How would you like to RE-PRESENT yourself in iPeace ? ? ? , just curious . Blessings <3 <3 <3 , unconditionally , gracefully yours , Jouni Sakari @ SAKARILOVE - UNLIKE NO OTHER  .

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could you please explain what is your intent in posting this discussion Jouni ?

many blessings to you,


christopher stewart is a great, skilled prolific musician.

i know that from seeing his music all over the 'net,

in Ning sites and nonNing sites as well.

i do not know him well or personally, enough to call him a friend

yet in the last four-five years of being online i 

have seen his music over and over in different pages

in some ways, i sense that he puts so much time and energy into 

creating music that he has little to spend being an online participant.

i can only guess that someone was trying to foment discussion and personal interaction online

and chose someone they found an appreciation of personally.


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