I found a few things I think people should read to help them understand the Israeli Palestinian quagmire.
An article by Brandon Dean
Israel Created Hamas to Split Palestine
Israel's False Flag Operations Know No Bounds


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Hello Yifat
If you do not understand a conflict if you can not listen and evaluate what is going on how can you make a meaningfull contribution to resolving a conflict. Making peace is more then just wishing it would happen.
Hello Yifat
Maybe you misunderstood my comment. I think we are both communicating in our second language English. I would like to tell you about something different before I address these issues with you. A few years ago I started hearing about this incredible conspiracy thing where something about a new world order. This came from friends some of them I invited to Ipeace.
I am a song writer and I even wrote a song in french like a fusion rock wordy song about microchips and bar codes and stuff like that.
Then I got to view a bunch of videos presented to me on the subject. So I did some research on google and with the key words and free masons and Illuminati and other things I found myself in the middle of some really weird shit. Stuff that brought me to the cristian party and a web site demanding the deportation of black americans. And all these extremist and racist places on the Internet. Fascist web sites.
And this made me think a lot. How some of my better informed friends were seemingly into these things they didn't even know the origins and ramifications of.
Before joining ipeace I was a lot on this facebook forum called minkey, If you are familiar with it u should look up my page opinions and mostly comments to others. I got fireballed because I questioned Hamas and I got attacked as an anti Semite by a few Israelis but over all I have some cool friends and people who are really into peace from being there,
Contrary to what you might think of me I really do not support Hamas when it is really being counter productive, But I also think that to come to a real peace solution people from all sides need to sit and listen to their worst enemies
Have you ever heard of affirmative action?
It was the way America made peace with blacks in the USA giving them a social boost. Today there is a black American.
I will also share this site with you it is
people trying to get together with a making toys for children project and more humanitarian causes. It has Jewish videos Muslim videos the ones I saw were all about peace.

So I think In sent you a video about Jewish kids saying they are opposing the war

«here it is again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NVsdXH2XTM

I have been linking to a lot of things and discussions since the Gaza war I see how stiff the sides are. But Yifat there one thing I do want you to know I am not a journalist I am not anything more then some one who profoundly cares about things and that has for all my life. I have had to suffer the blows of very right wing cops in my life because I opposed the Viet-Nam war and supported the civil rights movement, My mom introduced me to these basic principles when I was younger then 10 how racism is ugly and wrong. Telling me about the atrocities of the Jewish holocaust and some of the very reasons why today I am being here on ipeace. I also know that when a people are convinced that they are right and only them are then we have exactly what is going on.
I question every thing I listen to as many news sources and especially fox news which is the mouthpiece of the right and and amy goodman on democracy .org
And I know that I have something that the voice of dispair and defeatism does not.
I understand the role that my generation and scene did to put an end to the Viet-»Nam war.
I grew up as a teen with draft doghers from the US really cool dudes were up in Montreal.
Before the Iraq war we were 200.000 in the streets,
I join my voice to thos who want a real solution and I am ready to do my work and make my mistakes, The importance is that the simple message that only love can be the key and we all are important all sides to make peace. Some people confuse wining the war and then you have peace that has not worked has it?
I would like to share my song I wrote not about the Middle east but about love being thye Key. I sing it with an outstanding singer song writer and close friend Libby Goines in Oregon,
It is on youtube.
I hope and am looking for a productive discussion.
The way to end war is through disarmement. Nations-States claim their right to "defense" with interballistic missiles, bombs, cannons, jets, tanks and so on. But these are all weapons of agression and of mass destruction. If there was no weapons on either side of the border, there would be no need of them for "defense".

If there was no intention of agression or conquest of other people's territory, there wouldn't be any need for those weapons either and this is the main purpose for their creation, since they are of no other use for humankind. Today's political elite can qualify a genocide as self-defense, they are waging war and call it peace keeping. When they say security they mean terror control.

Since man invented the sword, he kept on inventing more and more deadly weapons that have no other uses than killing humans. This is the root of the problem. Some people fight for their right to hold a gun, why? to protect themselves against other people who have guns. It soon turns into an escaladating arms race...

Modern warfare was born with modern banking and that is why they call money the nerve of war. In fact, the largest part of the money on the planet goes for armements. Isn't this kind of sick? Then we should ask who benefits from it? Banks lending money, weapon builders and States, pretty much the same little secret club. Not the people who are against war, not the tax payers, not the inocent victims sacrificed for profit.

