Purest Heartlove
The activation and the time before: Munich with Christin and Daniela
Anticipation, changes und waves of love, filling the air were accompanying us with clarity and lightness. The mastercylinder is just next to us, we are deeply connected. What was disolved and transformed there, the wind was carrying in, each day new „surprises“ and a peace of freedom more. Christin swept the ways to anchor pure heartlove in Munich, high above in the 10th floor. She had to pass some tests which she solved with here pure heart and so a clear and subtle atmosphere was prepared for the activation.
On June 5th going by car to Munich, it started with an overcloudy sky, on the way it opened up. There was enough time to admire the gifts of mother earth and to choose some gifts as decoration for the ceremony. The flowers turned Christin's appartment into an ocean with flowers of love, everything went well together.

At 15.00 local time, starched with fruits from mother earth, we started to mark the anchor groups on the world map – the global network of love. With each marker we got closer to our ONE BEING – we were deeply touched by the presence of personally known friends in the anchor groups and more and deeper we felt our ONE BEING .„We are all one!“ - The following waves of „XUA“ once more washed away everything. Christin showed the mudra for the 8th gate, part II – purest heartlove – we did it together – what a valuable treasure in the palms of our hands, how precious this heartlove!
The stary procession followed, we were connected with the ones who danced, our arms spreaded like guardians, however it didn't feel so. Every stary procession we ever had danced came to our mind. It was lightness, the energy so subtle, waves of happiness surrounded us.
After this we listened to Solara's tape: „Voyage on the celestial barge!“ - „Oh Christin let us board and look were we are going to land!“ - It was so intimate, everything was in us and we were in everything. Lying between the lotus buds and the globe we were enjoying the subtle frequencies, we felt touched and carried, so much already was done.
And however I had such a desire to hear the „Sacred spiral dance“. With the music we began to step, with our movements very soon we were one, with thoughts of „the lover beyond the stars“, who always get together again, never loose themselves. In Christin I saw all our beloved friends from the mastercylinder, being here with us. Our move stopped, we humed this song from the stars and immersed deeper. We stood between our friends, we have reached the stars, through us the blessings flew on earth, may this moment last for ever. For the complete lenght of this song we changed stepping and huming. Christin experienced during this last dance in a very subtle way inside her the espousal of female and male, between mother earth and father sun and all cells that are. A gentle everlasting dance full of love united till eternity. The great marriage. Bliss!
Happiness and great joy were lying in the air and later the feeling „We have done everything, it is done! Pure heartlove is anchored!“ My heart was laughing, tears rolling down my cheeks, our ONE BEING has arrived. With lightness peace filled und purest heartlove we were lying on the floor again, we listened to the Ayoka from the tape „Australian Reunion“, Solara and Omashar speeking in star language, their cheerfulness infected us. From out of time, it felt like eternity and also like a moment, our roots attached and anchored. High above Munich we felt the heart of mother earth beating.
„Oh Christin, it was so wonderful with you, your dedication, stirring your light heartedness, being totally present in our ONE BEING, precious moments, every instant a precious gift – Thank you for this time!“ - From now on it is always in our hearts ... may you be surrounded by waves of purest heartlove and may you sparkle with the stardust ... ONE with all ... !!!

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Thank you DaniMaRaEl
We were linked in with you at Moonmeadow, Oxburgh, Norfolk, England.
How wonderful it was.
Love and Light,
Dearest Lana,
thank you for anchoring, being together and getting to know you now. The moments in and out of time were so precious, it was ONE-derful.
Sending you waves of infinite pure heart love and light from the universe.
DaniMaRaEl from the ONE


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