What is more important? Creativity and freedom of expression or peace and tolerance?

This question arises only when both clash.How do you feel about this issue.Express fearlessly.

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I don't think they can clash in principle and practicality. Both are two sides of a coin. If peace and tolerance is advocated and hence obtained, then a person's creativity can take shape without any fear. The freedom of expression too can happen only in a peacefull environment.

I do understand that if someone's creative expression does not conform to any other ideology, thought or belief, then there's a danger of that peace to be disturbed, but then again peace is accompanied with tolerance and if this utopian conditions can exist then creativity and freedom of expression can co-exist with it.
Thousand sides are part of same coin anyway.They clash practically all the time.What happens principally or philosophically hardly matters.This clash never seem to end n no one seems to have practical solutions.Philosophies do not help.
If I agree with you that philosophies do not help, then in that case, the choice is crystal clear.

Existence of life is of utmost importance and that can be assured only if peace and tolerance prevails.

One can be creative only if he/she is alive to do so.

My answer!! Peace and tolerance is much more important. Anytime. (Please remember that not every one on this earth lives on creativity and expression. For majority, life's a struggle of survival. And for survival of life, peace and tolerance is essential.)
Agree 100%
I strongly agree that Peace and Tolerance is more important than Creativity and freedom of expression because for a healthy life Peace and Tolerance is required. We can be creative if we are living a peaceful life and if we have enough patience to express our thoughts.

I finally go for Peace and Tolerance.

We cant say this that 'Philosophies do not help' as Philosophies helps in finding the right path and act as the guide with us.so we simply can't ignore Philosophies.

Ultimately minds and thinking is our and we are the deciding authority but we can take help of philosophies for our decision.


You said exactly what I was going to say*lol*glad I read posts before I posted! :-)
I think if I had to choose, then peace and tolerance would be more important because if people live in fear then they probably won't be expressing in a very free manner anyways.
Thank you Jodi :)


I would also like to go with peace and tolerance as only a peaceful mind can express freely and thinks at its best .moreover like a 'sound mind live in sound body'.so only a person who is satisfied and free from internal and external fear factors can express freely otherwise he cant be able to think properly and express freely.

Thanks for this knowledgeable discussions.

Kind Regards,

Harinder Pal Singh


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