Your Individual Truth HOLDS Great Transformational Power

Your Individual Truth HOLDS Great Transformational Power
Message from Egyptian God, Amun-Ra

Received by Julie Miller
April 11, 2013


The path before you Beautiful Ones is filled with great splendour and wonderment for you to discover. Believe in your WHOLE heart Beautiful Ones that the truth of your WHOLE Self is most powerful and it will deliver you forward into a profound journey that will transform you. The outcome from going within to learn of who you are provides you with a level of understanding that will definitely enhance your current life experiences like none other.


Each of you is filled with a perception of truth based on your individual chosen path and what you have been taught along the way. There is always a higher truth Beautiful Ones that will differ from what you perceive as truth. It is vitally important for you to comprehend that the untruth and truth only exist within a fact that Truth itself is unlimited in nature. When you interact and converse with another regarding a particular event, complaint or situation that is going on either within your own personal world or the world around you, you are able to clearly understand the perceptions of the other person who is sharing in your communication and you will see through this active demonstration where their beliefs come from and form an understanding that is based on the combination of both past experiences and their belief systems. And these both contribute to what it is that they perceive to be truth and this truth as many of you already realize will be held differently by other individuals.


Any single perception of truth Beautiful Ones that is held within your being has the capacity to create any amount of possible outcomes of endless variability, yet this perception of truth will always complement with a truth that another soul may also choose to hold. Some of the outcomes you may discover will be felt as good or as bad and either outcome is a result of the choices made that brought you to the end result.


If the perceptions that you hold helped to create what you are experiencing of late and if there is no change, where the same quality of truth is being held remains as the choice of any particular individual, and whatever their choice is will ultimately decide the type and quality of their future outcomes that will be experienced by this Beautiful One.


As you read your news media you bear witness of many that are willing to either kill or die in support and validate what they believe in and in their perceptions of truth. Many yet will do whatever means necessary to force their truth upon others, even if that means to cause harm. When you consciously choose to work towards the Higher Truth in all things you are no longer separated from what is Divine – you Beautiful Ones become closer to being ONE.


Forcing one’s perception of Truth only creates a deeper separation from them and of the Divine source which also reinforces predominant held perceptions that you only exist within a world based by luck, fate, chaos and unpredictability. Yet Beautiful Ones learn to comprehend that this truly is merely a perception that is held with an individual’s learned understanding that they themselves have collected. Their truth doesn’t make it your truth.


The Higher Truth Beautiful Ones is bathed and derived on Love. Truth that is based on the purity of one’s heart that is filled with Love is unwavering and immutable. It requires no collective held perception nor does it cause separation, rather it creates unity. The same love that fills the Higher Truth also feeds each of you with the right to choose your own Truth and this deliverance will propel you into situations, happenings and experiences that WILL complement whatever Truth you hold dear to your heart.


What is considered to be true for one will not necessarily be perceived as Truth by another. There is no wrong here. What many understand to be truth will help them to discern what is real and true to them individually in their minds and in their heart. This is perfect for each individual Beautiful Soul. What unfolds divinely and perfectly fits to what they BELIEVE and perceive to be true which optimizes their ability to choose what it is they wish to do with their lives.


The enhancement of your life individually speaking will illustrate your conscious awareness of the level and value you have on the truth that speaks from your heart that is entirely based on Love. There are many benefits to be had Beautiful Ones when Love is added to all areas of your Beautiful life. When you purposely choose to live your life through you’re your heart that is complete with love there will no longer be any fear, your Ego will balance itself, you will become more compassionate and filled with empathy for all people – judgment of others will no longer exist as you accept the Higher Truth that each step leads you to happiness and fulfillment.


Moving from perceptual truth to the Higher Truth will provide you with many transformational opportunities. It is essential Beautiful Ones to become aware of certain changes and recognize the importance of asking yourself questions that will help you to determine where your path is leading you. The transformational power of truth Beautiful Ones will reveal to each of you all the answers to your questions within your heart. All you need to know of your divine development is able to be found within you. Discovering the Higher Truth removes you from a self-serving attitude and brings you into a more altruistic way of being.


It is vitally important dear ones to always allow others to embrace what they consider to be truth even if it differs from your beliefs. Honour their beliefs through the Love that is prevailing within your heart and project your unequivocal Love-Filled Light into the world and those around you selflessly – be the active demonstration of Oneness and Pure of Heart in all you do.


