God is natural
Religion is mad made.

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To me Religion represents all that may change in this world (traditions, views of the world, etc.).

God represents all that does not change (the Universal Consciousness).

Spiritual life is a dance between these two. When the dance is sweet, there is no distinction; the two are moving as one.
My grandfather taught me "God is All in All" I have seen Eastern spiritual teachers such as Sri Yuketeswara write the same. Helena blavotsky defines god as "the unkowable creative principle". Religion is beaureaucratic ritual ceated by a small group of men trying to enterpret what they have witnessed in Universal flow. This is then grabbed by succeeding genreations and built upon by those who have no true first hand knowledge of the experience. People find comfort in these man made structures, being fed them as children by their parents. Man as a creature has hard wiring to cling to that which is familiar and reject that thought which makes the familiar unstable. Men and woomen then line up behind these imprinted thought patterns and build walls with them. The Colonial Cousins sing, in Krisha nee bagee "religion is the reason the world id breaking up into pieces, the color of the people keep us locked in hate please release us."
Many aspects converging into one or is it one scattering into Many? - Aad Sach Singh
I once sought out all the formulae of Albert Einstein, this might be one that was missed?

All perfectly diametrically opposed... :-)


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