Your Journey is Divinely Blessed

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 09 – 16, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 09, 2012

The beginning of acquiring your God Consciousness is by accepting the knowledge that God has given to each of you to discover which will in due course bring you to deep spiritual attainment. But simple recognition and approval of the certainty of His presence within you is not all that will assist you to the spiritual attainment you are aiming to achieve. Your journey is not just a mere belief, it is a way of BECOMING all that you are meant to be, to becoming one with yourself and with God. It is important dear ones to realize that mere imagery does not bring you to enlightenment with God. Do not build illusions where they do not exist dear ones. It is paramount to comprehend that there is a noticeable difference between imaginative thinking and conscious awareness, it is up to you dear ones to determine which one is which, to learn what is fictional to what is real. Each phase you pass through you will develop more wisdom because each phase brings new challenges and lessons that will help further develop your inner strength and spiritual growth. When you reach the Oneness with God, you are basically reaching the Oneness within yourself and this realization dear one will compel you to identify yourself within the brilliancy of God’s Light and endless Love.


Reciting certain scriptures and ceremonial practices will begin the construction your God Consciousness. Understand dear ones it does not matter how much you have read, how logical your thinking may be or how well you can reproduce other people’s perception with a blind sense of what is right or wrong can bring you to pure concentrated awareness that is purely divine. Mastery dear ones of your faith that has been met with total commitment will bring you to great wisdom. Faith is one of the biggest attributes of your spiritual self that gets tested the most. It is through such tests that you are encouraged to ground yourself, wrap yourself in trust of God’s love and the direction which your beloved heart is leading you.


You already know dear ones that within each of you is a spark that connects you to God. God’s light is a brilliant light that channels a gleaming ray of pure love that is brings pure divine bliss of the God Consciousness to those that are able to focus purely and intently on the illuminating Spark of God that fills their hearts. As you focus your attention to the God Spark that is within you, you will feel the omnipresence of God and the experience it brings is intense and sometimes leaves the physical body tingling, a warmth that comes from within that radiates so strongly and purely that you are able to feel this divine sensation as a hug of a great magnitude.


Understand dear ones as you continue to progress, there is nothing that escapes the All Knowingness of God. Knowing that God is always present is for you dear ones as encouragement to always be demonstrating your God Consciousness in all your actions and words. Distractions will come and go, don’t allow them to gain much of your inner power, always react through the deep love that has filled your soul. Know you are always protected by God’s brilliant light dear ones and as you surrender to His love KNOW you are merging with His Divine-ness. There is nothing to fear from God, God loves you no matter what choices you have made because he knows those choices were required in order to produce certain challenges that have many important lessons within them. He knows you will learn in your own way, in your own pace and time. God does not judge you, but He does ask you cease in judging yourself and others. Love is the way dear ones, through your heart you will find deliverance that will always bring peace and calm to your entire being.


 As your world develops so do the temptations and distractions. Each step you take brings you to new risks that you know you ‘should’ ignore. Your curious nature causes you to look, dabble here and there, sometimes taking you off track of what you have been focusing on. Your journey includes a great responsibility by each of you to ensure you reach the destination that has been divinely chosen. No matter how difficult it may seem at the time, God does not provide any challenge that He thinks you cannot handle. I know dear ones sometimes you grumble at this, yet it is truth. Just when you think you cannot go one more step in any difficult situation, you hear Faith whispers quietly for you to try a little more; persevere a little longer – the light of the horizon is soon within your sight. Your journey is divinely blessed dear ones and as you master certain attributes you will gain honourable strength that is filled with enlightened thought forms that will aid you to deflect negative influences in order for you to fully enjoy the ecstasy of your developing God Consciousness.


The more you develop and focus on the awareness of your God Consciousness the more observant you will become on how this higher consciousness extends itself into every aspect of your daily life. When you achieve the oneness of yourself and of God, you encompass a totality for life. You automatically radiate and promote your heart through the love you put into all you do, this pure unconditional love will in time govern your way of living. You are now becoming the precious being of light that has been imprinted on your blueprint of life. It will take time dear ones to fully grasp the impact of all manifested awareness and to discern what holds truth to your heart. When you are fully devoted dear one to your journey, each step will bring you to delightful spiritual possibilities that will add flavour to your personal life.


It is essential dear ones to frequently engage your focus upon God and the Love He has for all through prayer, singing songs that express your love for God, discovering how you can selflessly represent God, and so many other deep rooted options are available to you dear ones. Your consistent interaction will assist good acclimation that is filled with honest comprehension and idyllic fulfillment of your God Consciousness. Understand dear ones maintaining a constant transcendent state of mind does require a huge amount of will power and inner strength.


When you have fully committed unwavering belief and devotion to God, your own God Consciousness is infused with humbleness, surrender and contentment that will bring attainment for your spiritual readiness in order for you to pursue a constant direction of a moral life. You will rise dear ones and fulfill each and every phase that is presented to you. You will also have learned to implement the attitude of immunity to your experience that both bitter and sweet. This achievement leaves your spirit untarnished and unharmed.


Firm discipline of mind and self does come into play when achieving the God Consciousness. The journey you are on depends on your choices and the effort you give each one. Remain poised throughout your journey dear ones. Make an effort to calm your emotions. It is up to you dear ones to maintain control over your SELF. Even through the pleasure and painful moments you have entered, enter each phase with great composure that is free from disorder. Each time this becomes easier and effortless and the ability to maintain a state of calm permeates your spirit.


Dear ones, when you are ONE with God, the world and the universe, then what comes through you permits the universe to be continued in that state of Oneness and balance. Remember dear ones everything you do effects your thoughts, emotions and your consciousness. Learn to forgive yourself and heal your SELF through thoughtful and loving intentions. There is so much ahead of you, waiting for you to discover. Let your heart guide you, call for my support and love when you need a little extra boost of encouragement. Asking for help dear ones is never a sign of weakness especially when you know you are struggling. Asking shows great strength and spiritual maturity.


Believe and have faith in yourself and in God’s unwavering love for each of you.


I AM Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller


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