I was wanting to write something about buddhist funeral which has been making confusing to many people. As I have seen in many Buddhist countries there are many types of Funeral rites along with many un-necessary ,extraneous items and superstitions. but these all things are attached with tradition and customs of the people or to their ethics. Rituals were Introduced in the past by people who could not understand the nature of life, nature of death and what life would be after death? It is most unfortunate that the bad impression has been created from many decades and some places people do use to say buddhism encourages people to waste their money and time on unnecessary rites and rituals. we must be clear that buddhism has nothing to do with such debased practices. In true Buddhism when a person dies, rebirth will take place somewhere else according to his/her good or bad Karma or Actions. In buddhist texts there are mentioned " As long as a person possessed the carving for existence that person must experience the rebirth" And "Your Friend, Family, Relatives or even your wealth may follow you until grave but after that only your karma which you have merited will follow you after your graveyard". I don't meant funeral rites must be stopped. we must stopped is unnecessary rites and expense should be stopped from the name of rites. There are many ways even in my village when some one dies there will held a big gathering on the monastery light up the butter lamps and pray for his soul. If his family can afford they just fed all villager cause they believe that is the chance to do some good work from his family. Some use to cut off all the body and fed them to birds, animals or fish according to his(dead ones) will or advised of Lamas. What ever is your rituals main point is we may do funeral rites by simple way pray for him not by spending a huge money or do it like a huge ceremony. It doesn't matter to the deceased one. We have to draw our own path when we are alive.

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Lama Rignga, thank you for this information about Buddhist funeral rites. I am Charlie Kirkpatrick, CEO of TeamOG / The Essence And Meaning Of God. The words you have shared here are very enlightening and liberating indeed, and if we understand them we will do away with much unnecessary suffering and pain. I was inspired to write The World Peace Code after reading The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. The World Peace Code introduces the true nature of mind or the true nature of human consciousness.

Please see the introduction here=> www.apocalypsenot.net

Eternal Peace
Charlie Kirkpatrick


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