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we will be God willing provide enough evidence for the person who is seeking the truth to see that this Quran is from none other then the Creator God Almighty Allah.
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To Ali Afifi: Now, tell me in Plain english "What" God you are refering to from the the Bible?? There is only one God. And ONE BIBLE (Except for "Jehovah's Witness" and they have changed "The Bible" to suit their 'needs'. NO KIDDING... Compare it to the KING JAMES VERSION and you'll fing so many changes it is discussting!) And now "Allah??

I give up with you!! Keep your mind on PEACE and LOVE vs WAR!!! And leave God out of it; Please??
Or you'll start another WAR on Religion - and that is a fact!!!
Allah in Arabic is the God in English. Just translation. I do not know what the war u speak about?!!!!!!
I started to watch this with an open mind and now I can see how people can be seduced and brain washed...this is hog wash in its highest form....soooo, the proof is if one speaks the arabic language fluently and because it is written in this language makes this Quran the end all book of "God"....shameful! Does this man know that the original Bible does no longer exist? And because Mohammand wrote the words he is the only "truth"! This is why religion keeps dividing all of us....because some smart-a--comes along and claims to have evidence of the truth of God. It takes a real uneducated hypogrite to believe any of God loves ALL people, white, black, yellow....all his creations and whatever language they God does not claim anything other than being a One God for All his people. So those that hate others...whether they are catholic or jew or protestant...they are all children of God...not just the Islam religion....stop it now....stop the there is no one on this earth that can claim to talk or see God....tell them to prove it....they can is and always has been man's interpretations and their own writings....I can write a book and claim to talk to God and claim he said this and that....prove me a lier? All I know is be a good person...and treat others as you would want to be treated...that is what the good prophets such as Jesus has tried to teach us all....Namaste
I think that u are right; 1.6 billion Muslims are brain washed and u are the only one without brain wash. If u do not understand the miraculous language of the Quran because u are not Arabic, U can look to all other evidences that prove that this book is from Allah (the God) of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohamed.

1- Look to the prophecies in Quran
2- Look to the scientific miracles in Quran that made many of westerners scientists embraced Islam
3- Read all the Quran to know that it came from the same source of the Bible and Torah
This is exactly what I am trying to point out....your comment about me being the only one not brain wash.....that is the point. No matter what book you base your religion on and was written by a man, not God for not one of us has ever, ever SEEN God. What we have is people saying they heard this from God or God told them. That is the biggest mystery of life....who and where is God truly....and it comes down to belief....what we believe. My purpose on remarking to your article is not to belittle or condemn...but to enlighten one that God loves all of us no matter what religion we practice and we do not have to speak and read Arabic to know God....come on...that is a assine statement and quite frankly any of us that are "speaking" for God or in His name...who are any of us to do that is our opinion...and that is what was practiced by those before us..such as Abraham, moses Jesus Mohamed and all that preach today....they are quoting what was written just by a person and no one else....I assume God is the spirit within us and just like you I have my own concept....I try to love all people and be a good person, and do not believe the Master of this Universe plays favorites nor wants anyone to kill in his name....The bible is just a bible and the Quran is just the big mystery there....they were written by men, interpreted by man and it will always peace...Linda M
Dear Linda,

Your only belief in God and disbelief in religions is now present very wide in the world. I really respect what u believe because u believe in God and also I believe in God. So, what is the difference between me and u if we are worshiping the same God.

I follow organized religion ( Islam ) which I am convinced that this Islam is from the God after thinking, studying and guiding from the God. Islam is the complete surrender to the God will and to believe in one God, all the holy books, all the prophets and to worship the God as He ordered. I do not need a proof of some kind to show the others that I am right and they are wrong because I am sure from my path and because Islam forbid me from compelling other to believe as I believe but just Islam told me to inform the others that this Quran is from the God and its verses are literally the words of Him then to let myself a good example to what the Quran speak ( do not kill, do not rob, do not rape, do not envoy, to hundreds of forbidden sins, worship the God and the spiritual journey with the God ).

What the Quran asked me to do:

1- To forbid all those hundreds forbidden sins
2- To worship the God with specific rituals, which the angel Gabrielle taught them to the prophet Mohamed and he in turn taught them the Muslims.
3- To construct my own spirituality toward the God to deepen my faith and to know more the God and to be very near from Him and to worship Him as if I see Him and put in my mind that if I do not see Him, I am sure that He see me.
4- If I want to complete the journey with the God, I can teach myself the Sufism and try to exhibit it by living with the Sufi.

I am convinced as my religion stated that those are the stepwise degrees which I must ascend one by one and they must all present in me if I want to reach to the step 4 and it is not acceptable under any circumstances to jump to step 4 without passing by the first 3 steps because if I did, then I disobeyed the God.

Why we can not jump to step 3 as u want to do or to step 4 as some Westerners Sufi want to do??

