What does the iPeace Family want?, to bring the Spirit back to iPeace!

Myself personally would like to see.....

1. More active Administrators.
2. The iPeace Family birthday dates.
3. Less group messages (I have 3,040 unread messages} I appreciate the thought very much, But I and others can't read them all and I feel it would be more personal an individual message, unless it's very important to get out a message to as many Family members as possible. I have no real problem with it, but when You have over 1,400 Family/Friends here, it can get overwheming to read them all.
I have only sent less than 10 group messages (to get rid of the Give a Gift Program & notification of iPeace closing) which I'm glad that it hasn't as iPeace was My Oasis, during troubled times and it's My Mother Peace Social Network.
I still don't have trust in the present Administrator, but as I say "Time will Tell", but I do know I Love My iPeace Family and I want the Best for You All.
4. I probably have more, but I would Love to hear Yours.

So let's here from You of Your concerns & ideas. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Motorcycle Hippy Al

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by the way, David, I am not giving out your email! When and if you want to receive a few letters in your personal computer, just put your email on this site....should keep you plenty busy reading!
I see the Birthday list is back. Also I see this Forum was Featured. Who is doing this?
It just also came to My attention, that iPeace has 474 Children (Groups) that were born out of Mother iPeace.
How can We let iPeace die? or remain in critical condition!
David, how can one person manage a Family of 22,ooo, with 474 children?
There are so many Good iPeace Family Members, that are willing to help out.
Please consider this, as it is important to many.
Namaste, Al
You forgot to include Down with Capitalism Motorcycle Hippie.
I want to help with the Administration too.
David - I agree with Al - absolutely not possible to administer to 22,000 on your own. I am happy to help with admin - not to take over, simply help. And I'm sure there are others who would also.
Stephanie I'm sorry to read that you're not able to help. I remember reading that you want to get back to your art and your live - love the shoes! - so it's understandable. :) Perhaps you'd could pass my message on to David via email if nothing is forthcoming in the next few days.
Blessings all round
Hugs and love
Jane xx

Hello everyone. I do not speak English, I use Online translator for each message I read or write. It is very slow and boring, but all I can do to participate here.

I'm admin in several Ning networks, including http://candle4tibet.ning.com/ also created for David.

My ideas about how to revive iPeace are radical and we will not agree with me, but I'm here because I want say that I have in my heart.

1. It is necessary to reorganize the groups. There are too many for the same issues. People do not know where to register to participate. The creation of groups should be under moderation and approval should be subject to another group if it already exists on the same topic. We must avoid at all costs to disperse the force of members.

2. Hippy, you can control the amount of emails you receive. Is your freedom to configure your profile correctly, as well as groups, not to receive so many emails.

3. Ning networks are not easy to understand for people coming from as simple and lacking in options such as Facebook. Precisely because here there is freedom to configure many things, we must help people to know how the networks Ning platform (as is iPeace).

4. It's necesary to change the welcome email. Instead of the four points that have Ning as default, you have to provide members with other options. It is overwhelming that one of the mail item is welcome to invite more and more people. We must end the virality. It is not always good exponential growth.

5. We must show people that is not yet a member, which are iPeace most useful things left images in the profiles and groups. Should be able to show the world that gets iPeace targets.

6. We must raise the prestige of iPeace. Two years ago Daniel Baremboin attempt (which is the seat of his youth orchestra in my country) is a prominent member and contributor here. But until now, people always tell me that such networks are useful only to wate the time. That you only get a lot of pretty pictures but useless in your profile. I always say that these networks do not reach real objectives. We have to break that image. There are 40 years ago we celebrate the Woodstock Festival. Gone are the days of flower_power. Now is the time of the active participation, the time of the political militancy, the time for a pacifism wich placing representatives in the parliaments of governments of all countries.

7. We must take care that can not hide iPeace sects like the Children of the Sun, Kryeon, Osho ... and may others under the banner of universal love are misrepresenting what is real pacifism: a social-political movement.

8. You have to disable the general forum or groups. All at once creates confusion. People do not know where to write. We must teach people that personal blogs and therefore are to write about yourself: my family, my holiday, my work ... and the topics of general interest should be in groups or post in the forum. We must close the central wall of hotel groups and teach people to open thematic discussions. People come to one group and only written to the central wall, blending all the issues, where the answers do not come in steps, where there are no permalinks and where messages disappear down as they enter more and more.

9. We must send a message to all members and say that this site is to participate and if they do not, be taken out. Here is not only sent birthday and hearts of love. You come here to work for international peace and too many serious thing to do. We can not waste time planting four pictures with glitter (glitter), while in the world there are wars, hunger and violations of all kinds.

- - -

I will thing of more things, but I think to start I have said too much ;o)

10. About profile questions. It's necesary to configure the anwswers to make easy people can find people in your country / city.

CLICK for see :

I do not know, Maria. I do not know what want to do David Califa want this network and himself, a gesture of honesty, he says on the homepage of this network. I'm just here giving my ideas.

