What does the iPeace Family want?, to bring the Spirit back to iPeace!

Myself personally would like to see.....

1. More active Administrators.
2. The iPeace Family birthday dates.
3. Less group messages (I have 3,040 unread messages} I appreciate the thought very much, But I and others can't read them all and I feel it would be more personal an individual message, unless it's very important to get out a message to as many Family members as possible. I have no real problem with it, but when You have over 1,400 Family/Friends here, it can get overwheming to read them all.
I have only sent less than 10 group messages (to get rid of the Give a Gift Program & notification of iPeace closing) which I'm glad that it hasn't as iPeace was My Oasis, during troubled times and it's My Mother Peace Social Network.
I still don't have trust in the present Administrator, but as I say "Time will Tell", but I do know I Love My iPeace Family and I want the Best for You All.
4. I probably have more, but I would Love to hear Yours.

So let's here from You of Your concerns & ideas. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Motorcycle Hippy Al

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Al: Many thanks for taking the time to share your peace & love.

It hurts so many deeply to see what's happening to what was one of the very best peace sites. So many cannot bear to come here any longer which is such a huge pity.

My very best to you & yours




To The Person Who Has Been Removing Scammers/Spammers!

great news ! :o)

better than nothing i guess... 

be well G.P. ! ;o)

life is a creative process... thus, stating facts only perpetuates facts...

suggestion : try rephrasing your reply above so that it leaves more doors open... try putting the emphasis on what can happen that's desirable, not on what that cannot happen, nor on what is undesirable...

for instance : one of the ways in which this can be accomplished is if one trusts others enough to give them admin privileges.

and so on...

best wishes ! ;o)

my opinion : faith makes or break a site...

i don't question your intentions, which are obviously very noble and quite commendable...

but with all due respect, i suggest that you don't realize how some of what you express might be perceived...

as an illustration : imagine that you are owner here, and some of your members repeatedly point out, either directly or through insinuations, that you are uncaring... would you be inspired to respond to their requests, or would you be turned off by their fault-finding attitude ? don't you think there are more friendly ways of phrasing matters that would give better results ?

for my information : how long have you been requesting ? and how often have your requests been answered ?

what struck me while i was admin here was the numbers of members who claimed to want peace, but seem to spend most of their efforts fueling petty disputes...

there is a gulf between knowing what is right, and doing what is wise...

best wishes to you, G.P. ! :o)

Hey Christopher,

Thank you for your wise words *smile* Very well put and I absolutely agree with your opinion and  all you wrote here, Yes,Faith makes or breaks a site. Is one of big reasons This site is broken.Many of it's members have lost faith in it,each for their own reasons.

Written  words is all we have to communicate on net sites (except,also can add pics & vids)which can be and are often misunderstood as the tone of words is missing as is facial expressions,body language,tone of voice may be entirely different than the way the tone or phrasing of written words are perceived.  As a short time admin here and on welcome team & when was an  active member, I have also seen/read much by members claiming to want peace only to constantly fuel petty disputes & their own egos.The way this site was built up in numbers of members (as I have written about many times) was done so in a way that it grew very quickly & more focus on quantity rather than quality of members character or intent. As I've explained several years ago it was no surprise to me when things quickly turned less than peaceful in dialog and much petty disputes on discussions/forums/blogs,etc..many good caring true peacemakers joined iPeace & like me have been here since the beginning. For me personally I chose to not take part in playing the 'blame game' or engage with negative disruptive individuals conversing. What I have done since the beginning is add my input/opinions  written in a way that most often put an end to all the arguments..in the process I made many caring lovely peaceful new friends. I have been misunderstood,who hasn't at some point on net? If am given the chance nearly always have been able to clarify any misunderstandings resulting in better understandings of each individual & also made friendships with persons misunderstood me that has lasted all these years,still close to this day. This happened due to being open to discussing misunderstandings honestly & respectfully.

I have asked & continue at times to ask the hard questions in regards to admins,site management,removing spammers,etc.. always in a respectful manner, though were times that yes may not have seemed so to the person or persons questions were directed to.  I do what I can,where I can to promote peace and yes I post on spammers so others know,including the spammers that what they are doing is spam/scams,as some members are not aware that new 'friend' is in fact a spammer/scammer..

