I saw this supposed on a norwegian forum and want to spread it to all you good people out there.
The Climate meeting in Copenhagen next month, seems to have problems even before it has started. Some people want to go out in the streets and demonstrate, but not everyone can or like to do so.

But! Many of us could make a global meditation for positive developments at COP15 and give a fresh breath to Mother Earth! Together we can have an impact even if we are far from Copenhagen!

It is suggested to do this on Friday the 11th of December at 11:11. Please join!

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Thanx. Please spread the word around. Copy and paste as you like.
Sounds like a great idea, it is in my agenda.

Thanks for the invite my friend. I am as busy as a bee.
bri <3
For you and other bussy bees, send your good thought during praying, meditation or how ever you feel is right for you. Every thought counts!

If anyone is going to Copenhagen, please send me a message so we could try to meet up. I´ll be there from Friday night unntill Sunday.

Love & Joy 2 U all!
Hi, I'm going to join the global meditation!

Come on everybody! :)
Thanx, Aphrosweety, hope a million others do as well.


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