What relationships are between the outside & the inside peace?

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A simple one. If we feel inner peace and we are balanced, we can behave with eachothers on a different way, showing understanding and love. Tolerance is very important.
Joseph Chilton Pearce talks about an effect of connection that people can have to one another. Specificly if a mother is feeling calm and sings quietly to her child the child can slow down and come into entrainment with mother. Entrainment is imitaiton of the brainwave patterns and breathing and heart rate.

So I'm thinking that the same is with peace If there is a peaceful person nearby then others that trust that person can begin to feel some peace as well.
Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.
Mother Teresa
Thank you. I agree 100% and even more if I could. Be the leader, the master of your destiny, not the sheep.
Not in every situation. Generally the calm irrade and the adrenalin go down, but sometimes persons feeling becoming down adrenalin, for fear react with much violence to restabilize the tension in which they recognize the possibility of their power. In that situation may be the change need not down of tension but different contents, and for this it's very important to try to reasur him receiving him able to run the conflict and not to avoid it. Peace is also to become able to stay in the conflict and so to take it as a resource of possible new way and so we evolve thanks other violence. Yes, because we tell all about different energy and we have to learn to run adeguately those all energy. Remember, we all are energy and we stay into energy.
Love Luisella
Can one really have internal peace when living at war with others?
Maybe one needs to love, accept him/her self before loving the other..
But can one love oneself when he sees only himself, when he negates the other?
Inside we have peace when we stand in a good relation with God. When we have a clean conciesness. Making mistakes, regret it and never do it again. God knows us and know how blind we are. We learn by mistakes.

We can't have peace with the outside world. So much poverty and deing children of hunger. The wars and the needless sufferings of people.

Outwards peace can only be there if all man have their human rights and are able to express their souls. Their creativity as sons of God. The food is poisened. air pollution sickens mankind. Most people are without Love.

The outside world has to changed. But that will only happen when our innerworld is changed.

Our innerworld will change when we look within, within, within.

How can we have peace in this world. We have to have a Devine discontent looking at this world.
The World is but projection of the Mind
Our beliefs create Haven or Hell...
state of consciousness

When inner peace is "achived" , outside follows...
but it is tested, temptated, challenged...
all the time (life time strugle of Love)

Only commitment to the highest virtues
inside , can help us to endure...
or "die" for the truth (psyhologicaly)

Peace is the state of consciousness
beyond mind - beyond good or bad .
God has no voice... profound Silence

comes from the tree of Life

does not fear the "forbiden fruit" -
( knowing good and evil ) by command,
but from verifications of pure Heart
can return back to Eden...

PS :

With a new level of Not-knowing...
but only loving Thee, one can ressurect
after nailed on a cross of missunderstanding
just dont know abaut inside and outside...its same...salf...and same PEACE...
As within, so without. As above so below. To understand what is in a man's heart, you but need to listen to what comes from his mouth. From Ain suf to malkut...every path says the same truth. It's a lovely web (I think) of interlinking truth. We think a thought, we hold a belief, we focus on the intention of the belief, it manifests in the course outer world.

Maybe this is one definition of beauty.


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