Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ April 19 – 26, 2013

Received by Julie Miller
April 19, 2013


The culture of the modern world is largely based on commercialism, materialism and many forms of separatism and as a result your precious soul becomes weak from a lack of spiritual nourishment.  Much of the pace we witness is rushed, and through the busyness the challenge then becomes making hospitable time for your spiritual growth and development. Your soul dear ones requires sustenance that is achieved through your conscious actions that will promote a stronger spiritual side of your never-ending journey.


Do not fear love dear ones, allow it to flow like water from a river and believe that within you holds the power to all that you are to become. Every time you give of yourself, you are sharing that flow of love that comes from the pureness of your heart. It is too easy to become a swamp or bogged down like a marsh. Stop accumulating heavy thoughts and negative impressions of yourself and others – let all pass as it is the way to your freedom and releasing your Self into higher states of awareness. Allow the blessings of life flow through you and touch each soul you meet and greet. When you choose to keep the blessings of life to yourself you endanger your Self to becoming emotionally detached and stuck along your path. The freshness of your journey is found within the depth of your heart that is filled with unconditional love.


We see so many dear souls focusing on the negative aspects of their lives or they look for something so large that it cannot be missed by anyone when the smallest of good that is right before their eyes holds the greatest blessing. Blessings from God don’t always come big and loud, sometimes they come in a silent whisper and are slight in size – all the blessings before you, you have so many; are filled with divine love from God dear ones.


Remember, even when you are moving through troubled times, God is with you and He is offering His hand to help raise you up if you shall fall. Look up and feel the warmth of His brilliant smile and embrace this gracious gift as through Him peace is found. Learn to make use of positive words and brings those words into your thought forms and create positive affirmations. Through positive words dear ones, you become able to encourage yourself and others. When you see how effective you are at uplifting others you will also recognize your own Self becoming that much stronger.


We understand how busy and demanding your day can be. What we have observed is many dear souls are making it a daily practice to add additional prayer and short meditative moments into their day. These moments, even if they are brief help alleviate stress and will promote more calm into your activities. Even if the sky is filled with clouds, look up to Father Sun, close your eyes and see a golden sun before you, permitting it to warm you beginning from within. The melting feeling you will feel is exquisite dear ones and the experience is long lasting.


Your journey will progress and move even if you put little effort into it – it is never-ending. Yet for great growth to occur you may find yourself needing to step beyond your comfort zones and into the land of the unknown occasionally. Do not fear; have Faith in your Self and in God, as it is He that is leading the way to your evolution. Learn to trust God to always provide all that you need each step of the way, reminding yourself that your success is always due to your effort.


It is understood that because the culture which you are now a part of is increasingly busy, people’s emotional and mental feelings are easily hurt because the tendency to think before one speaks seems to occur less often. Extend your compassionate hand to another that is feeling destitute. Your act of kindness could be a life raft to another – and when you act selflessly dear ones you are always demonstrating the I AM of God’s presence that is a prevailing aspect of your whole self when you consciously work and live from the heart.  


We encourage you dear ones to make room in your daily rituals to offer your gratitude for the day you have wakened to. Greet each morning as the blessing and gift it is that is bestowed from God to all of you. If you are having a bad day, don’t skip this dear ones; even through the bad days there is much to be grateful for. Any time you come across a situation that becomes problematic look at the situation as an opportunity to learn and grow – What can you take from the experience and turn into value wisdom?


Sharing is an important part of your journey. It is understood that it is not always possible to always get together with like-minded individuals, and we see many connecting through other ways that are possible through your electronic devices and through social groups. When you share parts of your journey, what you have experienced, how you coped and managed to move through certain situations, you are teaching others through your steadfast example of perseverance, tolerance and a great heaping of Faith, Hope and Belief in yourself and in the great outpouring of Light and Love energy from God


Charity has always been a favourable way of giving your love and Self to others. Discover ways where you can serve your community that doesn’t require monetary payment. Even if your community is on-line, learn how you can lend a hand. There are many in cooperative living arrangements that have created a schedule to picking up litter and tidying up their neighborhood. This is one of many ways where you show the charitable side of your Self.


Even with a busier life, it’s essential dear ones to your peace of mind to create moments just for solitude. It is well known that each dear soul requires their own space for a few minutes to gather their thoughts, to breath from the inside relief and to reground themselves from a busy day. These solitude moments do not require you to speak, just tune-in and feel the comfort of God’s arms wrap around you in comfort and support. God will always be there to help raise you back up dear ones. Allow your mind to empty out and peace to settle in and become ONE with God and the energies that surround Him and you.


Some dear souls worry more than the next dear soul, yet when worries and concerns become too much for you to handle, remember you are not alone and we urge you to share your concerns and burdens with God and the never-ending supply of angels. They are unharmed by the weight of your worries and wish you would ask of their support more often in order to lessen the load that you carry and provide yourself more room to bring in more Light and Love from God. Through all opportunities to interact always choose to demonstrate your compassion through your gestures; your smiles, through your eyes and through your words – even if those words are written. Bring warmth into all you do, and the receiver will KNOW the sincerity of your efforts and will appreciate the Good Will of your actions.


We have seen many become a little lost within the hustle and bustle of busier times and we suggest you remember your priorities. What it is you wish to achieve and the steps that will take you there. Focus dear ones through practiced discipline and see before you the blessing of the work you are part of unfold into a successful finish. When you put your heart and soul into every detail, a feeling of excellence will be felt deep within you and this feeling is also felt by God.


Each of you have naturally born talents and skills. If you know of your skills, yet you let them lay to the wayside, we urge you know to make use of them, hone them until you master them. These gifts have been given to you and through them higher knowledge will be achieved. The more you use your natural born talents, the better they become.


One of the best places to nourish your soul is through nature. Adopt a peaceful pace through the beautiful nature that is all around you. Peace can be had at all times dear ones when you make this a choice. Nature doesn’t rush, yet always accomplishes all that it needs to. There is a marvellous craftsmanship all around you dear ones; from the first ray of light until the last streak of sun…what is in place for your viewing pleasure is also there to learn from and to reciprocate that learning into all you do each day.


Remember dear ones your journey is filled with choices. You have the power to choose and you exercise this power every day. You have the option of choosing love over fear; joy over sorrow, compassion over coldness, etc. And you have the choice to choose growth and development over stagnation and the feeling of being stuck. Remember dear ones, each difficult situation can bring out the best or worst of your Self – it is your choice and with your choices keep in mind responsibility becomes an important factor.


Through all the choosing, changing and growing a prevailing and important practice that pulls you out from difficult times is Hope. Hope does help to provide your light when you have found yourself in a tunnel of darkness. Hope is learned through patience, tolerance, and willingness. Courage is also well partnered with Hope as well as having a certain amount of confidence when you are broaching the unknown. When you are exercising patience you are demonstrating a good hold on persistence and determination to continue with your beliefs and efforts regardless of what happens. Hope delivers comfort that all will be well.


Your optimistic nature is also connected to Hope – it forwards you towards thinking about the better possibilities of a situation rather than the negative. What Hope also frequents with is Enthusiasm, it helps to energize you back into feeling “good” about the situation before you and how the positive turn of your thoughts also affects those closest to you. When hope is absent, negative thoughts filter in and despair can be born. Continue with your love-filled optimism dear ones. Make the choice to leave the despair and sadness and walk into the sunshine of God’s infinite Love.


We know your journey is filled with so many hurdles…some good and some not so good. Be kind to yourself dear ones and mindful of your thoughts before they become actions. Remember you cannot undo what is said and many times your actions speak higher volumes than your chosen words.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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