What does the iPeace Family want?, to bring the Spirit back to iPeace!

Myself personally would like to see.....

1. More active Administrators.
2. The iPeace Family birthday dates.
3. Less group messages (I have 3,040 unread messages} I appreciate the thought very much, But I and others can't read them all and I feel it would be more personal an individual message, unless it's very important to get out a message to as many Family members as possible. I have no real problem with it, but when You have over 1,400 Family/Friends here, it can get overwheming to read them all.
I have only sent less than 10 group messages (to get rid of the Give a Gift Program & notification of iPeace closing) which I'm glad that it hasn't as iPeace was My Oasis, during troubled times and it's My Mother Peace Social Network.
I still don't have trust in the present Administrator, but as I say "Time will Tell", but I do know I Love My iPeace Family and I want the Best for You All.
4. I probably have more, but I would Love to hear Yours.

So let's here from You of Your concerns & ideas. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Motorcycle Hippy Al

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I enjoyed reading what some of the changed you would like to see happen here. I look forward to what else  you have to say Motorcycle Hippy. Underneath all the facial hair is a wizened man. 


Blessings to you sir

"Thank You"  and Blessings to You Dear One!

"Just Being Al"

"Happy Enlightening Trails"

Namaste, Al

It is just nearly 2yrs later now from when this discussion was written and posted.  The' Welcome Team' group left desolate and unattended. Seems from what I have been watching that is no one left doing official welcoming of new members and reporting spammers. The spammers are running amuck,all over this site..unchecked or deleted by any one except A few dedicated souls like G.P  is the only one I see doing welcoming & working to expose  and BUMP those pesky buggers off iPeace. However with no one deleting,banning off the spammers from iPeace all we can do is post PEACE BUMPS as GP spends so much time doing..

WHY are these spammers NOT being  removed/Banned & deleted?

Is there anyone with the ability to remove the spam posts,ban/delete them, even here on iPeace and cares?

Eyal Raviv is now shown as iPeace creator.administrator..please Eyal will you add a few members like G.P  to have the ability as an admin to remove the spam & the people that are posting it,EVERYWHERE on this site??

With Kind Regard &  much Respect,

Leah D

Yes,My Dear Leah! that is one of the major problems here,as back in the days! I felt so frustrated when Spammers/Scammers became new members and did their "Disrespect" of iPeace! and no one to get rid of them!

if this new administrator cares about this site! "This must be done" but "will it" 

It saddens Me so much what has happened to iPeace,a place that meant so much to Me!

but I have met so many Beautiful like minded fellow Human Beings here! Like You & G.P. and others!

"Happy "Enjoying Life" Trails"  

Love & iPeace, Motorcycle Hippy Al

hey !

i offered my help to Eyal a few weeks ago via PM... received no reply yet...

for what it's worth : Eyal also manages mepeace, and since the beginning of April he doesn't send his weekly « Recommendations » on Fridays... someone else does that for him now... also, he is a father since the end of 2011... thus it's very possible that he doesn't have time to even manage his inbox as he wishes... that being said, this is nothing more than a conjecture, so mind that at your own risk... ;o)

hopefully we'll hear from him soon enough... in the meantime, as long as iPeace is online there's hope...

here's a thought : perhaps we could setup a petition and gather signatures from active/interested members... then we could send him the list and presumably spur him into action...

best wishes to all !


but not as it is now!...and until there is an Administrative team, I will  not actively partake,as "Why" I ask Myself  I should, if the owner doesn't care!

Hello Chris and "Thank You" for Your attempted help!

Love & iPeace, Al

hey Al ! :o)

as stated above, my guess is Eyal cares more than he is able to show...

hope springs eternal... ;o)



perhaps simply because time doesn't allow... ;o)

why no 24-hour admins ? perhaps because of not being sure who can be trusted...

personally, i think keeping the site online is already an eloquent proof of caring...

that being suggested, here's to a lovely weekend to all iPeacers ! <3 

love, love, love,love


Lovin You G.P. & Clicia &  Chris,

and the iPeace Family!

"Happy Trails" Dear Ones!

Love &  iPeace, Al


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