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Thank you, G.P.

Harmony combined with Enthusiasm would also be great!





On Saturday (15th) Mars moves into Aquarius, and there is a new atmosphere of working together and helping each other, and if you are on the same project, it will feel as though it has new energy and its significance has widened socially.  A good day therefore for team work at its best, focussed on love for a common cause.



Positive Thoughts are good for Every day!


Love, Peace and Light!





There is a deepening consciousness building to the middle of the week, and Tuesday (18th) brings us a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto.  Some issue is trying to grab our attention, and may succeed by then.  Watch out for the signs, a Freudian slip, a grey squirrel crossing your path, two or three synchronous messages, and by the time you wake on Tuesday morning you may just have the truth which has been trying to wing its way to you.  And once you have it, you can run with it, or at least mull it over during the course of Tuesday.

Lana: Thanks so much for your thought-provoking posts!

Would like you thoughts on:

Everyone has their own truth/interpretation of what truth is.

Dear G.P.


Yes that is TRUE!  And I believe everyone has a different facet of the whole truth, and that truth changes and evolves, too, as our understaning becomes refined.


What is your truth today?





Very wise, thought-provoking words Lana!


What is my truth today? 

Detachment: Letting go of my attachment.



Jupiter re-enters Aries at 17.11 (in U.K. time) on Saturday 22nd.  That is a major recharge of energy/energies, enthusiasm, initiation of projects, and change.  Whereas the emphasis up to the Full Moon earlier this week was on water, the climate change after the Full Moon emphasizes fire, and spirit.  Aries lives for the moment, and Jupiter loves life.  Some of you may have initiated changes in your life since Jupiter conjoined Uranus in Aries last June, and may now be living them.  Later in the year, in March, Uranus also enters Aries, upping the excitement (and volatility).  But for now, play along with Jupiter in his new playground, and master this component of the new energies.




On Tuesday (15th) Venus trines Saturn and loyalty and commitment in relationships is the theme.  Tender loving care is the requirement, though not necessarily what can be given, e.g. because of absence.  If the iPhone is drying out from a drenching or you have other such problems, communication may still be difficult, and you will have to fall back on heart telepathy to show you care.



Wednesday (16th) may restore communications with a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter at 11 degrees Aries, a special day for people who have their birthdays around 1st April and who are sick of April Fool’s jokes.  They will be listened to, and their message will be broadcast loud and clear.  Venus will also be semi-sextile with Mars that day, so there is the possibility of mild flirtatiousness mixed in with the improved communication signals, which could be an interesting combination


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