I am often wandering why people on ipeace ar hiding there faces! Dont you like your own face?´
I think people who really have comitted there lives to peace they shall show there faces to the world and other ipeace members. have a peacefull day. From your peace brother OlliDj on ipeace.

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Best I can answer in my own case, is its hard to take a picture of myself ;)
P.S. I'm the one on the right :D
I agree somewhat with you. I can understand some people who are putting an image they like or a medicine shield, as I did in the first place but when someone puts someone else's picture it is a lack of honnesty. When people don't put any picture at all either they didn't have time yet or they just don't care to present anything from themselves to the community. In this case it is harder to know who we are dealing with. I'd love to trust everybody but life has taught me otherwise. Trust, just like friendship, is something you develop and grow between two persons. It can't be given bindly to anyone especially to someone trying to hide their real identity. By real identity I don't mean necessarily a birth certificate and a social security number, but I mean the real you, the unique person you are, with what you can share and not an imaginary character.

Peace, Love and many thanks to all truthful people.
Please guys take in the whole picture.
Don't worry about the little stuff as there seems to be much bigger concerns on our planet.
Maybe someone had been abused, maybe a burn survivor, or just finds it irrelevant.
The freedom of choice and expression allows one to use an image of one's own making or other chosen symbol or image.
It seems there is too much weight put on faces, colors, ethnicity, gender, age, beauty - how has that helped bring peace? If you are looking for a hook-up then just look at the one's with face photos.
Whose to say what one writes is honest, or even that the face photo shown is real. Is it touched up or is the person hidden by hair or make up? How tall are you? Is that relevant?
Working on peace is a global need regardless of one's looks. Don't ya think?
I'm ugly any way, but my dog loves me!
I agree with you Maka, faces are not so important and as I wrote before, I put myself at first a photo of a praying crowd which in my views, is more interesting than my own face. I don't choose my friends by their face or their look but by the energy they emanate. The real beauty is inside and it is what I'm looking for.

To answer your question: "Whose to say what one writes is honest, or even that the face photo shown is real?" Well... when someone opens false profiles with false names and pictures and communicates with you for a whole day to then erases her profiles and lets you know you have been tricked, well then you can know that they were false profiles with false names, identities and pictures. It happened to me here and I don't want to make a big deal out of it. As you said there are much worst problems to take care of in this world. But it feels right to use my freedom of choice and expression to share this with the community, so my real friends can know that this can happen even on iPeace. If that person did it once, she can still do it and I know she has.

So I'm not here to judge, but I can express with my open heart that this kind of behavior is not suitable or desirable in making friendship, at least not in my understanding. Honesty is a condition to good communication and a must to build trust. I have many friends here who have no pictures of themselves and that doesn't bother me at all as long as they are true and honnest. But someone who uses false identities and lies is not someone I wish to have as my friend. We have the right to trust or not who we want.

I'm grateful to all the truthful people whom I can trust. That's my humble opinion on this matter.

Peace to all beings
No debate on honesty. Totally agree.

I viewed your photos. SunBow. Very nice and I might venture a guess they speak volumes of who you are.

Sorry to hear of false friends and identities that is just unkind. And as you say 'they did it once, ... can still do it'. How sad, how is one to know?

I have invited you as a friend and appreciate your honesty.

In peace.


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