Even as a little girl , I was interested in the issues that no one could give me an answers to* smile *
That interest has continued, even if the answers are not so many more now. But today I have a name for my interest, namely philosophy:) So far I have come.

I do not know if this is the right forum for these my thoughts.
Since the majority here has such a strong faith in God, that it does not leave much over for me in my philosophical discussions.
The big questions are already answered by God. In him is also the point of everything.
What is then left to speculate about ?

In any case, my old life reflections on these unanswered questions, I will ask here. I hope that someone is interested to ventilate them, although we have not key

Her comes the first ones *smile*

1.Can there be a meaning in life without believing in a God?

2.Is there any concepts that can be true to everyone? If the answer is no. Does that mean there is no absolute truth?


3.And what conclusion can we draw from that statement?

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Dear Brother Des

I am also not expert but we discuss together as brothers and intimate friends. Is the existence of God one of those doubts???
To Des.
Nothing is absolutely true, especially not religion. It's a faith, leaves a great healthy space for doubt. *smile* When we loose that little doubt we come very close to fanaticism

So a doubtful mind is nothing to apologize for, is is our responsibility as thinking human beings...
yes,i agree gunilla ,on all u wrote above...
..."So a doubtful mind is nothing to apologize for, it is our responsibility as thinking human beings..." but I use term a "questioning " mind rather than doubtful..same meaning as used in your comment,though..
smiles :)
doubt comes from fear ok...we can be free of karma if we wish...what we cannot be free of is our responsibilities to move from the heart instead of the mind.
There is nothing so true that it doesn't leave a space for a little doubt.
Yes maybe religion is, in the eyes of the believers.

Doubting Thomas, although he had his doubts he was forgiven by our Lord.
So even a muslim must have his doubt. That is not a sign of weakness on the contrary...Ali. It's a sign of strength and trust.
I asked Des about the doubt in the existence of God and not about religions. No doubt about the existence of God for those who think and understand but may be there is some doubt about the religions although the deep study of religions with the God`s guide can lead u to No doubt after a time of doubt.

There is no doubt in the One who created the heavens and the earth.
There is no doubt in the One who created all these creatures with this beauty.
There is no doubt in the One who created this balance in the universe.

He (God) is the only absolute truth and No absolute truth after Him.
Dear Ali,

it was a difficult question you asked. I have no doubt, that I am aware of, that there is a higher force in the universe, that we are all connected to, but that higher force, God, Allah, Jehovah, creator, I'm not able to relate to well. At this time in my life, my belief is in body, spirit and soul, and I connect to what I call spirit guides, they can be animals, or deities etc. It may be that these are simply different ways I connect with God, or the higher force in the universe, but I do know, that a spiritual path is not an easy one or a quick one. I do have doubts about the way things are going in the world, and where things are going to end up, and what is the most confusing thing for me, is how so many people believe in so many different things, and how we are all going to fix a broken planet....what can we all agree on:) smiles:)
I have to be honest, in saying that, I have no connection that I feel with what people normally call God, i.e., a white person, with a beard, who floats around up there, somewhere, keeping track of what we are all doing down here. LOL No matter what I read, with few exceptions, each book presents its version of reality, and in many cases, implies that its a better version than the others. I have not met a person yet who is truly free from fear, free from all of the darkness inside them, that they are unaware of. Freedom from fear is a thing I don't fully understand, nor do I think that anyone can lead me to that understanding, but what they can do, is explain from their perspective what fear is to them - I can then look at what they have explained and see if it works for me, and then look within. Or, I can just look within and not ask anyone or read any books on it. If I had never asked anyone, or read anything, I would probably be more ignorant than I am today. As far as karma goes, I have a rough idea of what it is, and what to do about it, but I don't know the steps to take to work with it effectively. Perhaps someone can assist me, if they have an understanding of my perspective, and maybe, I can help someone else, if I have an understanding of theirs, but my way is not likely to be someone else's way, and so maybe we just absorb what is useful and discard that which is useless to us. I have learned a lot from visualization. I need no books, no stones, no teachers to learn it, unless I choose to. But moving back to doubt, I guess it means we are unsure of something. Are there different types of doubt? Maybe some doubt is caused by our primeval fear warning us of some danger, or that doubt is caused by an unknown fear hidden within our subconscious, so maybe we need to try to understand these things, find out, go within, find a way that works for us to understand it...
you will never find your answer in a book...and who said anything about a god with a white beard floating above us all...too many words...not enuff content des..doubt means you are unsure...if u are unsure take time out to focus on what needs to be done from your point of view...what feels comfortable inside you, then focus on what needs to be done around you. express yourself in your words from your experience,,,in that way you will show that u understand yourself...without the influence of so called guides or whatever.
Joni, that's your perspective dear sis. We all have a perspective to share, and this is our space to do so, freely, without feeling judged by others, whether what we have said has enough content or not. Our perspective on others ability, experience and knowledge is always limited, unless we can see it from theirs. My words above, are my exploration of my self - that is part of my process, as is what you do part of yours. One thing that is important to me, is our freedom of choice, and when I write, I always try to do so without interfering with the freedom that others have. We can find answers in books as books are a source of information, as is reading what someone else writes in a blog post - nevertheless, nowhere did I write that all the answers can be found in books. Some people begin their journey of learning through books, because that is the stage that they are at in the journey through life. Others begin within, and may later search for information elsewhere. What works for one may not work for others dear sis.

Love n hugs
How true Des
"What works for one may not work for others "
And I also believe as long as we search to understand and dare to doubt how the applications, of for example Holy Texts, has been used through the history of religion, we are on the right way, surely applauded by a higher power ;)

If we stop searching, it may be because of the fear for what we may find...???
i agree that ""What works for one may not work for others "
probably cuz are my words to you Des,lol ...and I've written this many times,in many places..so of course I Agree..:)


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