If the US wouldn't send ten millions a day to Israel for weapons, they would probably have much less means to kill people. Same with Hamas, whoever sends them weapons, as it's never been really proven were they take them from. Whether it is from Iran, Egypt, Israel itself or the CIA doesn't really matter and it wouldn't surprise me in any case. But what we can be sure of is that some arms dealers are making a big buck out of it.

There won't be Peace until we disarm, not one side but all sides. Utopia? It is just a simple matter of good will to live in Peace and not to agress our neighbours. It is much more utopic to believe that we can keep living in a world basing its economy on weapons of mass murdering. This non-sense causing most of all political conflicts in the world must come to an end if we want to survive into this century. After all, just very few people benefit from wars and the arms race, but the great majority of us don't want it. Disarmement now for our children.
I'm advocating disarmement of all sides and this can only be done through an international agreement for general disarmement. There are no good bombs, all bombs are bad because they are only meant to kill people. I don't like Hamas' missiles more than I like Israeli jets and tanks droping white phosphorus bombs and depleted uranium amunitions on children and on UN rescue centers. I'm not going to take any side, as you seem to have already done. But if we are to talk about stict self-defense, I don't think Israel has any arguments to justify the horrible genocidal massacre it just did in Gaza. If you mean to suggest that weaponry is good and should be maintained to kill more inocent people, that violence justifies more violence and that we should practice preventive wars on civilian populations in case there might be some day a threat coming out of some political group, than where is your vision of Peace?
Sunbow I absolutely agree with you. Cut and dried, there are no good bombs or anything at all that injures humans or any living thing on the planet. PERIOD. There are no good guns, rifles, missiles, stun guns, or any determent harmful devices that inflict harm and disrepair to any of earth's inhabitants or the planet itself for that matter. I guess I am a radical in that I feel that all weapons big or small should not be allowed on the planet earth. People should have to learn not to exhibit any violence upon each other for ANY reason whatsoever. I wish I could figure out how this could be accomplished. I made it happen small scale in my own life but am stymied how to make it happen on large scale.

When my children were growing up, (two boys four years apart and highly competitve with one another) I taught them from birth on that violence would not be tolerated for ANY reason. They were not allowed to hit, punch, or in any way harm one another or any other person, animal, and were not allowed to destroy or damage anything at all for any reason. I instilled this in them from the time they could comprehend language. I did not in any way ever phyically punish them for doing something wrong. Spanking or any type of physical punishment was not something we wished for our children and believed wholeheartedly that domination of one by another through physical means was not right or productive EVER, and to physically punish them would teach them to use their bodies for a solution, which never works! Sometimes it would have been easier to spank than it was coming up with the extreme amount of creative alternatives I had to come up with to teach them right from wrong and have them behave the way I felt all people should act. But I realized that to physically punish them would NOT teach them peace, only violence. I was blessed with respectful and truly loving and compassionate children, who are grown now and still total pacifists in every way.

My children learned to be very diplomatic and very creative in avoiding confrontation or making peaceful comprimises with others out of respect, and despite my fears that they would be picked on by kids that were not taught to act that way, they rarely got in situations that involved someone getting physical with them, and all their friends and eventually enemies deeply respected their inclination for total pacifism. Bullies found out that it was no fun to pick on either of them because they did not fight back, because they had a way of making the bullies feel and look bad and it took all the fun out of it for the bullies. Their creativity never ceased to amaze me. I wish that every human was raised as total pacifists this way and then no bad examples would be set and everyone would just know that any violence or destruction is not allowed. I don't know if this will ever happen, but I think that is the only way to end wars permanently.

Maybe I am a dreamer.
Thank you so much Connie. I am glad I did not put everyone to sleep. I love this wonderful song, and always have. It could be a wonderful world if everyone could just live respectfully with one another. I think someday we will work it out and live as one. I have hope.

Love to you and all
Greetings Marique, I really admire the way you educated your sons. They are very blessed to have you as their mother. It is what every child should be taught, to live in a non-violent way. Loving conscious mothers like you will change the world and prepare the future...

