hamas rulers. He said the operation's goal is to force Hamas to stop its hostile actions directed at Israeli civilians.

Barak said Israel quit all of Gaza three years ago to give a chance for a new reality on the ground, but that Hamas had used the territory as a terrorist haven.

"Hamas is responsible for everything that happens in Gaza and which emanates from it," the defense minister said. "This operation will be widened, deepened as we see fit."

Barak told the assembled lawmakers that the defense establishment spent months preparing for the Gaza operation.
now is the time to issue a demand to world leaders that the spiraling violence that has characterized the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must come to an end.

Sign the petition below calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza - and for peace to be achieved between Israel and Palestine in 2009.

Petition to the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA:
We urge you to act immediately to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to protect civilians on all sides, and to address the growing humanitarian crisis. Only through robust international action and oversight can the bloodshed be stopped, the Gaza crossings safely re-opened and real progress made toward a wider peace in 2009.


Thanks to all. Please, tell to your firends, quickly, in Gaza people is in dead!
There is a new group on iPeace called "MECA - Middle East Community Action" in order to identify needs,resources and posible actions that can promote peace at the community level. Independent research indicates that programs,which bring the various cultures together in common activities at the community level, have a significant impact on reducing hate crimes and violent acts.

I would encourage anyone living in the Middle East to join and share their ideas.
The only way to react to all this shame is deleting prejudices on both sides in Israel and Palestin, but also in the world.
For example, I live in Italy and here the largest part of population see the whole question as "the bad Jwish people killing poor Palestinians", and so they manifest against Israel, burning flags and stating that Israel is like Nazism.
That's not right, that's not the way we can spread peace.
I was bullied more than a time because I dare to say that there's no reasons in war, that we all must know each other and communicate, all people have the rights to live in peace.
At my Univ. we organized meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian students to talk about it.
Now we're trying to organize a big web-protest: create some peace-banner and putting them on all our site /private or commercials) together in the same day.
Sorry, Beatrice, isn't trhrue. Yesterday I was in a Presidium asking stop fire to Gaza in my town, Genova, under raining. No person say "bad Jewish"; we have Italian Jewhis and they say: "I'm Italian, not Israeliti" and this is thrue. We have in Italia many Italian Jewhis against occupation of Gaza, we have social important persons and many intellectual Jewhis against violence, criticingthe unability of Israel (Governement) to bring an acceptable accord to create two Nations, Plaestine and Israel. To be Jewish is not to be Israeliti, and to be Israeliti is not to be Sionist. Also in Israel are persons against violence and they make manifestations against their Governement, they want peace with Palestinian people and they work for this building peace bridge (and in those days they are much suffering). Here, in Genova, we always give these notices, and we have in our manifestations people who know this. If around you, you listen prejudice, inform correctly. We all have this task, if we want work for peace.
Smiles Luisella

Ciao Beatrice, questo sabato c'è una nuova grande manifestazione a Milano. Puoi prendere contatto con noi se vuoi comprendere di più l'indignazione di chi vuole rimanere umano (non si accettano metodi violenti nè tantomeno mattanze. Hamas oltretutto non è a Gaza) ed il dolore profondo dei palestinesi in esilio in quanto non hanno più terra dove organizzare una vita dignitosa, una nazione, e che soffrono per la perdita sconvolgente dei propri cari.
As I state in my precedent comment, I said "the largest part of". Just look at the messages we get from our media.

If around you, you listen prejudice, inform correctly. We all have this task, if we want work for peace.
It's exactly what my friends and me have done for years and we'll continue to.

Il mio non era assolutamente un intervento sionista, nè ho parlato di accordo con l'azione del governo israeliano. Facevo soltanto notare come troppo spesso, specialmente all'interno dei movimenti giovanili, ci sia questa presa di posizione arbitraria soltanto a favore del popolo palestinese perchè "oppresso" e di per contro una demonizzazione di Israele in blocco (con un orribile identificazione tra governo israeliano-cittadini di israele-identità culturale ebraica), dimenticando quante voci- e sono veramente tante- in Israele si battono per la pace.
Rimango delusa e molto perplessa quando, com'è stato fatto in università a Firenze, le manifestazioni della pace si concludono col bruciare la bandiera israeliana.
Non è questo il modo di cercare il dialogo, ma solo di alimentare il pregiudizio e fomentare nuova violenza.


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