My thought for peace is:

"Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible."

To stay happy from outside, you need to be happy and at peace. Peace brings joy and happiness in your live. So stay peaceful and do not panic.

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Hello to All...

My Thoughts For Peace:

Eternal World Peace is possible to achieve, but in order to achieve it, we must first update the ancient language of all the world's religions.

This action will liberate our minds from the dark prisons that are built on ancient religious dogma from the long distant past!...

People's concept of spirituality will then evolve in a more positive direction, and as a result be shaped by The Universal Present Moment/The Laws of Nature That Govern The Universe!..
Hello Mike and Charlie,

I like your thoughts on Peace :)

Peace is something which is within us and with strong dedication, we can achieve peace. It is to liberate yourself from all the things of the life so that you can achieve peace.

So true Sukhpreet, so true. Thank you for this post!

Peace and Love,

We all need to learn to forgive and let go of the past. It is needed to do what Nelson Mandela did.
To put bitterness and hatered behind, we need to see a higher perspective; that we all receive the Life force... whatever culture or religion.
The Life Force accepts us the way we are, it forgives us every second, it never judges, it is neutral and loves us by giving us life. It lets go of everything also - it just gives us LIFE! It is WE - the humans who need to see that we need to act like the life force IS!
Optimism from Joy
PS. take a look at
Armies are tools of violence;
They cause men to hate and fear.
The sage will not join them.
His purpose is creation;
Their purpose is destruction.

Weapons are tools of violence,
Not of the sage;
He uses them only when there is no choice,
And then calmly, and with tact,
For he finds no beauty in them.

Whoever finds beauty in weapons
Delights in the slaughter of men;
And who delights in slaughter
Cannot content himself with peace.

So slaughters must be mourned
And conquest celebrated with a funeral.


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