Most are aware of the cruelty dealt to the animals that we slaughter for meat. They are cramped into crates, medicated with drugs, antibiotics and hormones, and kept perpetually pregnant. The method of slaughtering animals creates a serge of fear in them and this fright triggers toxins to be released into their bodies.

If this is not enough to make you question these procedures, you may concentrate on the negative effects that meat has on your own health. Enzymes created to destroy cancer cells are instead utilized to digest the animal protein. Eating fruits, vegetables and dairy products does not poison your system and they give you a feeling of well-being. Reaping the fruits and vegetables does not make us kill the plants that bare them. This is seen as a more harmonious relationship with Nature. Also, our digestive tract and dental makeup is that of a vegetarian and not a meat-eating animal.

Animals are sentient beings that have a soul, personality, and intelligence. If we would remember this fact, would we enjoy eating meat?

Paramahansa Yogananda told his disciples that if they are sincere in their path towards self-realization, they would make a concerted effort to elliminate meat from their diet; because purifying the blood makes the heart work all that much harder. This effort by our body to purify itself takes away energy that should be directed to the higher centers in the spine and head (chakras).

If you feel that you must have animal protein in your diet, it is suggested by Paramahansaji that you also eat a large salad with it. He also indicated that fish or chicken should be substituted for beef and pork. It should be noted that pigs do not have sweat glands and are scavengers. The toxins are stored in the pig's flesh.

As you give thanks for the food that you eat, remember to be thankful for the life that was sacrificed for you.

Of course, when proceeding to incorporate a more vegetarian diet, you should first seek the advice of your physician. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan can be a gradual change towards eating healthier. But for those who are determined to change, you might want to just eat fruits, vegetables and milk for a month and see how you think and feel during this time.

Sharon Kattke

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There are some scenes in this video that are not very pleasant if you are an animal lover, and scenes of chopping up pork, but it does explain that eating meat is the worse thing you can do if your carbon footprint if your main priority.

Andy Rooney on 60 minutes made a statement about vegetarism back in October 2006.;pho...
One of the things that bothers me most is when people go out of their way to make anti-veg statements! I don't get it, it saves animals and the environment, so why they should they get so mad at us for it? Vegetearians however, do have reason to recruit other people, since it just makes sense to be a vegetarian, if you think about it... But some do take it too far,
I agree with you that eating is a conscious act that a lot of humanity has given over to a non thinking society.
Driven by acceptance of what is considered a normal or healthy diet it is a sad state of affairs to witness a backlash of mainstream consciousness labeling protection of animals and the absolute unnecessary killing of animals for food as radical and anti social.

I am a competitive athlete, I do not consume animal flesh, I maintain a raw food lifestyle and manage to get all aspects of dietary needs through a plant based diet.
Kudos to you, Russell. Namaste, Sharon Kattke
Sharon Kattke said....."Remember to be thankful for the life that was sacrificed for you"
I agree a Vegan diet is the best for All concerned, but I've had many a meal of animal products, prepared with Love & Thankfulness & Respect and the caring of Our fellow inhabitants, of the animal kingdom on this Earthly plane, should also be done with Love & Thankfulness & Respect.
Now the killing of Fellow Human beings for whatever reason, that has Me puzzled. Peace, Al
I contemplated for awhile before I entered this response to your post, and I am not in a place of dispute with you over choices to take a life, but to me the reasoning you put forward is why we kill fellow human beings, we find a way to JUSTIFY our actions.
Dear Russell, this is rather scary, isn't it? Namaste, Sharon Kattke
It is more and more common to see a vegetarian diet or at least a reduction of meat, as a global issue for reducing global warming.
Dear Ole, Are you saying that because our civilization produces so much meat that there is a large amount of methane gas helping to create global warming? Namaste, Sharon Kattke
I took this video link off of Laurel's page...... it is very disturbing as the warning states.
I have seen this and I asked my 13 year old son to watch it with the warning it was quite graphic and he could stop at any time.
After he had watched it I asked him what he thought and his reply was " it was not nice watching what they did and it was a bit sad but I will still eat meat"

So what is it that causes one person to see the slaughter and never be party to it again, and the other to acknowledge death and suffering and have no part of it.

Is a child less aware or even desensitized to death through exposure to computer war games and access to common every day TV violence.


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