1- Because we are not free to worship the God as we want but we must do as He want.
2- The God sent the religions to guide the human kind to His way and to the manners to His way.
3- The God sent the messengers to be example for us and no one can exceed them in worshiping the God. ( Prophet Jesus was sleeping on the ground without pillow although he can sleep on silk and Prophet Mohamed was sleeping on the ground although he can sleep on kings beds)
4- Our role is to prove to ourselves the righteousness of the book in our hands. Torah, Bible and Quran are the three holy books of the God. Their messages are one, their source is one, and our role is to deepen our studies to understand what the God wants from us and not to be hard minded to what is present in our hands without thinking and studying.

The mankind without the religions of the God like the animals living to eat, practice sex to increase their offspring then to die. Please read what the God said in Quran:

(69) And indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam, and We have carried them on land and sea, and have provided them with At-Taiyyibât (lawful good things), and have preferred them above many of those whom We have created with a marked preferment. (70) (And remember) the Day when We shall call together all human beings with their (respective) Imâm [their Prophets, or their records of good and bad deeds, or their Holy Books like the Qur'ân, the Taurât (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel the readers whom the people followed in this woried)]. So whosoever is given his record in his right hand, such will read their records, and they will not be dealt with unjustly in the least. (71) And whoever is blind in this world (i.e., does not see Allâh's Signs and believes not in Him), will be blind in the Hereafter, and more astray from the Path. (72) (17-Al-Isra)
Please Listen to this man when he speaks about why we must have a religion?

Dear Ali,

I respect you and your beliefs....that is what is right....that all people respect each other and their makes a far better world and people.

I do believe in God, but I also have a open mind and lots of questions! When one talks about the Bible and Quran and Jesus and Mohamad....I wonder if they are one and the same? Has anyone questioned this....your talking about centuries of interpretations...suppose they are? I was told by my father when he had our ancestory traced that we are from the blood and tribe of Abraham.....Now, here I was born a Jew, converted to the Catholic religion and now....kind of on my own, in a highly spiritual belief.....I will share why....I have lived a very hard life, it was not good to me, but throughout it all I have always been a good person, never unkind to another....I have had near accidents that only the good Lord kept me from harms way....he has always been there through my many early morning even though I was just coming out of a deep sleep, I heard this beautiful singing....such a sound... almost like children singing....but it was sooooo loving and it was in praise of was so very beautiful that I am weeping as I type this.....they sang so lovingly of their love for God. I will remember this always, can I repeat this song....never...not in any way...but I do swear this is so true. It is little bits and pieces of my life that I know in my heart of hearts that there is a God and he has sustained me and will continue to do so forever...blessings to you, Linda M
Welcome dear Linda to join my own site for Questions about Islam and Quran and not to convert u but to discuss together any subject u want and u will find also many friends like u and like me (please smile)
I am smiling I said before, I really try to respect all people's religion. I can not condone those that kill in the name of their religion...because the God I worship does not and would not accept that kind of action against innocent is like Al Quida...they even kill their own innocent people in pure hatred and in the name of Mohammad....I do not believe the Quran condones this or finds this acceptable in any is like Bin Laden....why does he hide....that to me is a coward....leaders that use people to do their dirty work, give their own lives...while they still live and con those around them...they swim in their own hatred and jealous hyprocracies. There is no reason in this world that people can not live side by side if they truly wanted to. Did you hear our President. He has no other agenda other than bringing peace to all of this world...did you hear Irans Alla response....the middle east hates Americans. I believe HE hates Americans and those that follow him, but I refuse to believe that ALL of the middle east does. I refuse to believe there are not kind and caring souls, people in the middle east. I know there is....I talk to many and I believe in the goodness of people.
Take care Ali, I, of course, am openminded to the Quran as well as the Bible....Namaste' Linda
Really Linda,
All of us condemn and refuse any killing in the name of any religion or in the name of Allah or in the name of Mohamed (Pbuh) and no one verse in the Quran allow or agree to kill the innocents. Quran is a book of the God and please read it to know the truth inside it and u can ask me if u find any difficulty.

Your president is a great and understanding man but he will find a great difficulties in his way toward peace and we ask the God to help him.

No one hates the Americans because we are all human kind but we only hated the policy of Bush and his father.
Hi Ali....I agree with you, I never liked Bush, Cheney and do not like the GOP....with an exception of a few...such as Olympia Snow....Most are greedy and corrupt and those of us that use our brains are more than aware of what they are about....that is why they lost the election and that is also why they are fighting Obama at every turn....jealous, envious and again...they are corrupt. I guess this is in many countries throughout the would think people would group together and kick them out of office...too easy I guess.
I need to get the Quran and read it, that is only fair as it is hypocritical to talk about or against something you have no understanding of. It is good people like you Ali that is the hope for the Middle East as you obviously respect the Quran where those that do come from hatred will misquote it to fool innocents that trust them....I pray that God watches over you and bless you and your loved ones Ali.....yes, we are human and all the people in this world has 99.9% the same DNA....imagine that! So killing those one does not even know, for causes not even killing ones very own brother or sister....think about it. Have a great weekend. Linda M


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