In order for world peace to happen, we must discover and get to know the universal and eternal aspect of ourselves. We must keep The Debate for Peace alive, for it is only through sustained debate that we discover the answers to the unanswered questions, and find the solutions to the unsolved mysteries of life.

The world community is now empowered, poised and ready to launch an initiative to form A Global Consensus for Peace and Tranquility, whose main purpose will be to make the world a better and safer place by advocating the adoption of A Scientific Perception of Reality! We now have the data files we need to get the job done.

We can finally solve all of our problems and guarantee that our children, and future generations will inherit a clean atmosphere that supports an eternal, peaceful and healthy life for all!

Join Us VIA the two links below:

Peace Eternal For All!
Charlie Kirkpatrick

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Hi Charlie thanks for posting this. I like the concept of a world consensus for peace. Have you checkout the idea I have been putting out in the blogs and around the peace community and especially the peace movement in Montreal. The idea of working to start a unique world peace conference.
I would love to tell you more.

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would like to hear more about The Peace Movement In Montreal.



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