Why isn’t anyone listening ?
I have real working inventions and solutions that can help clean Air pollution reverse global warming stop Storms, Hurricanes ,and Tornados . I know the right combination of Alternative Energy Sources to use when it comes to help keep our planet clean . These solutions will reduce gas and oil consumption and lower emissions as well as dependability on fossil fuels. I also have the solution on how to raise the amount of Registered Voters . An idea for a computer program that can put a stop to hackers and people making viruses .

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Can you tell us of some of your ideas? I would REALLY like to know who you managed that "anti-hack" program
Hi Omair,
i,m looking for an investor so we can make the program then we will be in a position to package and sell it
I'm listening, I come here to check almost every day for a response to my post on the main room.
I'm offering to the world what ever I can to help it,
I'm living on $200 USD a month income, which I guess is way below poverty level.
Why am I doing this for free?
Because if I and all of us dont, to the best of my knowledge there wont be any life of this form left on this earth if we dont change.
That makes it more important than my life, or spending my time working to make a living, because of the cost to all life on earth, if I/we fail.
I'm listening Duke, and sharing all over this site were I can, how to change, how to do it.
I am a poor person, giving everything he has.
And doing a lot of reading so I can learn from others, how to give more.
Because I know it is more important than just my one life.
You have my attention!
Hi Duke,

I'd also like to talk about your inventions and put up some links on my site unpollute.ning.com. My whole site's focus is Human and Zero Emissions Power and Transportation, and that includes a great many Alternative Energy sources, many of which would work well together or with other energy sources, like you said: in the right combination...

Lately I've been wondering a great deal about these issues... hope you link up and write about what you got and also check out and join Unpollute! We're definately listening. Indeed anybody and everybody's from this group is invited to join Unpollute. Can't wait.



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