Astrology has always fascinated me, & I enjoy working with it, because every chart & reading is so different, & because it can teach us so much, I never stop learning all the time I work with Astrology, also I found years ago I need to use both sides of my brain, and Astrology does that - factual data for each person concerned, & deeper intuition, as I'm working on a chart or reading.  I should mention here that I'm completely self-taught, starting over 20 years ago from several books I had on Astrology, then later re-writing & storing my information on a pc, about 10 years ago, my knowledge builds all the time, it's not a subject where you think you can 'know it all' I've found.

I want to share my information with anyone who is interested, & would like to offer anyone joining my group a FREE reading showing their Western Sun, Ascendant & Moon sign, plus Chinese sign.  If you're interested in having this done, please let me know your Name, DOB, Time & Place of Birth.  If you're unsure of a detail like time or place, get in touch with me, I can still work our your accurate Ascendant in other ways, I don't just use noon.  I will also post weekly & monthly horoscopes here for those who are interested, & various other general information documents, as & when I get the time.  I will always try to ensure your reading is accurate, it's utterly pointless if the person concerned can't really relate to what's written.

There are various types of Astrology, amongst many different forms, practised all over the world, & within those, various methods of interpreting different Astrological Charts.  I would like to point out here, that I calculate the details for a chart or reading myself, the one thing I do check online for people born outside the G.M.T. Time Zone, is the Ascendant sign, & I always double check these. I also have ways of working out an Ascendant sign for people who don't know their time or place of birth, & would always take another look, at the reading I've done, if needs be.  It's important to remember a lot of influences on a Chart or Reading are much more subconscious than others, some only come into play in certain situations, some you will recognize immediately.

These include Natal or Birth charts or readings, Future Influence Charts of readings - a Solar Return is a Birthday Chart, a Transit Chart, shows planetary influences for any particular date in the future.  Some Astrologers interpret Progressed charts, which are slightly more complex, at present I don't do these, due to not having the time, I may do in the future.  Compatibility or Synastry Charts are drawn up to show how people will get on with each other, & interpret the dynamics between the 2, those that are apparent, & those that are much more subconscious.  Compatibility Charts are commonly drawn up for couples in a romantic relationship or marriage, but can be interpreted for friendships, relatives, & many other relationships.  The different types of Astrology I currently understand and practise are:-

Western Astrology, is very often know by other, perhaps more 'correct' terms, but many people know & use it in Europe as Western Astrology.  Most of us know our Sun sign, if nothing else.  A full Birth or Natal chart, is very much more detailed than that, interpreting the Ascendant sign, then all the planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, plus I also interpret the North & South Nodes.  Also on a full chart all the aspects between planets are interpreted, with the many other influential factors involved.  The shorter readings I do, show planets & nodes, & overall influence, but not all the aspects, Birthcharts which are much longer interpret these.

Chinese Astrology, most of us know our Year of Birth signs & perhaps Element of Birth, and a basic reading or chart outlines these.  However a full Chinese Birthchart can be muc more indepth than this, interpreting certain planets, it also interprets a large number of Stars & Lunar Mansions, these are interesting, but the complete Chinese charts are very indepth, and use some methods of interpretation, that can be complex, (both to interpret & understand) but is fascinating, & gives a different outlook. 

Vedic or Indian Astrology is also very indepth, it is based on the actual movement of the planets, rather than an assumed date for say the Sun to change sign, so is calculated in a slightly different way.  Generally the Ascendant sign, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn, as well as the North & South Node are interpreted, not the slower moving generation planets.  A Vedic Birthchart consists of 3 charts for a Woman, Birth Chart, Moon Chart, & Compatibility Chart, & 2 charts for a Man, Birth Chart & Compatibility chart, using special calculations.  it's common practice in India and other parts of Asia for a Natal Chart to be drawn up as a matter of course, when a child is born, and Compatibility charts are interpreted when a marriage is considered.  Many other sub charts relating to different parts of life are also interpreted by Vedic Astrologers, I mainly work on the ones I've mentioned here.

I should mention here that generally I work mostly on Western Astrology, with some Chinese Astrology Data, full charts for all 3 I usually interpret, as what I term a Triple Astrology Chart, which includes full charts for Western, Chinese & Vedic Astrology, these  are quite expensive, as they run into almost 100 pages.  I generally do them this way, as I have to first work out the Western Astrological data, then make the necessary calculations from these.  A bit complex, but quite a challenge, & keeps my brain ticking over, at least I hope so.

Within these 3 different Astrological groups I interpret Natal, Compatibility, Future Influence charts or readings.  I can also offer shorter readings, for people who don’t want or can’t afford a full chart.

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