Having witnessed the beginning of Kahli's dance on 9/11/01, and knowing the losses we must endure through times to come,I ask how do we continue to be human;to live with this violence,the ignorance,arrogance,greed,the lies? What do we do to avoid surrendering to despair? How do we care for ourselves and each other? How do we stay Awake when madness dominates the planet? How do we keep hope alive? Where are the people able to see,willing to stand up;the voices to speak out,say "No more.Stop this right now! Shame on your selfish righteousness!" I want to scream 'round the world,"Turn off your TV! Get off your duff! Use the brain you were given!Look what is happening to your/our home,your/our family! Act like the human being you are meant to be!"

 So speak the circle of Grandmothers:We who have endured cycle upon cycle of evolution,devolution and devastation,and know the chaos,despair,isolation and fear you experience. We know the annihilation of respectful relations among the people as well as the beauty of harmonious balance,the peaceful slumber,the wild ecstasy. We scold,rage,weep,bless,whisper endure..endure..all is change.
 Remember who you are..a human being. Claim /re-new/preserve your birthright to life,liberty and the support of life-giving pleasures--clean air,water,a livelihood defined by human needs,not corporate/military/geopolitical greed. You are here intentionally. Remember who you are. You are more than your lifetime,your job or lack of job. Your brain,your heart,your blood,your spirit are formed from all that is,was and will be. Remember your circle of Grandmothers who walk among you now and encircle all upon this planet. Know we have endured in silence,bearing witness, planting seeds in you to grow. We know who you are.
 We tell you: Do what you can,as you can,where you can,when you can and above all endure with an open heart. Hold on to each other lovingly in hope,through despair and moments of fleeting peace. All is change. All is energy. Only the deepest energy of love endures. This is the wisdom that sustains us through the cycles to re-birth.
 YOU are the transition tribe.Remember who you are. You voice the truth,the hope. Your echoes endure beyond your Earthwalk. Your echoes birth the next tribe and the next after that and so on. Remember Who you are.Remind the others. Renew each other.Pace your actions for endurance. Raise your voice. Bear witness. Release your power. Dance your dance. Sing your songs. Speak your truth. Love your life. Endure. All is the energy of change.
 Remember this is your time now. Visualize,retrieve the dream,rest,renew. You hold the space for those who walk with you,those who will come after you,as we have held the space for you to be here now. We are in your bones. Endure. The vision dwells in you and by your life the vision endures and manifests. Breathe in our strength. Feel these words and know your power. 

                  Our Mother,who is this earth,sacred are your gifts
                       of sky,sea,fire and mountain majesty.
                     With infinite mystery and exquisite beauty
                      Your bounty feeds our web of life
                          By ever seeking Harmony.

                       That all may live to sustain your ways,
                    We pray for compassion to endure dark days.
                     May minds be open and fears transformed
                      To serve the greatest good for all.
             This is our power as your power. So it be now and forever more.
                                       Blessed Be *

*written by Leah D. 2002,printed in local paper

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I decided to post this as it is as relevant today as it was when I first wrote it.

Hope~Love,Peace and Blessings!

Leah D


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