On Tuesday July 13, has two years I met David and his network for Tibet. He knows that I have always worked hard for their creations. He knows that I believe in him. And he knows he can get much more than what has been achieved.

But is necesary to put order into things, because not all people who are online use the Internet in the same way. Many people are happy for your ego to see your name and your photo (reply by.... group created by.... etc.)

Many others believe that when they go to sleep, they are better people and have built a better world, by the mere fact that other people's profiles filled with hundreds of images full of angels, hearts and flowers.

I often question to myself how they are in your privacy life because many people who come to fill iPeace profiles from around the world with thousands of images "flower_power." Perhaps people are not as peaceful as their images suggest.

I would be happy if I could organize a football match with la roja for the next day September 21, International Day of Peace (UN), but I think it will be impossible while iPeace is just a showcase of images, without any another type of serious commitment.

Like your committment - will comment more later when I have time.
Good thoughts.
But it all boils down to one important thing: are your thoughts and our thoughts being considered by one important person here....David?

Again ... I don't know but I thing if David is not OK with our thoughts, he can do with this network, which is his creation, which he thinks best.

He knows that people love him, will continue to love him. That people who understand him, will follow with understanding. And that peaceful people, will remain. Here in her virtual home, or on other networks, or in the gardens, mountains, cities ....

The world of people who work for peace, lies not in David, neither this network. The world does not sink if David closed after one year. Peace does not begin and end with David Califa. He puts the computing work, his money, his creative ideas, many hours of effort ... but peace exists with or without him.

As the Buddhists say .... drop, let go ... drop, let go ... drop, let go ....

It is the heartbeat of the world, the respiration of the Cosmos.

If there are people who want to work for peace in a serious, responsible and mature, we find here or elsewhere.

They also have their place people who believe that working for peace from the childish act of filling the entire image with highlights. That's fine for the years of the French May 68 and for the youg people 15 year who can not think of anything more serious.

Everything is fine. Everything has its place. Internet is big, we fit all.

But David Califa is NOT the holder of international peace.

I think is not correct to overload with the moral weight of being responsible for our work for peace. I think is not correct to overwhelming him in that way.

And go further still:

Who of you would pay $ 500 for a network that is dedicated only to put pictures on profiles? Any of you have your own network? You know how many hours to advance a social network?

At times I think we are taking advantage of the goodwill of David, just because we put fun pictures here and there.

NO, I don't find correct our way to stay here. I seem we are abusing David Califa. So if he has offered to keep this site open for another year, I think we must be serious and require them to us (not him) getting most important things for world peace.

Yes, Ayla I had noticed that and I was editing My comment when My PC went haywire and lost the edited version, so "Take Two" or really "Take Three" LOL
Hello My Dearest Maria, "Great" to see You here and also doing Welcoming. "Thank You" for Your comment and Yes Ayla, I agree with You and I believe David had the same feeling to have iPeace be a Peaceful force for change, but I feel we also need to have a Personal & Spiritual aspect to the well being of Our iPeace Family.
We need more "Food for Thought" and some kind of coordinated effort with an active & cooperative team of administrators, but how as Maria said "because for now all depend on creator and owner of iPEACE???
"Time will Tell" I have voiced My opinions, but it"s still David's call and Hopefully He will answer, but I'm not holding My breath, as I have to use it to breath Life into Mother iPeace, as She needs it very much.
We need to continue trying to figure it out. More "Food for Thought" and Yes, lessen up on the glitzy visuals and the group messages, as You said ....."I think it will be impossible while iPeace is just a showcase of images, without any another type of serious commitment"
but those that know Me, I also use visuals often( which I feel can convey a caring message and livens up things) as this reply shows.
I also can be considered radical, as I have been known to be radical at times and even frictional, but I try and do it in a Loving way.


Lets keep the it up & Hopefully make a Good change,
"Thank You" Lovin You. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

LOL ... then if you too are radical, we are doomed to understand ;-)

I love pictures, glitters, photoshop effects (I use Paint Shop Pro, less known but for me the best). I send a compressed file with a few pages that I like for images. Just have to copy it to your bookmarks and you can click on direct links.

But images is not the fight that needs international peace.

I'm wondering if I would pay $ 500 (thanks, Clicia) only for others to put images on all sides, but not commit to anything else.

If iPeace going to be just to send pictures new age and the like ... I will go again (and I went another two times before.)

Perhaps fans of glitters can be coordinated among themselves to meet the $ 500 and open a network just for them. Something like a Graphic Delegation iPeace :-)

But while iPeace not something more, you can not think of organizing something with Baremboin or with this former Director of the Unesco, his page:
Peace Culture.

While iPeace only as it is now, is only another network among the thousands of networks already exist. All the same. All for the same.

I think iPeace can (and should) fight for a greater commitment. Please let us go iPeace category. Let's go beyond the images and so worn and meaningless "we are all one."

Lacking sense because you are you and I'm me. And only from the consciousness of individuality, is that we can come together to create something of a result greater than 1.



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