I have an idea to make Global Exhibitions once a year, just before and until the Peace day, like 3-4 days, peaking and announcing the international Peace day. Anyother in? As an Annual happening on a global base, spreading more an more, this could have tremendous effect. And who, if not the artists, should front the Vision of Peace! Arranged quite a few exhibitions, recent years, also bigger ones with 30 participant artist, so I could be helpful for others who wonna join!

Peace, Love & Joy!


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Dear Ole, this is a very good idea, I would like very much to join such a Global Exhibition.
Peace, Love and Light
Sounds good. How would something like this be set up? All done online?
I would be very interested in this idea. Do you have criteria? and is this online?
Hello you,
As the response still is quite small, I haven´t done much yet. But if we stay in touch and get more people in more countries to join, this could be done maybe in 2010?

My idéa was to ask well known artists (for the publicity) as well as others to join. We should collaborate to find a good platform. Also ask for locations for free from companies who have rental places standing empty during the exhibition time, it would give them some small but good publicity as a reward.

With several exhibitions in different countries, we should eventually also make a own website or promote it through a group in here. Open for any idéas about this.

Spread the word around the world!

Love & Joy,

I love  too like  you Soufisme spirituality

it's so beautiful! it's  an islamic spirituality that could safe middle east and  all countries aunder muslim religion

not in stopping to last one  but to bring to this  classical one the soul of peace and love that Rumi and Soufisme leads to humanity I dont know how to express it in english Soufism is  spirituality of tolerance , of konwledge of  ourselves

It's the metaphore of the nenuphar  taking its roots in the mud deep in the ground to  grow slowly till the light in a beautiful flower which of the petals breath  freedom and beauty...  Light to you Florence


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