On our land and in all Nations
Greed and aggression, Man's domination
Threaten our lives with their in toleration
Of their brothers in foreign lands
The fate of our world lies in their Human hands.

In a race to beat Man's neighbor
Bombs created could destroy All nature
Why then must men strive to compete;
To see who can outdo the other Man's fleet?
Around the world this story unfolds
To ensure our safety,We are all told.

No arsenal of weapons will guard those we love
From Man's inhumanity to Man,the world is so full of,
So put down your weapons and open your heart
Of this world,we are All a part!

When I look upon the faces
Of all man from different races,
I see the children of one Mother
Brother and Sister we are to one another.

One world,One people
One dream of peace..
Is this a glimmer of hope,
For our human race?

* written by Leah DiMaria -(1980's) in part inspired by my sadness, fear as a Mother,as well as my anger at the stupidity of our world leaders, during 1st Gulf war- called "Desert Storm"

In 1993 this was recorded as a song. Lyrics by me,music ( acoustic guitar) by my ex -husband
Sean DiMaria . I edited & and left out the chorus,words written as Lyrics, so as to be written here as a combination of both a story & poem..that pours out my feelings about wars,weapons,governments,world leaders in general,fighting each other over senseless greed,racism,religion,fear and in tolerance! And in hopes that my words may inspire others to be more understanding, open minded and see that We are all One race, Human!

Over the years Sean & I performed this song for various events,groups and friends. I have the only copy of the original recording. I had hoped to have one of my many musician friends,ex boyfriends.. re record in better quality, adding percussion that the original lacked. Perhaps I will in the near future?
Peace and Love for all my Brothers and Sisters xx

Creative Commons License
A Cry for Peace by Leah DiMaria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0....

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Dear Leah,

I often wonder why "man" has strived for and largely acquired dominance on this earth. I am not sure what a reasonable explanation is for this situation. I do have many ideas, but I feel we have to first define what the actual root cause of the problem is, but to be honest, I really do not know where to start on this one.

Your words have inspired me to look into these things in more depth Leah.
Thankyou for sharing.
Peace n Love,
Thank You Des for your wonderful reply! Yes, I wondered the same things all my life,since childhood. I have studied much ancient history out of my own curiosity,to help to understand WHY Humans feel the need to dominate,descriminate and exterminate who they percieve as different. Different appearances,religions,cultures,etc...or who is weaker,to conquor and take what they have..all threw history 'till modern day..this continues. I will never truly understand- Why? Is it simply human nature? if so why haven't Humans learned from history? Why so many still fear those percieved as "different" ?? When we are one race,Human. I do see all around me and here on iPeace so many who want change..true change and evolution of the Human race. I truly believe this is possible. Ipeace gives me Hope.
Much Love & many blessings dear Des xxx
Hi honey! Yup, am still curious and find it hard to understand fully whats going on in the world...have always had these questions that may never be answered...why all the bad things that happen on the planet...how did it all start in the first place..your words give me hope hun...you always send out a positive message....
Lots of love to you too hun!
(and lots of hugs as well) xxx
Your poem was very well done Leah...it has a message if peace not war....that is what should be in the hearts of all people on this earth....Namaste' Linda

Thanks so much Dear Sister! your comment means a great deal to me,as does your opinion,friendship and just being your lovely self :-)) Yes,this message in the poem,needs to be in every heart and mind. Is why I posted on blogging ipeace,but as you can see..no one else seems interested in this message/post..why?? I would like to know. Why do the most contreversial posts get the most attention & replies?? isn't blogging ipeace,supposed to be about peace issues? not religion? Hmmm,makes a person think.at least it does me.
Much Love for you dear sister friend,always..
Thank u so much Leah D. for ur post!
Capitalism and fanaticism both are caring towards imperialism that made divide and war.
please fallow my fb group link- "Against any racism, imperialism and extremism" http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=141114159491#/group.php?v=inf...
Thank you Martin for your comment. I will have a look at your fb group, i am very active on facebook with many groups and issues,
peace brother
Martin, I joined the fb group, as did some of my dear friends worldwide,thank you again for sharing link and for creating this group...
Your quest for an answer to why man has been fighting each other since as far back in time that we can go is a question that I do not think anyone really can answer....it is on the same concensus as animals....if you notice..... whether it is a dog, cat, lion....they all have a terriotory that they claim as their's and if you are a stranger and intrude on them and their domain they go on the offensive. Man has been the same...take cavemen...they took what they claimed as theirs and when someone intruded they fought and killed them for it...remember, it is different if one is "invited"! Today as man has progressed he has also gotten greedier, more powerful and because so many have been swayed by religion and people that claim to speak for God, they have lost what is realistic and true and blindly follow those that misinform them and basically "use" them to do their dirty work...you do not see Bin Laden blowing himself up or any third world leader....they count on misguided followers to do all that for them...yes, they are crude and cunning and evil....that is what is so unfortunate. So, hopefully we that believe in love and peace and not in war and hatred, are here to help those that want to see that there is other options and in peace their is hope. Well, enough of my p's and q's for now...love you guys....my sister friend, keep your passion and it will carry you where you need to be...Love Linda
HI Sis!..

