10 minutes per day for Healing the World

What about spending just 10 minutes per day while sending positive thoughts, positive prayers, positive energy, positive Prana, Reiki, or any positive intention you want, where it is really needed?

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What about spending at least 10 minutes per day while sending positive thoughts, positive prayers, positive Prana, Reiki, or any positive energy you want to offer to other people, places and circumstances which need Light?

Remember that we are all ONE... and in order to live in ONENESS don't be afraid to offer, nor to be of service.
The Light is within you... offer this Light to someone who needs it and you will shine brighter and brighter.

Love, Light & Peace


Che ne pensate di offrire almeno 10 minuti della vostra giornata, mandando pensieri positivi, preghiere, Prana, Reiki, o qualsiasi energia positiva desideriate offrire, a gente, luoghi e circostanze che hanno bisogno di Luce?

Ricordatevi che ognuno di noi fa parte del TUTTO... e in modo da poter vivere in UNITÀ TOTALE, dai, non aver timori , offri il tuo servizio!

La Luce risiede dentro di te... offri questa Luce a qualcuno che ne ha bisogno, così brillerai più intensamente.

Amore, Luce e Pace



Qu'en dites- vous de mettre à disposition au moins 10 minutes de vos journées pour envoyer des pensées positives, des prières, du Prana, du Reiki, ou bien n'importe quelle énergie positive que vous désirez, à des gens, des lieux et des circomstances qui en on désespérement besoin?

Rappelez-vous que chaqun de nous fait partie du TOUT, et pour vivre dans cette UNITÈ TOTALE n'ayez pas peur, offrez votre service!

La Lumière se trouve à l'intérieur de vous-même... offrez cette Lumière à qui en à besoin de façon à briller encore plus!

Amour, Lumière et Paix


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Comment by Anne on January 7, 2009 at 6:46pm
So nice to meet you both here, my friends. Your answer, Sister, is just so right, feels so good! For me too, Unconditional Love is the essence of everything, just another name for GOD, the essence of life as you said. Delighted to have you both as friends here! Love, Love, Love. Anne
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 7, 2009 at 6:39pm
Dear Santiago,
nice to meet you here!

And thank you for your question... I'm going to answer sincerely.

Yes, in the Universe there are LAWS, and LIFE itself responds and manifests itself thanks to these laws, to "the Field" and to INTENTION, of course! (Quantum Field Theory)

But without intention, there are only POSSIBILITIES and there are ephemeral...they have no structure, no matter, no action, no taste, no nothing... they are just POSSIBILITIES!

I'm learning to accept everything outside of myself (and myself as well, while I'm knowing me better because I'm more and more aware... every day a little more) so as it is, without judging, without taking part, without criticism... and I'm learning that while I'm "using" Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is a marvellous feeling!.... I've come to think that Unconditional Love is the Essence of LIFE.
In this form of Love, you find Power, Creativity, Acceptance, and the Materning of MOTHER LIFE!

When I'm sending my positive Energy, I'm sending this kind of Love to all the people and the circumstances occurring in the Gaza Strip... Just LOVE to them, without expecting anything... Just sending LOVE and they are all free to do whatever they want with IT.

Like every other human being, they are all able to decide for themselves...

But you know, when you live an entire life with war and hatred beside you (and in you as well, because you become programmed) you are like the persons living in "the cavern of Plato", you cannot realize that "somewhere, somehow there can be another way of life"...

In sending our Love to them, they get a chance to WAKE UP!
And I think (that's my humble thought) that we all have the right to send a SPARK in the Darkness which can help the entire humanity to WAKE UP... without expectations, without judgment, just spreading Love & Light around.

Hope you understand better my intentions, now.

Love, Light & Peace to you Dear Santiago

Comment by Santiago on January 6, 2009 at 8:03pm
Dear Sara:
I understand that intention models the energy of our reality.... I have no doubt !

