Dear Iubna,

Your are right! Only that the air we are breathing is not exactly the same, what -. I believe - was one of the factors why so many and somehow different religions appeared on this planet. In the tropical world you will find a different approach to life than in the Arctic regions. The "rules" will also apply to the environment and have therefore necessarily to be different from place to place. but the underlying message, this grandiose evolution of consciousness and hence our question for the quest of man, arises out of the same fountain - that inner call to look over the "fence of our life" . And, remember: The inner call or the intellectual curiosity appears to be the major force for whatever evolution mankind has undergone and achieved. Having this unique consciousness, we cannot believe that still we are nothing else but a physical body over a period of approx 70 years. Why should we have developed this consciousness? For a physical movement of this body over 70 years?
Why can we imagine things happening without them happening at all? Why have we developed the possibility of analysing matters and thoughts, dreams belonging to the past and somehow projecting possible consequences into the future?
A very good evening to you!

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I will answer u from my point of view not intending to offend u or offending any one.
The difference between the human kind and all other creatures is the religion. The religion is the relation between u and the God i.e. the relation between the creator and his creations. The creator is the only one responsible for putting the rules for his creations because He is the one who knows every atom of u. The God sent his messengers to guide the people and teach them how to worship Him according to his way not as we wish.

There are only one religion came from the God to the people starting from Adam. The wise people realize that God can not send different religions to the people to fight each other but only he sent instructions according to the mind of the people and all instructions lead to one thing that there is no God except the God and this is the main principle because the devil swear in front of the God that he will make the people worship other things than the God. The other instructions to regulate the life of the people with themselves and with the God himself came according to developing the life of the people. So, it is one religion revealed to Abraham, Moses,Jesus and the last one Mohamed. But because the people are fanatic or narrow-minded and the devil is clever in his work, they fight each other.
With respect.. for me; religion is not the relationship between me and God; or you and God, it is the relationship between me and someone I allow and choose to be my mediator between me and God. The KEY is BETWEEN me and God.....

For so many, humans use the 'laws of religion' to force the behavior they want from others....

God is eternal so ANY religion that changes God's laws because of the current times of society is indeed society's law, not God's. That's why there are so many divisions within and without the major religions.

The major timeless message of all spiritual leaders is Love God... Love your neighbor... and the major religions ALL hold "The Golden Rule' as Divine instruction.... google "Golden Rule and religion" and you'll see love is the root of Divinity and Humanity connectiveness.

So, the important thing is to listen, to feel and be within the Divine in your soul.
I have been asking myself that question too. I understand the religion thing because I was catholic for most of my life. I see it more as a parenting thing. We all want to protect our kids from the "evils" out there, and we're scared of the dangers. But instead of just relying on our natural instincts to protect ourselves, we collectively created a spirit based on how we agreed to get along with each other and keep everything in line. That spirit is a relationship. Relationships are the only way you can understand the world. But the more you depend on the groups to help defend yourself from the outer elements (which we deem as good or bad) the less trust you have in yourself and others, hence more fear. Our minds can conjure up all kinds of things to justify our response to life. Watching this is the most important thing you can do for yourself. If you know yourself, you won't need outside influences of any kind.
"God",(or, in some cases, the assertion that "there is no God". or, in other cases, the understanding that "'God' does not really mean a person, but a state of life"), has had many "messengers" throughout humans' developmental history. We are all "messengers", really. But all messengers are human. Any claims that a given messenger is not, or is somehow "above", human, lowers that messenger's credibility, while words of wisdom that enable others to realize their potential enhance that credibiloity.

Life is too special to waste it arguing about the life condition of any of these messengers- lets just work togetherr to elevate ALL our life conditions!
Dear Richard
You need to honour each person's connection with the divine, according to their own experience and belief, and encourage the movement toward the oneness which is there for each person at the end of the journey. At some point, this will be glimpsed and there will be no separation in the mind.
Love, Peace and Light,
Lana... you and I are of the same mind and thinking. Thank you for putting this so clearly.

