Most are aware of the cruelty dealt to the animals that we slaughter for meat. They are cramped into crates, medicated with drugs, antibiotics and hormones, and kept perpetually pregnant. The method of slaughtering animals creates a serge of fear in them and this fright triggers toxins to be released into their bodies.

If this is not enough to make you question these procedures, you may concentrate on the negative effects that meat has on your own health. Enzymes created to destroy cancer cells are instead utilized to digest the animal protein. Eating fruits, vegetables and dairy products does not poison your system and they give you a feeling of well-being. Reaping the fruits and vegetables does not make us kill the plants that bare them. This is seen as a more harmonious relationship with Nature. Also, our digestive tract and dental makeup is that of a vegetarian and not a meat-eating animal.

Animals are sentient beings that have a soul, personality, and intelligence. If we would remember this fact, would we enjoy eating meat?

Paramahansa Yogananda told his disciples that if they are sincere in their path towards self-realization, they would make a concerted effort to elliminate meat from their diet; because purifying the blood makes the heart work all that much harder. This effort by our body to purify itself takes away energy that should be directed to the higher centers in the spine and head (chakras).

If you feel that you must have animal protein in your diet, it is suggested by Paramahansaji that you also eat a large salad with it. He also indicated that fish or chicken should be substituted for beef and pork. It should be noted that pigs do not have sweat glands and are scavengers. The toxins are stored in the pig's flesh.

As you give thanks for the food that you eat, remember to be thankful for the life that was sacrificed for you.

Of course, when proceeding to incorporate a more vegetarian diet, you should first seek the advice of your physician. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan can be a gradual change towards eating healthier. But for those who are determined to change, you might want to just eat fruits, vegetables and milk for a month and see how you think and feel during this time.

Sharon Kattke

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I could not watch it to the end, I watched the first 20 minutes that was more than enough for me.. the memories of the animals faces will be with me forever.

My son grew up with computer games and played them lots of the time, but he would not be able to watch this video... he is a vegetarian 100% at home but will eat flesh if cooked for him when he is at a friends house. I guess we all have different things that trigger us, some don't see animals as our equals, and many see some creatures as more equal than others, only liking the cute fury ones... and would have no remorse about killing a rat or an ant!

I do think that video games and what's on tv does desensitize and kills imaginations too, the kids and adults can't image what it must feel like for our fellow earthlings who are suffering..... they have no empathy.
I guess there is a lot of Truth to the statement "Ignorance is Bliss". It might not be good for Our fellow inhabitants of this place called Earth, but I guess it's a lot easier not having to justify Our action to Ourselves. Namaste. Peace, as much as possible, Al
Dear Al, Yogacharya Oliver Black would make this statement, "Ignorance is Bliss," frequently at the satsangas after our meditation period. Wishing you many blessings and peace in this life. Namaste, Sharon Kattke
Hi Sharon,

Would you be able to elaborate on what he was trying to make the point of with the statement "Ignorance is Bliss,"

I ask, as I only understand ignorance as being an impediment for genuine understanding and empathy
Dear Russell, I think that Yogacharya Oliver meant that when we don't understand or don't know the truth about something, we are not challenged to change ourselves for the better. Knowledge is a very powerful tool and needs to be used for constructive purposes. Namaste, Sharon K.
Yes I agree there is a subtle but powerful cultivation of "Ignorance is Bliss," through main stream media and mass consumed information.

The more people do not have to think for them selves they are happy, to me it is like the story of the frog in the pot who thinks it is a nice pond to play in until the heat gets turned up and by then it is to late.
Dear Russell, I agree. It seems that most public media feel that we are not able to understand anything above a 4th grade level of knowledge. They are afraid of us thinking for ourselves. It is up to us to show them that we can handle it and more. Namaste, Sharon K.
The full movie of "Meat the Truth" is now on youtube and I have blogged it here on ipeace too.

Clever use of popular media to get attention but they seem to be advocating ETHICAL farming of animals, to which I would reply there is no need to consume our fellow earthlings for nutrition or survival.

I respect a persons decision to consume meat and if so humanely ? breed and slaughter the beast, but the truth is there is no NEED for it, present animal farming techniques contribute to excessive water consumption, noxious gas emissions and a tragic imbalance for the health of the world in which we live and the bodies that consume the end result.

If the ethos was placed on sustainable agriculture and the health of citizens of a country, as opposed to the profits and politics of powerful agribusiness conglomerates, I would like to believe we could see a more compassionate and healthy attitude to long term decisions for the well being of the planet and future generations.
It's impossible to find a video that reflects your own personal beliefs unless you make it yourself, there is always a compromise when posting videos rather than your actual own words.

If it makes someone think about meat consumption I feel happy.
Granted, the need to educate is better then your personal vision being the only one, but at the same time, the compromise is not one of acceptance of the other position.

A point being made in the videos you have posted ,is the contribution meat production has to the "greenhouse effect" for me this is not the platform I would stand on to state a cause for an adherence to a vegetarian lifestyle.

As we often see the Machiavellian hijacking of a cause by the multinationals the closer we can get the message of compassion before compromise into a persons life, I would like to believe an individual can make decisions based on what they see is going well for their life as opposed to what they are told is good for them.

Compassion based thinking could empower people to seek their own answers to situations that are presented.

What would it mean to this animal if i chose to not eat it ,What would it mean to this world if I chose to support ethical and sustainable agriculture, What would it mean if I chose to bike instead of drive, What would it mean to go for a walk and experience exercise based health.

Instead of watch the latest mind numbing TV episode of what cow farts and politicians pontification of the issues are, start by being compassionate about the animals we farm for our convenience and as was noted in an earlier post question our Justification for our actions


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