One day, a small opening showed up in a cocoon, and a man sat down and watched for hours the little butterfly while she was struggling to come out through this little hole.

A few hours later, it seemed like the butterfly has stopped trying, seemed like she did what she could and could not go any further.

The man decided to help her. He took a pair of scissors and widely opened the cocoon. The butterfly came out. But her body was sickly and her wings were wizened.

The man kept watching, waiting that pretty soon the little wings would open, would grow becoming strong enough to hold the butterfly’s body.

But, the butterfly, spent her whole life walking around slowly, supporting her sickly body with great difficulty. She was never able to fly.

The man in his kindness and good will, failed to understand that the limitation of the cocoon and the necessary struggle that the butterfly should do for breaking it, would force the fluids of her body move towards her wings making her ready to fly as soon as she would break the cocoon.

You see, sometimes, struggle is exactly what we need in our life.

If God allow us to spend our life without any difficulties, this will ‘paralyse’ us. We will never become as strong as we could become. We will never be able to ‘fly’.

I asked for strength….
And God gave me enough difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom…
And God gave me enough problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity…
And God gave me brains and health so I can work.

I asked for courage…
And God gave me obstacles to overcome.

I asked for love…
And God gave me people who are in pain, so I can help them.

I asked for favours…
And God gave me opportunities.

I never got anything I asked, yet I got everything I needed!

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I love this metaphore I already knew. Good idea to share it, Sara.
Love and peace.

What a wonderful picture!
Thanks Luiza.

Love, Light, Joy, Peace & Oneness

thanks Sara, Luiza
thank you for sending me that, this is a nice way to give young people understanding why things are how they are!!!!
Love and peace
That's right,
young people are mostly impatient, but I know many adults who still couldn't get rid of that special quality...


Love, Light, Joy, Peace & Oneness



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