What Have You Done Lately To Make Someone Else's Life Just A Little Bit Easier?

Life has been so hard for millions of our brothers and sisters around the world. It is always a great relief to those who have less, when someone shares a little bit of their valuable time, service, fortune or even a piece of bread. Please share whatever you have done to bring a little relief to someone else with us. It always encourages others to do likewise. Let's look out for each other. We are all special and precious people.

Just remember this: Whatever you do for or against someone else, you will get it back in multiples.


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I often buy someone a meal. While I haven't a lot, I know that I always have food to eat where I live.
Interesting topic. It is nice to talk about Peace and Love, but it is even nicer to show it, to give it and to manifest it in our lives when and where it is the most needed. Well, having served several humanitarian causes and communities most of my life, I will not try to sort out what I do for other. I'd rather have an inside reflexion on what I don't do while I could or should...

Thinking about it on this very day made me shed some bitter tears. I hadn't cried in many months and it was due time. A man not only has the right to cry but he needs to cry once in a while, to acknowledge his own weakness. We have been trained by our societies to compete and struggle, to fight our way through the crowd, to negociate every step of our way. All we hear about at school, at work, in the news, it's to compete in the rat race and take advantage of our neighbours.

When will we teach our children and society as a whole the true values of life? When will our culture be based on fulfilling basic human needs? When will it become our prime priority to take care of each other, to help each other and to Love one another? It can start right now today if as individuals we choose this path. But before it becomes a general attitude, we will have to give Love and Love and more Love to our brothers and sisters who forgot these essential principles.

There is so much healing to be done in our world and we all share that collective responsibility. So time is now and the place is here where I stand. I wish to see the high consciousness people gathered on iPeace do a little more than just send each other lovely wishes. I'd love to see networks being created for implication, involvement and actions for the world. Will we build communities and take actions to create a peaceful way of life or just keep chatting about it as if it was a dream? Share your inner wisdom with the world, it needs it. And manifest the dream into reality through actions.

At this time, I'm working to reunite several musicians in a church to make a Peace video. Saturday I'm invited in a community to share Native chants and teachings. These are some of the tools that I've been provided with to share.

Well the least we can do in our everyday life is to Love the people around us. A smile, loving eyes or a service given speak louder than many words. Sometimes it is easier to Love a beautiful stranger you met online, who doesn't know your weaknesses and bad sides, than it is to really Love and show Love to the people we live with or come accross everyday. Saying "I Love You" online doesn't require much implication or commitment. Love involves forgiveness and compassion, two essential ingredients to Peace. It might take some self-sacrifice and compromises to achieve Peace at times. But we can achieve Peace if we want it. It's our purpose for being here. Peace on Earth to all humans of good will.
Hi Sunbow,

That was very very good. Peace and bliss to you.
I've recently volunteered my services for HAVEN (Help Against Violence Encounters Now) in Michigan. I signed up for the residental program (shelter) and for their fundraising events.

I try to make a very conscious effort to give something, whether it's money, a smile, a laugh, a listen, a hand... I think of all the times those things were there for me.

It is such a blessing to think about others instead of just you. I am so proud of you and wish you all the best, Lisa. Don't stop. Keep on doing the good deeds. I believe that, whatever you do, you'll get it back in multiples so Your reward is in escrow.

Bliss, abundant life and great health be unto you.

Sebastian Keene


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