What does the iPeace Family want?, to bring the Spirit back to iPeace!

Myself personally would like to see.....

1. More active Administrators.
2. The iPeace Family birthday dates.
3. Less group messages (I have 3,040 unread messages} I appreciate the thought very much, But I and others can't read them all and I feel it would be more personal an individual message, unless it's very important to get out a message to as many Family members as possible. I have no real problem with it, but when You have over 1,400 Family/Friends here, it can get overwheming to read them all.
I have only sent less than 10 group messages (to get rid of the Give a Gift Program & notification of iPeace closing) which I'm glad that it hasn't as iPeace was My Oasis, during troubled times and it's My Mother Peace Social Network.
I still don't have trust in the present Administrator, but as I say "Time will Tell", but I do know I Love My iPeace Family and I want the Best for You All.
4. I probably have more, but I would Love to hear Yours.

So let's here from You of Your concerns & ideas. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Motorcycle Hippy Al

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You are most welcome Chris,

As I have written many times I only state what I honestly think and feel..my personal opinions. It was not an easy choice to write all I did,knowing that was quite possible that G.P would do exactly what she did,remove her comment(s) and may loose her friendship. I had also hoped that that would not happen. Did not want her to feel was being ganged up on,no not at all..but I could not remain silent as her comment in reply to you stated you were only one that thought the way you described in last comment to her,as I read the now deleted reply wanted to point out that was not the case at all..anyway I suppose it may have been best if I had just stopped coming here completely as the dialog was becoming non productive.

thank you Chris for your kind caring words, I too hope that iPeace may someday become a lively space where people round the world can enjoy enlightening,considerate conversing, learning & sharing ways towards a better more peaceful world..

Many blessings & kind regard xo

thanks ! ;o)

Why do you think this discussion is being closed Jouni? This is a Forum discussion written by Motorcycle Hippy Al..Yes,it is nearly 2 yrs. old and still valid question in the title and content of what he felt was important at the time. All of which is still valid and asking for the opinions of ALL iPeace members/family to bring back the Spirit of a peaceful community to this site..

Dearest Jouini,

It is of course your choice to delete all of your own comments,however that choice does not close this discussion,it only makes for a confusing read to anyone who sees it or wishes to add their comments & opinions on this Topic of discussion..Only Motorcycle Hippy Al can close this discussion or Eyal has that authority.

~Leah D


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