If I Could Be

If I could be thy light that shines
bright in your darkest night
If I could be thy hand needed to dry
your too many tears that you shall cry

If I could be thy answers to thy often
questions when you ask of me why

If I could be thy Joy when thy are fully
surrounded only by moments of sadness
If I could be thy courage to replace in you
all of my many moments of life's gladness

If I could be thy Sun that rises
in you before the mornings dawn
If I could be thy safe tender blanket
that shall always..Keep you and your
loved ones protected and warm

If I could be thy safe harbor when
the wars of men start to come
If I could be thy inner Power that
changes their guns bullets into
my many fields of beautiful flowers

If I could be thy Mercy and Compassion
released by you in your every waking hour
I would in your greatest moment of need
Bathe you in the tears of my Grace..Which
upon you I would so gladly be willing to shower

For If I could be Thee and Thou could
become my Hope for Humanity..and
a new world full of My wonders and Peace
If I could become thy Wisdom..Then perhaps
Thy need for hatred will someday soon cease

For If I could become you and you could also
become me..You would be better able to see..
That truly there is no difference at all..Between
you and what little you can now see and know
of me..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

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Very nice peaceful poem and nice words need to be really applied.
What a beautiful picture. Thank you for your art as well as your poem.
Daton; If you could be all those things...!!! and I wish you could... you would be God.
I believe you have a great soul full of love, and I like the way you express your feelings. In fact, they touch my soul because they have a resonance with the deepest desires of my heart.
Thank you for being able to say it in such a beautiful way.
Big hug,


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