A Tale of Tolerance

This video tells a story about the birth of Intolerance in the Realm of Man and the reemergence of Tolerance as a step to reuniting Humanity.

"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race."
~ Kofi Annan

Humanity walks along the brink. On one side is the dawn of a new era. On the other is chaos.

Tolerance is one of the steps to lasting Peace.

Humanity is starting to Awake: to remember our connection with each other and to speak again with the Language of the Heart.

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.
~ Peace Pilgrim
©2009 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved.

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Thank you so much for this video. Grace Eagle
Grace,You are very welcome my friend :)
Though I see the biblical references as legends,myths or possibilities,the rest of this video says so much that I talk about often of TRUE tolerance and acceptance as step to creating and lasting peace. I was a bit taken aback in some parts of it,as the words used nearly identical to my own. Happy you stopped by grace.
Peace,love & hugs :)
I have a problem with the word "tolerance". To me, it means that we allow something to happen. If we speak about a tolerant person, we mean that (s)he is patient with situations or people that are unpleasant. It implies a certain arrogance: "I am better than you but I will tolerate you."

I prefer the word "acceptance", and not just suffering acceptance, but with a full and open heart.

Let's look at minute 0:20 of this video: "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." (My quote is slightly different as it comes from a different translation. I like that "only"!) Strange to think that the author of this quote, "Saint" Paul, was one of the most intolerant characters in the New Testament, twisting Jesus' message of Love and Acceptance into Judgement and Petty (but "oh so important") Rules! Much of the blame for the lamentable state of the modern church can be laid at Paul's feet.

Another minute: 3:30 "While still celebrating those differences"

So - to sum up - I prefer Love, Acceptance, and Celebration to "Tolerance".
Hello jimmsfairytalesocom,
I truly do understand your point on the word 'tolerance' as I also added 'acceptance "in my above comment. I think the vid in it's entirety does go into explaining that tolerance is not just "tolerating" but accepting and honoring not only our differences but seeing what we all have in common. I didn't care for parts of the beginning in so far as biblical references,though I did like how it states "as a legend" story of how we were once One people,or one tribe..and why or how we became scattered race with different languages & different skin colors,appearances,etc...the point of it really is to show we are One race,Human! How , as legend goes intolerance "could have"began,as an example of our diversity in cultures,languages,religions,appearance. That we are on a path of emerging into a new dawn of tolerance & acceptance or on the flip side,utter chaos. We all here & everywhere have the choice. As you stated you chose or prefer "Love,Acceptance,and Celebration " Well so do I, so do many here and all around the world. I do use the word 'tolerance' often ,especially in religious discussion -Tolerance: broadmindedness, acceptance, patience, charity...are all words in place of the word tolerance. and to me the opposite is, intolerance: Bigoted, prejudice, narrow minded, small minded and fanatical are all words used to describe intolerance. It is but a choice or "wording" it is a word or words that so many understand the meanings to..again the vid states that "tolerance is more than the appreciation of diversity & it is the ability to recognize our similarities are far more important than our differences while Celebrating those differences."
Tolerance is not just agreeing with one another in the face of injustice,but rather showing respect for the essential Humanity in every person~William Ury. This is more how i see tolerance,acceptance & respect, all go hand in hand to me. When I write to others in discussions,or in conversations, I often will state that Respecting,being Tolerant & Accepting of our differing opinions,religions,beliefs,etc...is essential in creating understanding,peaceful dialog in any differing of opinions or disagreements & is a road or 1 step to True Peace.
Thank you for your comment, seems to me though we may chose different words, we do agree that We both prefer and chose:...Love,Acceptance and celebration.
I'm not very Tech savvy or I would've added with word "Tolerance" the Wikipedia definition,so that any one could click on the word & takes you to the definition..though seems to me it is not really needed.

Much Respect~Peace & Love with a smile :)
Something to ponder ,a question for each of us to ask ourselves (to all who visit here),
Think about it..Are you intolerant? Shouldn't those of us who truly want peace show tolerance and love toward all? Lead by example..Love by it to
These are every wise words written by my dear friend Gwendolyn in a blog/discussion post she wrote on ipeace.
I might have posted this before but after hearing a lecture by Ron Sims, head of HUD (a real heart man) I realized that tolerance and acceptance are worlds apart. He said, "Poverty exist because we ACCEPT it!" To tolerate the tremendous loss that occurs on many levels of anything that is negative to the state of human nobility is tolerated on this earth. We tolerate pollution, poverty, the loss of youth (people) to drugs/alcohol, homelessness, violence, hunger, etc. but if we stood as one human family (global family) and not only acknowledged the problems, but got into action and said "Enough is enough. We will not accept this!" so many things would change and quickly. When tax payers ($) come together with a solid purpose and a solid plan based on true service to the human family all kinds of 'hell' would disappear. True service means a spiritual application to human problems which is by nature non-violent but powerful. Well, for what its worth this is my contribution today---more later and thanks for letting me share. Grace
Grace, I do truly understand the difference my dear friend..between "tolerance"and acceptance..YES as u wrote I to agree. It is as I wrote before(above) it is a matter of how the word tolerance is used. A difference between "tolerating "injustices,poverty,wrongs,etc..and "Tolerance" as used in the vid and context I was using it,I agree acceptance is better terminology.
I hope you are doing well,
wishing you All the greatest blessings,great & small~ in your life dearest Grace.


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