To the Core of my Being

With my arrival and the joy about seeing you all again, the exhaustion of the long ride of 10 hours on the motorway came soon to an end. I was at home.

The all-embracing depth of love I could already experience in Mallorca during the preparations for the 8th Gate and the Activation itself. These deep touching feelings arising from the One I have never experienced in my life before. It seems it was aeons ago that I felt free for such deep feelings. This love is the greatest ever.

I always longed for love and shelter, but never found what love really is. So I already felt happy with little „affections“ and wasn’t aware of the hurts and the abuse. Frequently they took advantage of me. Nobody was allowed to touch my heart, I built a gigantic wall around myself, which made me feel safe and no more disappointments could reach me. What I received only arose out of egoistic interests of the others as I served the fulfilment of their purpose. Not even the skin in which love was wrapped, reached me.

Surfing the way home, the knot inside me untied. As I know now, I justified myself that I am so secluded inside as I don't know anything. And because of knowing nothing, I can't go outside, a vicious circle that obstructed me. And I believed I have already travelled so far! Having reached the point of „just being“ - without thoughts – I believed that I already had released so much. Still I couldn't reach the core.

This workshop has opened a huge lock, cracked up the code.

Since aeons a demon occupied me, kept me small, suppressing my power. Ever since I kept my great love and wisdom within. All along I never stopped serving the One. Without having RA (power and subject-matter), I kept AN (emotion, union and love) and EL (spirit and wisdom). But in this constellation growth and expansion was not possible, because of the one part missing. I was prevented from being queen and living my real vastness.

With the joy of being together with you all and especially due thanks to your stories and the mirrors you gave to me, furthermore themes were coming up:
I was filled from a deep sadness when a conversation reached the point of: „Now I am just reduced to my female part!“ The conversation which started so nicely, got finished. However, I knew that feminine and masculine nature are a big aspect and never became so obvious for me and know I knew where I could start working on. The merging of both parts is so important.
The story about the woman and the deep love she had in the time of Atlantis, but never could find back again in past lifetimes in this depths and had to live without her, even though the connection with the real great love exists, moved me in the heart of hearts. How sad it is to know about the vastness of this love in your deepest core and not knowing where to find the key to open this door and to find the path into freedom.
We are all keys, we all can open hearts. Going the way of love with courage. I was brought up quite severe, rational, for sure with love, but without living it in the outside world. For my parents feelings were only possible in the darkness and maybe in a very familiar circle. To hear: „I love you!“, accompanied by the loving feelings, was very rare for my mother, and my father for sure never said it. Today he writes for me: „Very welcome at home“, „All the best for your tests“ and „We love you“ on cards. Especially he and also my mother were grown with me, and also so very much my son. His words „Mum, I love you“, and his development are the motor and the motivation of all doing and being.
Everyone has different experiences, even though we are all doing the same in a workshop or in common activities. The one or the other might think „Am I different?“, when experiences of the others are different to one’s own. We are all different and yet One, and in every being the aspects and themes arise from its depths and help us further. So our own experiences or realizations may help others being at the same point, open their eyes and get clarity.

Since the workshop in Austria I work intensively on these themes. A few days after being home again, I had a rear-end collision. I believed that I almost managed to slow down and only collided very little with the car in front of me. But there was a coupling device. Nothing was damaged at the other car, but my front bumper was really damaged and my car had to be repaired for quite a lot of money. Before the collision I was thinking of my son, who wrote his first test at a new school. I got the impression that I have to let him go and that he has to do this on his own. To love means also to let go the ones you love and to have trust.

I am looking for my identity very conscious since Austria. And I will not find it when I want to be like others. I have to find myself, be myself, be free. To hitch up to others is a wrong way, the price is too high and this way will fail.

Love is the guide.

Waves of love from the Heart of the Lotus

Daniela from the One

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What a gorgeous name you have, for the luminous soul you carry in our world. Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom. I want to add a note about the symbolic significance of your auto collision. I believe our homes and cars, are tiny microcosms of our energies. Therefore, your experience is showing you the vast amounts of energy that you recently moved and let go of. Being a rear-end collision, you must have moved energy from your shadow self, and you did not project this energy onto another, having little impact on the car in front of you.

I mirror your thinking about finding myself, my own blueprint, and rejoice in my brothers and sisters on their own journey to discover themselves. I hope I lead by example for my children, how else can I instill this truth?

Cheers to live and let live! May you shine and shine and shine!

Peaceful Blessings to you,
einen friedvollen Tagesabschluss wünsch'ich dir
Danke noch für deine Antwort bezüglich der Linien


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