Dear Lana,

You speak of the "oneness.. at the end of the journey". Would that , as this appears in no reply until now- eventually - include also Buddhism ( where there is no GOD) ? But the Nirwana o Nibhanna : oneness or - none-ness? The same?

Have a good evening!
I personally came to that buddhist experience through exactly that path - when you are one with God you cannot see God - but it makes you happy. I think the buddhist, and taoist, and even materialist philosophies as well as the theist ones can all be seen as a series of stages of deeper understanding of the spirit world...
Most religious people are atheist when it comes to most religions: most religious people believe in only one god and do not believe in all the other gods.
And the light though the crystal shines brightly
I hold truth to be self evident, and it is only logic that shouts that those who evolved (individuals, groups, tribes, nations) all state the same thing differently.
But what is beautiful, is that the majority do understand even without outside contact, that there is a higher power or force at work here, and so many also speak of what becomes of 'self' after death of the physical.

To write books or teachings is wisdom, what happens if something happens to me before I can instruct my children?
Such books are means to then pass on teachings and wisdom of the self evident truth, to help them not have to learn life's lessons 'the hard way' and to warn them about evil or darkness or deceptions, that seek to hide themselves, as good things.
I hold no objection to different religions, if it is truth they seek or speak of, then I seek to understand their teachings, this does not mean I will personally blindly agree with all that is said even if 99% truth is found. And if written by the hand of man, there is a fair chance of that, no matter the intent of the author, we are human and I assume no ill intentions, but seek to learn what IS truth within these teachings.

Approached to support all one religion, all one language, my answer remains "no".
If the forest was all just one kind of tree and no other plant allowed, it would seem sterile, and no evolution of growth or change could take place!
If told to follow any teaching blindly, I would then ask, why? Why should there be such darkness instead of helping me to learn the truth in a good way? Is it not what evil does? To say, 'follow blindly'?
How can I then learn what IS truth or what may have slipped in, even if a divine one gave written word, how do I know that after so many centuries, someone to justify what they do, has altered them?
The truth, as self evident by so many independent peoples seeing it, just "is" and will withstand question, and I would feel in my heart it would want me to question it, as I should if it were a different religion.

My self awareness may be required by evolution, to prevent me from walking off a cliff (thus unable to have more children) but this is something that nature could have also programed into my brain and DNA. So the 'soul' is not a requirement of life on earth.
Nor do I find that limited to human beings, we are not equal to other animals because we are not other animals, but otherwise, I find equality in them in that, the soul of them was created, not by mankind. Each is an individual, nor do I wish to be "separated" from all life on earth, with claiming that because I am created differently, I am "above" all other life here, who am I to be the judge of that when I did not create them nor myself.
But if my brain separates me by difference, then as a bird learns to fly, so too I need to learn my different path and gift, and use it wisely for what it was created for.

If this makes me "above" other life (a habit humans also tend to extend to others) then as the one who holds this great power and honor, to use it CORRECTLY does not mean to abuse it just because I can by that power given to me, but to USE this power to help and protect those below me, to lift them UP as best I can to the same level so we are more "one".
If as a human, I am given a gift, then let me use it wisely, that I may find grace with my creator, for giving me such a gift.
Given this gift of "life" (I did not create myself!) may I use it wisely, that the creator may be pleased with my creation, rather than shame the gift by abusing it for selfish gain when I am not in this world 'alone'.
I respect, and CHERISH different religions, different cultures, different languages, as the richness and diversity of the human race that is one not of black and white, but full living color!

If I am at fault in my ways, then it is not another human being I must TRULY be confronted with my error, but for all of eternity, I will be answering to that which created me! That, is the judge of me, beyond any judgment that may be passed upon me by any human being, religion or culture.
Each, may have this same fate, as each, finds their own path, but the truth is there, even without the religions that reflect upon it, I seek mostly, the light itself.
If divine at all, it is only a reflection of that which created me. I am not the source, nor should another follow me, unless to learn, but not to copy, for their own path to the light may become longer than if they followed their own path.