Realize Beautiful Ones that you are not required to agree with the truth told by another – that is their truth. But what is important is choosing to Love and Accept each person even if their truth is different from your own. Loving and Accepting each Beautiful Soul’s perception of Truth will indeed empower your own Individual Self to consciously experience a certain value of life that will align your journey with what it is you have been hoping, wishing and praying for to come into fruition within their own unique timing that is ultimately derived on the outcomes of the experiences you were part of that were created by your choices. This Beautiful Ones brings you into a welcoming opportunity to Shine the Brilliant Light of Love that streams from your heart without any amount of force or pressure.


When your own Beautiful Light shines, this empowers other Beautiful Souls to cultivate and develop their own Higher Truth that will further support and increase their life not only on an individual level but within the concept of a collective unity. Your journey provides you with much to think about around every corner of your path and Beautiful Ones you are encouraged to think and be conscious of your complete Self and remember the truth is whatever you CHOOSE it to be.


It is your choice to perceive any limitation, disharmony or discord as being real and true. It is up to you Beautiful Ones to decide to walk along a more positive path and elevate yourself and those around you by expanding your level of understanding within each experience, understanding each outcome will harmonize with the increase of your expanding knowledge which will bring you from “thinking” limited to “knowing” you are unlimited.


It is clear as a sunny day that Truth is always eternal and never-ending therefore it is the Higher Truth. What you understand to being true will unfold with dogged absoluteness into your life because of the choices you made to substantiate your truths. This Beautiful Ones is how Love is meant to be – perfect within the universal laws of nature and of the universe. It is never self-serving but a deliverer of unlimited consciousness that will not disrupt the Higher Truth but will ultimately enhance solidly with the True Beauty of ALL that you are becoming that optimizes each choice you have made.


Through your ability to love without bounds and to bring yourself into the Higher Truth you finally bring forth the perfection of your own creation and to continue progressing unhindered and free from any constraining negative ways of doing or thinking.


Comprehend Beautiful Ones with your heart in full guidance that what you truly believe is what you will receive. All your efforts will bring you to your rewarding outcomes. Believe that within each of you is a masterpiece, that is filled with incredible knowledge that will navigate you each time where it is you are to be. Trust Beautiful Ones in the truth of your complete Self and learn to listen to your Beautiful Heart more often – never will it lead you to where you are not meant to be.


When you consciously choose to become fully aware of your own Truth and of your True Self, it is then you simultaneously choose to harmonize with your thoughts, feelings, spoken and written words and ultimately your actions and infusing each with Unconditional Love and Acceptance for you and for ALL the Beautiful Souls that you may encounter in this world within the various means you have in communicating and interacting with upon your Soul-Chosen journey.


The TRUE source of your power Beautiful Ones is found within your own truth and seeing before you the many miracles your journey has provided you. EVERYTHING that surrounds you when you look at each person, place, thing, or whatever it may be is truly a miracle – an illuminating facet of Divine Creation. Look at the time in your busy and hectic day; for a spiritual being, regardless if God or Angel time holds no purpose but in your own earthly realm Time is miraculous – so much can occur within a split second of time. Just as within yourself – YOU are a miracle that is filled with vast knowledge yet so many of you have barely scratched the surface of discovering.


Choice will always be a significant part of journey and will deliver you to which truths will be revealed as indicated by your readiness. Understanding as you move along, it is you that is responsible for where your path will take you to. It is essential Beautiful Ones to always be conscious of the miracles that are right there that have been created for your benefit and embrace them as the Divine Gifts that they truly are. By consciously choosing to increase the quality of your presently held truth that will unfailingly create even more opportunities you will increase the alignment with what it is you have been hoping, wishing and praying to experience.


The Higher Truth is always there Beautiful Ones…it’s really only a matter of time before you accept there is more to what you perceive especially when you add Unconditional Love to the equation. The discovery of your True Self and what you BELIEVE in heart and soul is your ultimate deliverance Beautiful Ones into liberation and understanding that within each of you is a Divine Source that truly provides you with a compelling force to ALWAYS choose with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


And so it is…


Egyptian God, Amun-Ra through Julie Miller 

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I sometimes stop back by here

Just to marvel at what used to be

What once was can be again

Cause the peace I found starts with me


Peace dear one begins with us all, by making a conscious decision to change ALL that we are for the better for ourselves, those around us and of our global community. 

Thank you dear for sharing the purity of your words, thoughts and feelings as I divinely know they are filled with unconditional love and compassion. 

Blessings of Divine Light and Love 


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