Forgiveness is letting go of the need for revenge and releasing negative thoughts of resentment. It is very important for us to forgive our loves ones. Forgiveness is an extremely valuable skill to have.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” Robert Muller

What if your best friend betrayed you or cheated you in any way and broken your trust?

I know it hurts and becomes difficult to forget. Though you will forgive him being a best friend but forgetting is something which becomes impossible to do.

What do you think is the best way to forgive and forget a loved one ?

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'To err is human, to forgive divine'. Forgetting the hurt and forgiving the one is divine. Only the rarest of mankind can be so good. I wish! i could be one of them but i am more an ordinary being. Thanks for sharing your noble thoughts. Take care!
In my humble opinion, true and eternal forgiveness can only be achieved after we recognize, and get to know our true and eternal selves. It is only then that we will be able to recognize the essence of ourselves as it exists in others!

We are all one and the same!

Eternal Peace, Love and Tranquility To All!
Well, forgiveness is divine, but can an ordinary person like us forgive our best friend or a loved one?

Being emotional and sensitive by nature, I take time to forget though I can forgive easily. Forgetting is difficult for an ordinary human being like me because when something similar happens again in life then the previous incident strikes automatically in your mind and you just cannot take things off from your head.

I know it is difficult but keeping or remembering the past incidents allow stress to enter in your mind and you start feeling frustrated. As a result, your thoughts become negative and you lose trust in your loved one.

To keep your mind healthy and stress free, it’s always advised to forgive and forget. By forgetting things, your mind and soul will feel relaxed and calm. Peace will develop if your mind is free from stress and frustration and you can stay happy with your loved one.

But question is: What is the best way to forget?

The best way to forget is to ignore whatever happened with you. Ignorance can be defined as having no knowledge of something. In other terms, it’s basically forgetting the incident.

Mark Twain says…. “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”
I am not sure if i could forgive the ones who hurt me time and again. Being an ordinary human, i can forgive them once. Well, there is limit to everything and the capacity to forgiving is no exception. Looking back in past, exmining the hurtful incidents, one can always be the miserable soul. The best way for me to forget is to move on in life. Let there be the ignorace enough that helps you in moving on yet you being no ignorant.
You ask what is the best way to forgive and forget.... forgive as you want others to forgive you.... once you do that... the forgeting takes care of itself.

Deep peace to you and to who loves you and you love.
Dear Sukhpreet
I don't pretend to know the how of forgiving and forgetting, but I know that you don't want to carry the hurt. It's not good for you. Accept that you don't know all the circumstances (which is a type of ignorance) and therefore cannot judge, but neither should you carry negative feelings towards yourself in the matter, such as guilt or judgement. Learn what you can from the lessons, and then drop the negative feelings. I wish you well in your search for peace in this matter.
Love, Peace and Light!
I think simply that forgiveness just takes TIME. Yes, it hurts, and unless this betray of trust is some kind of abuse, and you need to remove yourself from the situation in order to heal, then forgiveness will come, if that is really what you want in your heart. You have to be able to realize that all that anger and hurt is mostly only effecting You, while that "friend" of yours is going about their every day business. If it is just some kind of human error then, we have to realize that we all make mistakes. Hopefully that friend won't do this to you again. If they do, then you may need to release them from being your friend any more.

I do not necessarily think that we completely forget either, because there are life lessons in there to learn from, and grow from. Completely forgetting means we loose the lessons to, from our memories. But with time, it won't take up so much space in the front of your mind. If that mistake your friend made is avoidable in the future, don't let it happen again. I don't know the complete details, but maybe better communication is warranted.

Sometimes, there will be questions that you have that never get answered or that friend will never be able to give you a good enough reason for what they did, that hurt you so much, but you will have to realize that, the situation just IS what it IS and you can't change it. It's about acceptance.

If you don't want to loose that friend then communication, and acceptance of the betrayal, as it is, will have to be. Now, acceptance also does Not mean being a door matt either. Acceptance in the face of not getting any real good reasons for what happened, is for your sake, so that you can move on and heal. Especially if that person has apologized sincerely for what they did. Then acceptance is needed.

I hope that you find peace.
This is a wonderful reply Jodi, and said so perfectly. You definitely have a true understanding of the forgiving process. I have been in the situation where others have hurt me and not even realized that they have done it, and I learned quickly if someone has really "stomped" on your toes that it is ok to say "ouch". Much better to have enough respect for the person to bring up the fact in a calm and nonjudgemental way that they have hurt you. Explain to them how they hurt you and give them the chance to say they are sorry if they are, or not sorry if they are not. I found the hard way that not saying anything and going about with hurt inside and resentment of the person is not good at all for you, and only compounds the hurt. Everything you said is so wise and true.
Thanks Jodi, for sharing your thoughts here with us. You have explained so beautifully and its true too.
Forgiveness comes first and the forgetting part will follow. It is a process that is different for everyone and it takes time. It's important to remember to forgive that one person not because they deserve but because you deserve it. Only when we let go of the negative thoughts can we truly have inner peace.

be positive
Greetings, you also need to forget. In case you do not forget it will stay in your mind. If it is a relationship and somebody cheated on you it also requires to observe the character of the person that cheated. The person feels sorry, is it real, is the person doing it again. I would rather prefer to end the story than having to live with the idea cheating will happen again. It will be an emotional decision it will be a absolutely personal decision, nobody can decide in your behalf and nobody should get involved in the decision, max. somebody can give a comment on the cheater but any comment has to be taken carefully since the comment will be emotional again and not rational or better the comment is an opinion like whether it is correct that I wear a specific tie to my specific suit, 6 out of 10 say ok, 2 say it is horrible etc etc
For the matter of forgiveness etc etc we need to forgive all creatures we need to practice patience and tolerance, how else can we develop compassion. We should consider all this people that are doing harm to us or hurt us as our teachers, without them we could not train compassion we could not practice patience and tolerance. Difficult way to go but it is the way, nothing else. cheers Hans
Every relationship in which we participate is a what I call a vehicle for our own forgiveness. While it's true there is usually more than one party involved, the outcome is a product of agreements we have made in our path. We learn in our walk that perhaps there was judgment in place when we could look at the same set of circumstances through eyes of loving.

When we learn to forgive ourselves, we can truly let go of personal attachments, and see what is perfect and pleasing so that we can take these motions that are flowing against peace and create opportunities.

The more we ask for forgiveness and the more we handle every relationship with tender care, the more we show respect.

Forgiveness is a process and every time we master any given level, we can rest assure yet another opportunity will advance at us...

"When we question the intent of another, it can devour our heart."


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