Since last month I was very busy in a sick little girl from Gaza her name Sara, She is very sick and need Urgent sergury, but her father failed to send her in Israeli hospitals nor to Egyption hospitals.
You know crossroads closed and the siege in Gaza.
This horrible situation makes me very sad because Sara is one girl from hundreds need treatment outside Gaza.
So I want from every one can help those children to do his best for this aim.
I know that every one read that want to do something can make som change in this situation, but I dont believe that is impossible thing.

I want from you to give me opinios for this, and I am sure that we will have at last a solution.
Big thanks for every one interest in this and share us this important problem which we face .

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I want to thank you my Friend Denise, Sure I was very busy last weeks and you was busy too, but when I know that Sara arrived to Paris I became very happy.
Sara life was in danger and no body tried to help her for two months, but you helped her when I told you about her.
you are really a great person.....
I want every body can help to make pressure on Israeli government and Palestinian Government to collabore and accept to send sick people from Gaza to hospitals in Israel.

Thank you very much my friends in ipeace.

Mohammed - Gaza


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