In respect, for our differences, I cherish the many colors of spirit, cultures, and religions, may they grow brighter in their colors, the reflections, of the one true light. That if one were to become lost, and confused by one path, they may find another that helps them better.
But each must answer to that which created them, not to me nor any other above that which created them.

With true love, of the beauty that shines within all my brothers and sisters, and deep respect for our differences.
your fellow crew member of iPeace.

© 2009 Tree Thunderchild
Let’s look at it this way.

Whether we like it or not or whether they are needed or not, different religions are here to stay. So the moot point is, how can we neutralize the propensity of religion being used as a weapon to disrupt the life of people.

Fundamentally, we MUST accept (not merely tolerate, but accept) that different people have RIGHT to different believes – however divergent they are from your or mine. Here i differ from Mr. Ali Afifi.

Once we accept others the way they are – so long they do not interfere in my belief (or disbelief) - everything is fine.

Next, we must collectively stop those who by force or coercion try to impose their belief-system on others.

A clear – Live and Let Live – should be the mantra for a peaceful world.

Once we adapt these are guiding principles of society, we can actually start to enjoy the diversity of belief-systems.

I concur:
So it is that if a religion tells me I must accept it and all other religions are an abomination, that I can tell it is one that would have me follow blindly.

If.... if I had a better way to do something, and showed you, then I would not tell you not to do it, nor not to see other ways to do it, to stop you from learning an even better way.

If my way is "the" right way, then try others and you will see that for yourself!
I could not understand while I grew up in my country, its past history.....
if the "Indians" (which my kind finally saw past their own perceptions, to see truth more clearly were Native Americans not people from India as Columbus thought..... (took long enough!))...
If... the way they lived, was such a bad way, and the one from Europe was a better way....
then...... why did they have to be forced into submission to it????????????????????????????????

"ONE" way, is a narrow path, not all can follow at the same time.
It is not growth, it seeks to prevent it.
I do not want to walk as a human on that path,
because even the wild places teach me, what is not growing, is dying.
if all become sterile (identical) and no change is allowed, there is no growth.
Not of that culture, that religion, that individual, nor the human race.
How can I refuse to learn about new and different teachings, and also grow?
to walk one way, and no other.........
is not freedom, but prison.
Those whos eyes are not open, to anything outside of one view,
cannot then see what happens when more is at work that that one view....

prisons are filled with those who steal and kill,
those who have "forced" their way upon another,
so too is the natural order of things,
like the gain of a thief, is only a temporary one,
and must keep stealing to survive,
once it can steal no more,
it has no where to go.

the truth is not easy to see when walking with blinders on, and disciplined into that habit.
they cannot then see what happens down the road, if they succeeded.
they only see success, not the truth that awaits them.

Seeing the truth, is not a prerequisite, to the existence of the truth.
They just dont see it, yet....
but would see those trying to stop them from preventing the freedom of others,
as the enemy,
no someone who in truth, is also trying to protect "THEM"
from self destruction, and the prison they are building, themselves.

To follow the line of these ancient times,
the destination is the destruction, of those serve the system hidden within it.
it is the natural order of things.
that will turn them, should they fail to see these wisdom's, because they have disciplined themselves,
to close their eyes.
to the prison they are building around themselves.
Until the gate, is shut.
To prevent others freedom, is to loose it yourself.
Seeing the truth, is not a prerequisite, to the existence of the truth.

So the turth is said, not to stamp out even that religion, but unknown to it, it is said in trying to protect it,
from reaching its destination and destroying itself.

To prevent others freedom, is to loose it yourself.
Seeing the truth, is not a prerequisite, to the existence of the truth.

© 2009 Tree Thunderchild


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