The Gaia Hypothesis



the theory is that we awaken again to our beautiful home, Earth

(as such no one is homeless, ancestors wandered as nomads for aeons,

many generations)


we awaken again to a now in which the green earth, the deep rich soil,

the clear air and water we can't live without are


derided, manipulated, POISONED, and worst of all

lorded over by "owners", bullies, manipulators, frackers




each year they do more DAMAGE, and we are challenged.

ignorance is the pure OPPOSITE of bliss, here,

we awake and our eyes open and we see our Earth Mother being despoiled and

all but completely held hostage.  can we understand?



the further idea is that we are part of this Earth Mother, and we suffer as she suffers,

we deny this at the peril of our own lives.  but if we truly TRULY care,

we awaken and wonder: WHAT TO DO?


this is our place, first and foremost, to make love, to be in and live in love and find each other

but...if the planet is being slowly rendered unfit for human life,

gradually becoming more and more ruined, what do we do?


how  do we show our love for our homeland?

patriotism becomes something different, then, it ceases to be nationalistic

as the nationalists wage the wars, most often, that damage the object of our desire

affection admiration and awe, Mother Earth...


we become Earth Patriots, then, perhaps.  Perhaps even the word "patriot" is misleading in its root.  Perhaps we become "Matriots"?


something must change in our inner self.  and as sure as that

Earth is always change. Her axial tilt provides changing seasons, winter giving way to summer again and again in a pattern that has been known for generations.


we can safely say that there are those who have no love for the earth.

they do things we would not,

they drop nuclear weapons like depleted uranium.

they build nuclear power plants LONG after such are proved deadly to human life.

they hydraulically fracture the Earth's crust, spoiling the water table with petroleum leakage,

making drinking water toxic and ruining water talong /or how long?


obviously, those who have no love for the Earth will be opposed, successfully, by those who DO truly and wisely love the Earth and its resources.  There is a conflict of opinions and it is happening now.   But how long will it take?  What FORMS will it take?


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Gaia is a paradise lost...The man,not is  God
"Man Can prepare the land, cultivate the seed, harvest the wheat, producing flour, make dough, take it to
the fire and taste the bread. But the miracle of life, germination, and fire
starter, comes from God. "


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