If I can share something personal here, this is my story. It might not be related to this topic, maybe more to other discussions we had before, but I'm inspired by your post that I just read. I had no connection lately so I'm a bit late. Maybe it is a small story about small scale domestic Peace making as you say you practice. Nothing to do with Hamas I admit...

The mother of my son is quite a disturbed and chronically agressive person, verbally as well as physically. She is very impulsive and doesn't really have a sense of fairness or justice. When he was eleven I received a court order limitating my right to see my son to a mere few weeks out of the year. The reason invoqued was that I had no modern commodities which ''could be harmful for the physical, moral and intellectual health of the child'' as stated on the document. I was living in a beautiful cabin on a mountain top with pure spring water next to my doorstep and good neighbours. For me it was a paradise. I moved from there the following year but the court order never fell. So during his teenage, I could barely see my son two or three times a year for a few days. During this period I had no influence on his education. At fourteen, his mother had him arrested twice for running away from home.

She lost the guard and he spent a year at her parents. They also had him arrested for running away. So at fifteen he ended up in a detention center for two months. After the hearings, the social workers stressed on the need for my son to see his father. A verbal agreement was officially taken. So I could start seeing him more often and moved closed to his mom. Within that year, physical violence was becoming common between them two. I had to run there for more than one emergencies until his mother finally sent him to live with me last August.

It's been a deep healing process with my son since. I'm teaching him a different sense of values, like respect, non-violence, responsibilities, generosity, gentleness and other things that had been missing in his education. I've seen a great change within a few months from a pertubated and troubled teenager, somewhat harsh, slowly turning into a loving young man.

It is the greatest joy a father can have to see that life allows him to righteously offer his contribution and that it bears fruitful results. It is strange for a man to have to teach the way of the heart and gentleness to his son with a very soft and tender, almost feminine approach. I also have to help him to redo his image of the woman in a more positive way.

His mom is surely one of the persons that has posed me the greatest challenge to Love unconditionally. She still comes to my place almost weekly. Their relation is still not so good. So yes blessed be the mothers who teach Love, respect and non-violence.

Anyway, I don't know why I wrote this here, it has nothing to do with Hamas or any political conflict. It is just a personal sharing about my little life experience and Peace making process on a domestic scale. But I must admit it does take much more out of me than the problems with Hamas, although I'm not insensible to other people's sufferings.

Thank you for reading. Peace and Love to all living beings.
Greetings Nicolette, Thank you for sharing your story. It seems like in this age Light workers are put through great tests and challenges. I know so many friends, whether women or men, who have lived some similar stories with an ex-partner and with their children. Conscious Light workers are channels to bring to this world great souls as indigo and crystal children. These Light beings coming to Earth to teach humankind are often put through hard tests and between strong opposite energies, in order for them to learn quickly the challenges of life and to choose the real values. It is not a coincidence if so many Light workers find themselves in some relationships with partners of lower consiousness. First it is the greatest lesson about unconditional Love and then, by living through oppositions we can learn to find balance within and become Peace makers.

In this age where couples and families are almost becoming a thing of the past, Light workers often find themselves alone and without any support to face their life and solve their problems. It might seem lonely at times but again it is offering us a great teaching about being energetically self-sufficient and to rely only on our inner power and voice. Acceptation of our situation is the first step towards being at Peace with it. When we stop being emotionally reactive and remain in the unconditional Love, from there we can face our situation and transform it.

Today too many youths and children are left to themselves, without any guidance or example to follow. It is part of our task as Light workers to educate the young and future generations with good values that can change the world, whether they are our own children or not. Some contrary forces will try to keep us from doing it, because education is a great part of the solution to bring a better world, free from all bondage and lies that have been ruling it since too many generations.

If we were to report this topic back to Hamas and Israel, I've seen videos showing Hamas training kids into becoming suicide bombers, but also some others showing zionnists teaching their children to hate Palestinians, to buy big guns and even little girls singing their names on the bombs that were to kill children.

On either side it is wrong, it is bad, it is horrible to teach children to cultivate hatred, violence and crime. This is the root of the whole problem in this situation. If children on both sides were taught to Love their neighbours, to forgive and to seek Peace, the conflict would eventually come to an end within a generation.

Sometimes life takes our child away from us but we must not worry too much, since everything has a reason. Their destiny is in good hands. When we are ready and the time is right, they will come back to receive what we have to offer them. This is why they have chosen us as their parents to give them life.

