I am interested in your thoughts and biggest (let's say 3) questions about remaining peaceful inside in trouble times.

What's your experience? Can't wait to hear.

I am developing an interview series and will build it upon the hot questions - will be with masters of everyday peace...

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The following are not questions to maintain inner Peace. Rather, they are questions that make me think about WHY we're acting like this. And - coming to an answer - they allow me to change the way I think... and therefore come to inner Peace:

Is there really an enemy, or is that just an adult child, as scared as I am that The Other will attack first? The Other? Does he mean ME??? I'm a NICE person! I'm only holding this rock in case he tries to attack me first. Why doesn't he drop HIS rock, if his intentions are so innocent? BOY! this rock is so heavy!... and cold!... and UGLY! I only wish that I could drop it... But HE has to drop his first. because I can't trust him, CAN I???!!!

When will we realise that the money that we're paying to the Powerful for Defence is used to defend the Powerful... from us?

If I live in fear of whatever is different, if I live in mistrust of those who don't think exactly as I think... then am I really living?


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