With much respect & warmest regard :) xo

thanks Leah ! much inspiration & joy your way ! :o)

G.P., in the hopes of helping you see how you come across, and at the risk of fueling petty disputes :

>>> Rather challenging to comprehend that if someone cared about their site:

1. Why no admin has been appointed to make running this site more member friendly!

2. Why scammers/spammers are allowed to take over daily!

>>> I have never found fault with the owners of this site.

seems to me like you have... but, arguably, you don't realize that you have...

>>> My requests have been made to the owners because I care for this site but I have most certainly NOT stalked them with requests.

who mentioned stalking ? personally, i only wanted to know for how long you have been trying, and what kind of results you have been obtaining...

>>> I would never think I am wise or right.

in my view, the way in which you keep justifying yourself instead of simply considering the suggestions that have been made kindly in the hopes of helping you achieve your objective speaks eloquently... and so does the way in which you prefix some of your replies with MHO, or MVHO... when you really mean it, you don't have to spell it...

sorry to be blunt, but my candour is not meant as nastiness, quite the contrary...

that being said, i wish you a lovely weekend G.P. ! :o)

hello again Jouni,

Not everyone is comfortable or feels safe using their real names or photos on social net sites. G.P. did explain why she chooses not to. I chose to even though I too have been stalked & had safety issues with just a few people out of 100's,that is my choice as it is hers to chose not to, for her own safety.I respect her choice as I do anyone's. In fact I do not use my real name on my home social network site where I have many many very dear and deeply loved friends/family..some I did decide to give my name to & yes I use my real photo of myself cos I want to. As it is your choice to require a name & profile pic for friendship.I respect that at the same time I also respect ALL who chose not to do so..

With loving respect and friendship ~ Leah D (Pixie)

Actually G.P I did not read Christopher's responses to you in any way as what you have perceived his comments to be,in fact I thought he made some good points & did so respectfully to you. It appears to me that anyone that is not in complete agreement with you or in any way suggests perhaps a better way of accomplishing what you wish to for iPeace you decide to discontinue any dialog/conversing with. Now perhaps you may chose to do the same with me? I think you know me well enough( I hope?)  that I write what I think & believe as I see it,honestly and respectfully. What I am reading is that you are turning any & all into negatives rather than perhaps realizing you are coming off as exactly what you are accusing others of. Yes this is my honest opinion and I've seen it from you before. I think you genuinely care and want truly  harmonious dialog,however in the process of discussions people will disagree,it is how we deal with these disagreements that's most important,in a respectful caring manner. Instead you repeatedly tell all YOUR time is to precious to WASTE on continued conversing,this repeated statement implies to us that our time is not precious or valued. By continued conversing and accepting differing ideas or opinions, all could actually lead to better understanding and harmonious dialog,if not taken so personally. You can't have any kind of dialog if you just stop responding to any one you perceive as 'determined to see your behaviour negatively' Honestly G.P. I feel that some of your replies are dripping with negativity and you know I am your friend,I do care about you & think highly of you. I have tried as kindly as possible to say all this to you as carefully & as caring as I am able to in both private and in discussions.So, do what you feel is  best G.P. but know this,just because I do not agree with how you are reacting to comments by  Christopher & Jouni does not mean I care about you any less or do not respect you. I simply agree with all of what Christopher has responded to you and do not agree with yours,in fact I found this last reply by you to Chris to be very distasteful , which is why I felt I needed to finally speak up & say so. Absolutely NO disrespect intended ,take all I've written  however you chose to. I do hope you chose to look at your words and perhaps try to view from our perspective?

With much respect & warmest regard ,always

thank you Leah for your validation...

seeing that G.P. has removed some of her replies, i checked out Jouni's archive (thanks Jouni !)...

for the record : i wasn't an admin here anymore when ownership was transferred to Eyal...

that being said, a wish to all of us : that iPeace may soon be rid of spammers/scammers, and that the network soon becomes a lively space where its members can enjoy enlightening conversations and work together towards a more peaceful world...

many blessings !



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