im presently testing a HHO hydrogen cell i built , i,m also into solar, wind, magnetic , and electric engines to name a few of the solutions we have without adding any more pollution. i,m also very interested in clean safe ways to clean air pollution and reverse global warming so i built 5 inventions that do just that i have patent pending and even opened a corp to keep everything above board and legal . i need your help to spread the word that you have a friend that has real working solutions :) they can contact me here or in my email addy you can tell people i have 3 inventions that will stop storms . just think no more devistation and distruction from hurricanes , storms and or tornados . no more loss of life no more propety damanage.

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I'm nearly ready to do a hydrogen fuel cell, I have built my own wind generators, my own methane digesters, my own fuel alcohol stills (AFT approved), my own sterling engines, my own solar panels from factory seconds cells, I build many of my own electronics from parts taken out of the dump (using care in desoldering due to poisonous fumes) I have made most of my own power most of my life. Have made 3 working magnetic motors during the 70's but had guys in suits, persuade me not pursue the matter farther than the disclosure documents filed as the first step in getting patents on them.
The first magnetic motor worked, the others were just improved designs.
Which is cheaper, to loose a mulitbilliion dollar empire that gets people all over the world to give it money?
or a 38 cal bullet?
Simple economics, I kept my mouth shut.
So I work on ACCEPTABLE methods, like wind and solar etc.


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