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What if the world embodied our highest potential? What would it look like? As the structures of modern society crumble, is it enough to
respond with the same tired solutions? Or are we being called to
question a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of
our civilization?

This 25-minute retrospective asks us to reflect on the state of the
world and ourselves, and to listen more closely to what is being asked
of us at this time of unprecedented global transformation.

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GREETINGS this is very thought provoking, we ARE being called upon as ever look at what we truly value,i will speak for myself when i say that each and everyday,i work to grow inner peace within,then to share it outside of myself..
Greetings to you Madi, do do so many here on ipeace and around the world,everywhere.
I to believe we ARE being called upon for global transformation,it is happening,perhaps slowly with great opposition..we who understand this need now more than ever to speak up,stand up and share our growth of inner & outer peace..thank you for your comment Madi. It is exactly what & why I have posted this in many places,to reach as many people world wide as possible.
Yes indeed,What Will it look like? I hope to live long enough to know,to see and perhaps be a part of ?
I do what I can everywhere I can to contribute,share,discuss ,teach ,listen with an open non prejudiced heart & learn from others..honor diversity,honor my neighbors,honor our differences...
Exploitation of the money of wars can treat all the problems of the earth to be sufficient to all the people and to open many resources and renew the energy of the earth.
Ali my friend, though this may be true,first all world wide wars/conflicts would have to be stopped,then would governments use the money for the betterment of the world? I don't think so..I truly hope this could be realized now..I just don't see how? Do you?
This does not,by no means mean we all should stop working for world peace & social justice ! I think we need to do so faster,louder,stronger,unified and globally. So very much to do..within ourselves and all around us. We must stand TOGETHER..All!
What would it look like? Have you looked into the Bahai's and what they are doing? This is exactly what they are doing and for this very reason you ask about. Please check it out. It is a do-able world peace movement whose end results will be the oneness you suggest. By the way the video is so wonderful and I am recommending it to all my friends including the Bahai's. Thank you for your work!!! Grace Eagle Reed of
Dearest Grace Eagle Reed,
Yes, I did. I once had a dear friend that I first met in the early 1990's when I was honored by an award for my volunteer work in my State @ the Positive Change Network ..I knew many people there already,but I met a beautiful caring woman named Jean,we worked with many of the same non profits at the time and in the future together and became fast friends. I also volunteered for the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center which she was also very involved with.( I later became the Executive Director of IPJC from 1997-2000) She was Bahai and I was deeply interested to learn more about the Bahai's..she taught me a lot,touched my life & heart in so many positive loving ways..the memories of her & that time period of my life flooded me with joyful emotions to the point of tears as I read your words and mention of Bahai's, reminding me of her..Thank YOU so very much!
I looked at the link you left but did not find any further info. of Bahai's? Has been so long since I lost contact with Jean (early 2000's) that I have forgotten much of what she taught me of the Bahai's.
I only remember I liked & enjoyed learning of her beliefs within the Bahai teachings..wanted to learn more..and I still do.
It also warms my heart to know you are passing along this video. I have posted it,along with other ones by the global oneness project, on my profile & all over ipeace as well as another ning network I am a member of. The work they are doing is ,in my opinion ,uniquely important to not just World Peace but in understanding of many worldwide issues & different ways of thinking of our selves and our Mother Earth,the connectiveness,oneness of us all & the planet we inhabit. Honoring our diversity is equally important for all to understand.
Thank You for thanking me Grace, I in turn thank YOU for your work too..:-)
If you could direct me to,or leave a link for more info. of Bahai's I would be very interested to re learn what I have forgotten..I do very much want to know more..
With Love & Respect,
Leah, The best link to the Bahai Faith is and I will link my page to that site too. Thanks for reminding me to do that. The other place that seems to bring information about the Bahai's is on Bing search. Let me know how that goes and let's keep up the chat. For me, the Bahai path is practical while being spiritual and seems very balanced dealing with real conflicted issues while retaining deep spiritual applications, kind of the process of bringing dark and light together and letting the light do its thing. As you pointed out in your video the world is in sad shape just now and we diverse humans need to systematically get into a Oneness place for the peace we say we want. That is a very hard job but very do-able with the right use of the will and an open mind. Well, 'peace is not only possible but inevitable' and where else should we go considering the options? Blessing Leah and I look forward to your reply. Grace
Grace, thank you for the link..I have not yet had time to read it but i will soon. I will let you know how it goes and definitely also wish to keep up the chat..;)
All you said of Bahai faith for exactly what I felt about it when Jean would tell me of it. The lovely person she was a dear dear gentle loving soul..well she certainly lived her life by her Bahai faith. I so miss her. I believe everything happens for a reason Grace..our meeting here not by chance but for a purpose.
many blessings new friend..and a smile ;)
Here is link the to the Global Oneness Projects dialog page ..Please visit this site & participate in dialog.
Thanks everyone..
peace & Love
Sorry I put the link to dialog to the vid " A Thousand Suns" also a global oneness project vid,I have posted many is the correct link to dialog to this vid
"What Would it Look like" on the globalonenessproject web page..I do hope people will participate in dialog.. here & on
Peace & Unity
Your Words & thoughts here Inger are very encouraging,positive & I think much needed voice! Thank you so very much, Hope..knowing and believing We can chose this path is as important as Doing it. With out hope and encouragement to many become cynical and give up. We can NOT ever give up!
Your words "I know that the transformation has started - we are in the middle of it.. We need to show the way by living what we believe in, all of us." YES! Dear Inger, we do need to show the way by living what we believe in..good truths you have written,this I too believe. It is not always easy but I agree completely with this.
I want to thank you for posting your message (that you had sent to me in email today),here on this thread/ all people that come here can see your thoughts on the video & about the belief that the transformation has started..I do also believe WE are living in the middle of is up to us to chose it!
With Love & Gratitude ,returned to you


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