I have learned that THE UNIVERSE was created by LAWS which work with mathematical precision.

Now, if we are learning how to use intention, then this kind of exercises are very valid for us to become experts.

Also I have noticed that there are certain things that happens in life, because there is a purpose behind it. No matter how ugly apparently is for us and our EGO, those things happens because there are individuals which need to learn something from that experience.... do you follow?

I've heard that in general terms a Master will tell you:

"There's not such a thing like GOOD and BAD. That is only a perception of your mind, since is polarized in this reality. There are only necessary events, which are only a test for certain individuals in certain levels of awareness, whom need to learn something important, once they understand the PURPOSE of the test they received."

Everything that happens in your life has a PURPOSE, to teach you something. And I bet you know what it is....

So the main thing here is to learn to use the intention.... isn't it ?

And I applause you for letting us to experiment with this powerful tool.

And I have a question Sara:

What happens if we are trying to see changes in the episodes of war in the world, because we don't like them, since we believe that's not fair with innocent people. In few words, we don't accept that if that situation is happening to this "innocent people" is because there is a purpose in the Universe for this kind of events.

Are we trying to change the reality in ISRAEL and GAZA, because we feel bad about those things happen in the world?

What happens if we make an intention experiment where we focus in sending them LOVE and COMPASSION to both parts of the conflict, just to send some LIGHT among the DARKNESS and maybe let them take the better decisions for each one by their own?
Maybe their leaders, by using this LIGHT we are sending, would discover that WAR only happens to those which attract violence with their own thoughts, words and acts.

Thanks for inviting me to this BLOG.


Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 6, 2009 at 6:53pm
Hi Anne,
nice to see you here.
I'm also on the list of The Intention Experiment, really interesting what's going on thanks the Intention of many people gathered toghether.

My intention is to let people free to meditate, pray, send Energy, or whatever in their own preferred way.
So, if you already practice Kriya Yoga, you can of course, integrate these 10 minutes in your daily meditation.

I personally do a small meditation when I wake up in the morning, and another one before going to bed... but 2-3 times per week I integrate these 10min meditation in my big meditations.

You know what's better for you, and for me, it's very important that everybody feels confortable in doing such in important thing as sending Love & Peace!

Thanks for being a part of the Whole.

Love, Light & Peace

Comment by Anne on January 6, 2009 at 6:30pm
Hi and thanks for the invitation. Actually, I came here through first The Intention experiment which led me to children of the sun network and then others like this one. I 'll see if I can send you invitation from Intention experiment: very interesting. The offer was first to participate in a worldwide meditation about war in south India (sorry, I don't remember the name exactly!). Through this experience which was really wonderful and a revelation to me about the power of group and collective meditation (feeling connected to the others), I made a small meditation group with a few friends here in Ibiza and we meditate together at full and new moon for the Ascension of Humanity. It deepens a great deal our relationships and brings a lot of "coincidences".
So, about this group, how do you see it? Do we meditate with this intention at a specific common time or can we integrate it in our daily meditation (I practice Kriya Yoga)?
Very good idea to start with Gaza and Israel. I have friends both sides and recently recontacted a friend from University who lives in Jerusalem. I sent her an invitation to iPeace this morning.
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 6, 2009 at 6:27pm
Hi Vicka,
nice to see you here : )

I'm doing this kind of energy healing since December now (I'm sending it to the Gaza Strip), and I feel that huge amount of Love, Compassion and Peace are needed there...
that's why I've started this group today.

Thank you for being a part of the WHOLE and of this group.

Love, Light & Peace to you

Comment by Vicka on January 6, 2009 at 5:44pm
Thank you Sara :)
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 6, 2009 at 5:19pm
Let's beguin with sending healing to the Gaza Strip, they need a lot of Light right now!
Please send all together positive & healing Energy of LOVE & PEACE to everybody, palestinians and israelians in order to touch everybody's HEART!

Thank you very much!
Love, Light & Peace


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