Sometimes the waiting can seem very long, unbearable. For me it lasted 17 years. Things started to go better when I finally started accepting the facts as they were and letting go of my personal fight for my own interests. But I'm grateful that there is a cosmic law and a universal justice which is much stronger and way above man made laws, which are so often very absurd and injust. Man made laws are often part of the obstacles and trials that are sent to us.

So dear Nicolette, don't loose hope for your son, you are his only mother and he sure has chosen a great woman to bring him to life. Only you can teach him what he has to learn from you and life will make sure that you will be given the opportunity to do it. We are never given a greater task to do than what we can do.

In this time of major planetary changes, opposite forces will do everything they can to keep the changes from happening. But it is too late for them. The shift has started and there are stronger forces than those who have kept the world in bondage and turmoil. Even though Light workers might find more opposition and obstacles to overcome than ever, the switch is turned on and Light is rising.

The best thing we can offer to our children is a good example of unconditional Love, through our behaviors and lifestyle. This talks louder than any speeches and moral principles we could repeat. And let's not forget that they too have a life mission and we can only direct them with care to find their own way.

I sympathize with you for your story. Wishing you the best outcome and solutions on a short term. We are all One Family. Peace, Love and Light.
I think the Israeli people must finish what they themselves started to do in the first place. They always can decide to go back to their homeland where they origanality came from as an alternative if they would like to do that. We life in a free world.


Israel IS their homeland.
I don't think you can tell Jews anything else.
Don't take my word for it. Google the archaeology of the region and see for yourself.

Best wishes
Peace...I am one of the Muslims who has been an unabashed critic of Hamas and its tactics...I get a little heat about this from some Muslims but i can stand the heat...whoever founded the organization couldn't do worse by the Palestinian people if they HAD been formed by MOSSAD...

Firing the rockets into the Jewish neighborhoods, schools and civilian areas is DEAD WRONG...it has no viable military logic. The rockets themselves don't hit anything and if they do its some civilian or maybe a child...someone who has no control over the levers of power in the zionist state...it also puts political capital in the bank of those such as Benyamin Nitanyahu and previously Ariel Sharon. In other words the most militantly reactionary imperialists in the Israeli populace.

My question has always been why are Hamas following this strategy and not focusing on the task at hand which is healing and restoring the Palestinian people?...The answer that has always occurred to me is that they are a bunch of ego-maniacal nitwits who want it said that THEY were the ones who scored an heroic victory over the zionists. Who are just to dimwitted to see that their strategy has not and never will and never can work. But if there is anything to this article the real truth might be even worse.

Maybe this article is some more Zionist propaganda and Hamas is a group of sincere Mutahireen whose judgment is impeccable...Their leaders hid while 1,300 or more Palestinian people died a great amount of them little babies...but maybe the lives of Hamas' leadership is more valuable than Palestinian babies...just as the cave dwelling Osama Bin Laden's life and limb seem to be more valuable than the people he has caused to be killed...I say we need a solution in Palestine that takes the humanity of ALL the people there into consideration...no one is doing that right now
Weather Hamas is a honest movement of the Palestinian people or a bunch of over fanatic by product of the muslim brother hood is an honest debate but I agree with Rudi they are not doing the Palestinian people any good what so ever.
That bulsit about not recognizing your enemies existence sounds pretty hollow when that enemy can destroy your nation kill your leaders and get away with 10 more million a day in US weapons while the world thinks the only way to change things is for Hamas to dissapear or at least stop firing those stupid useless missiles.
Hamas is the manifestation of the division in the Palestinian people, It made a bloody coup and are greassers.
All this is true.
The other thing is that Hamas is also the elected party of Palestine, People voted them in with a much stronger majority then Natanyahu or Lieberman
The other thing is Hamas is a result of the dispair in Palestine,
They got strong during the first intifada when Isreal had the PLO in Lebanon and the vacuum of leadership in »Palestine,
They are giving the Israeli right wing the ability to take more punitive politics and the Palestinians will end up having to sign a peacer deal that will make them the administrators of an occupation.
Only clear headed people can bring the solution forard.
to some extant i agree with you. but one thing we must understand is the actual ground situation. israel was not there as a country upto 1945 but today they kill the innocent people with out any discremination in clear voilation of international laws. the need of the hour is to create an atmosphere cardial for peace talks with hamas and other agencies.



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