I've read quite a few good explanations for whats going on in the world, but even then there are still so many unanswered questions I have..the mind boggles....

Am actually pretty hopeless (sometimes lol) at expressing how I feel about all these things and often find it easier to share my feelings and hopes in pictures...

Hope you are well!
Lotsa love n hugs
I see that it is neither “man” nor "woman" that is the problem. For me, the collective unconsciousness, also known as the ego, (or egoic mind) found its place in man to be far more suited to its quest for dominance over all human beings. It may be that men are more susceptible to being taken over by the ego. Of course, women too have an ego, but it seems to have selected men as being the main chosen vehicle through which to exert dominance and control. How the egoic mind or collective unconsciousness came about is a complete mystery to me, but it does seem to act through us and divide us.

Although am not sure if it is really true or not, some say that one of the main issues that women face is what is called the collective pain-body, caused by centuries of persecution e.g. the inquisition that dispatched some 3-5 million women and crushing the feminine perspective.

All of this has resulted in a misguided ego-created ideology of division between humans where some categorise an entire sex. gender, transgender or other ego-created division as being faulty or deficient in some way. And why? Simply because the ego acting through them is able to feed on the resultant conflict, which in turn allows it to strengthen and reinforce the fence of security it builds around itself by maintaining this illusion of division. To me, this division is prevalent in every aspect of humans, from politics to science, to just about any and every subject and group that humans are involved in - there is nearly always this illusion of division that has been created. People take this view or that view and hold it close to them to be the absolute truth to the exclusion of others whose views differ. So instead of examining the root of the issue or problem, a mental position is taken and that position is defended and expressed often in negative ways that don't really serve the best interest of human beings, but instead serve the interests of this collective and personal unconsciousness that so many are either only aware of it sometimes (including me), or are not aware of it at all.

The way I see it is that the true nature of humanity is the higher self, the Atman, God, the collective consciousness or whatever name we might want to give it. Our bodies are vehicles created by this consciousness through which it can express itself. The human forms we take, irrespective of gender are inseparable parts of the whole, naturally attracted to each other. The idea that one is better than the other, or is "more" the cause of the problem, isn't just wrong, it’s actually perpetuating the agenda of the root cause of the problem.

I feel that this collective unconsciousness or whatever we want to call it, doesn't have a gender. It a negative force of its own of unknown origin. I feel that its hold over humans is beginning to lose its grip, but also causing more problems at the same time,

Certainly women (and some men!) may have a head start on those who are trapped/confused, and will perhaps be the ones to eventually free others from the hold that the collective (or worldwide) unconsciousness has over them. But first, people need to start communicating without pointing fingers. It reminds of a quote I heard the other day and I don't remember who said it....they said:

"Hell is always somebody else"

Well, on that note, am done with my ramblings for the day LOL...wishing peace and blessings to all, especially my wonderful wife, Leah, who is the author of the lovely poem/song on this thread!
When I first wrote this poem/lyrics in the 80's I chose the words "Man" and Men" in representation of all Humanity. I was also angry and saddened, by the events of the Desert Storm "war" and those that created it,Men.Yes, I saw,felt and believe the fact that the majority(not all as times have changed) that most is perpetrated by Men & Not women.Their are more women in power now,then in the time I wrote this and in all of history,to the beginnings of male dominance over women..which again is why I used the word Man.
Male dominance and the majority of those in Power over all humanity..Which, in fact is still more the way things are all around the world. Most decisions,power and war mongering is still created by MEN.
Yes, we have women in military,some female world leaders, and yes women can equally be cruel,violent and downright nasty to others. I am not a man hater,nor blamer.. I hate no one.
However, Linda dear Sister friend ,much of what you wrote is true in history of humanity,how I still see things in some ways of much a male dominant world still, in nearly 2010.
My Dear husband to be Des, I also understand and agree with much of what you wrote here too.
I think to achieve true peace we do need to focus on what creates unity not division, no matter if is in gender,religion, nationality, etc.
We all need to unite in Love,respect, tolerance of different religions & beliefs, equality,understanding,caring,see what we have in common and respect our differences.Not blaming or pointing fingers at others nor ones that can not or will not respect others and try to divide and conquer the rest of us.
It is up to us all, to create the world of peace we wish to live in. men and women equally..it is not a gender issue, it is a humanity issue...


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